Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week of 1/24 to 1/30

Sunday-I wish I could get on a airplane. Then I would fly to Raleigh, NC on March 12 to watch Clay Aiken taping a show for PBS I think. It rain off and on all day, the high was 54. Tomorrow winter will be back we are getting snow. I clean part of the computer room. Iowa win the basketball game over Indiana.

Monday-work have a job from Jasper Rubber. But the job is about 4 months. I received my Aveune and Verizon bills. I talk to Mary. She can't do the rubber job. Because she couldn't get it done in 3 sec.

Tuesday-Everything was cover with snow. All schools in Orange County was closed. First Chance Center was open but NO vans. I got to work ok. I was driving 15-20 miles on the roads. Crane cleaning crew didn't go Today. So will not have 8 or 9 load of laundry Tomorrow, only about 4 load of laundry. I'm thinking about going to Wal-Mart Tomorrow for the week, because I maybe snow in on Saturday. Barry Manilow new CD is out Today. Michael Jackson DVD "This Is It" is out Today too. Christy told me that Mastthew is moving back to Fort Wayne, IN from Scttsdale, AZ. Dr. McCormack Bloomington office call again. He will not be in his Bedfored office in February too.

Wednesday-I got done at 8:45 AM at work. Because I only had 4 loads of laundry.  I went to Wal- Mart for the week. So if I'm snow in on Saturday, I will have food. I will get Barry Manilow new CD on Friday. I had to call Barnes and Noble about Michael Jackson DVD. They don't have it yet to ship out.

Thursday-We didn't get any snow last night. I took Patty, Molly and Donna. I pass out notes for order out day Tomorrow. Stori wrote hers blog Yesterday. She wrote that Chad had learned how to "pee-pee on the potty" she totally following his lead on this. He still goes in his diaper. Livia will be having her Adenoids tonsils removed on February 16. Here is Stori blog web site: The weather said we will get the snow after 6pm Tomorrow.

Friday-The order out day went ok. My friend Sandy sugar went down to 28. They got it up to 72. I kept on eye on Sandy until I went home at 1PM. I received Barry Manilow New CD "The Greatest Love Songs Of All Time" I'm going to ask a questionin Clay Aiken Fan Club, Facebook and Twitterto see if anyone know when this was written. I check Clay Aiken Fan Club. A person answer my question. But she didn't just put 1898. But she put everything down so no one could look it up for they self. I hate that. That why I don't read any of this person thread in the fan club.

Saturday-I check Clay fan club at 1:30AM about my question. I posted I didn't want everything about the song. I just want the year. I had trouble with my phone line at 2:20AM. I went to bed at 3:30AM. I got up for the dayat 8:30AM. We got snow but it wasn't that much. I'm not snow in. I talk to Mary on facebook chat. I told her Amanda post on my page., that Crane laundry was at FCCI for me to do on Monday. So I will be there for lunch. I renew my membership at Barry Manilow Fan Club. My sister delete me as her friend on facebook. She is acting like what other told me.

Until next Sunday Morning

Sunday, January 24, 2010

1/17 to 1/23

Sunday- I start a new Thread in Clay Aiken Message Board. The Title is Think if this I mean Think of this. I told everyone if they don't renew just because Clay don't come in the Fan Club that much. I wrote this: Think of this Clay is a dad now. His son need to be 1st in Clay life, Not his fans. If Clay put his fan's 1st. I think have a problem. I vac bedroom and the livingroom. I dust my livingroom and computer room. I wish I knew how to Clean the keyboard from dust.

Monday-I post on Carol's facebook page. I ask Carol if she got my 2 TXT about the Ottoman. It's Martin Luther King JR. Day. It was fog outside until 12PM.

Tuesday-I was thinking of Barry Manilow new CD. It will be out in a week. Stori took 22 pictures of Chad, Ian and me. Stori put them in my facebook photo page. I had Sue Reuterskiold move the pictures to Clay Aiken Fan Club. Stori ask me if I want to go Subway for Dinner. We sit down I had a Diet Coke without a cover. Chad got his hands on my cup and coke went on the table, my lap, Chad lap and floor. I was wet for 2 hours.Parker found my $20.00 in our chair. I got the $20.00 back from Parker. Then Parker try to get the $20.00 out of my pocket. He got half of a $10.00 out of my pocket. I had to tape the $10.00 together after I got home. Clay Aiken blog at his fan club. He have more news in days about his CD.

Wednesday-I couldn't fall to sleep until 12AM. Clay Aiken CD On My Way Here poster fall down two times before I went to work. I had 8 load of laundry. It rain off and on all day. I got my W-2 form. i will start doing my taxes Tomorrow afternoon. I told Molly that I don't $50.00 to hers Polar Plunge page.

Thursday-I start working on my taxes papers Today. I got my laundry done for the week I need to put the laundry away by Sat Night. Indiana Basketball team won Tonight.

Friday-I mail Matthew Birthday Card. I post on Christopher facebook to tell me when Matthew get the card. Because Matthew never thank me for his cards. I got my taxes done Tonight.

Saturday-I order Michael Jackson This Is It DVD this morning. I received my Electric bill. I'm hoping to pay my gas and electric bills on Monday. If it don't snow that much. I thought Indiana College basketball team was playing Tonight, but I was wrong. They play on Sunday at 6pm. I donate $25.00 to National Inclusion Projcet on facebook. I haven't feel good since Yesterday. I couldn't eat dinner.

Bye Until Next Sunday

Sunday, January 17, 2010

week of 1/10 to 1/16

Sunday-I went up to the KY newspaper box at 10AM. Clean the bathroom. The Sun come out Today. So more blacktop showing. We may get a light snow Monday night into Tuesday Morning.

Monday-I drove out of trailer parking lot wrong to get to work. I was on Ice too as I was pulling out. I had only 3 load of laundry Today. I start working at 6:15AM and got done at 8:15AM. I got a E-mail Christy. She need to talk to Tom about my front tooth. But she will not. I send a message to Christopher on facebook about Matthew B-day and why I can see Matthew posts but we are not Friends yet.

Tuesday-We had light snow last night. I went to my mailbox to get the Paoli Newspaper but the paper wasn't in the mailbox. So I called the paper office. The lady told me the paper will come out on Thursdays. The snow is melting.

Wednesday-It was 12 outside at 5AM. I only had 8 load of laundry. I will be able to drive out of the trailer parking lot the right way Tomorrow.

Thursday-received a large backpack from Vera Bradley. Clay Aiken new CD will be 50's to 60's songs. The snow from last week is almost gone.

Friday-My left ear was in pain all morning. Everyone love my large backpack at work I have 236 pages to go in Hollywood Kids. I clean the kitchen tonight as I watch the movie The Lake House.

Saturday-I went to Wal-Mart with a gift card. I got Michael Jackson "This Is It" CD. I txt Carol from my cell phone at 7:30AM about the ottoman. Then I txt Carol from my Yahoo E-mail home page at 10:40AM. Carol never got back with me about the Ottoman. I got my gas bill for the trailer. I got my renewal paper for my car license.

Bye Until Next Sunday Morning

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week of 1/3 - 1/9

Sunday-When I got out of bed at 7:30 it was 3 outside. When I got out of the shower at 8:05AM it was 2 outside I didn't get my mail Yesterday I got it Today only thing was in my mailbox was a pen pal letter from Linda Nye.

Monday-When I got up for work it was 13 outside. When I got out of shower it was 12 outside. By the time I went outside to start the car it was 11 outside. At 6:15AM when I went to work it was 10 outside. I got home at 9:36AM it was 9 outside. Dr. McCormack office in Bloomington call. He will not be in his office on Jan. 12. So I made a appointment for Feb. 9. I called Orange Transit to change my ride from Jan. 12 to Feb. 9 at 2pm. I saw my doctor. I went to William Bros. for my meds. I wait for 15 mins. They never show up. So I come home, will get get the meds Tomorrow.

Tuesday-It was 10 outside when I got up. By the time I start the car it was 9. By the time I got home it was 8 outside. Ther going to be a winter storm starting at 4AM. Thursday 3-5"of snow. I will have to feel it out about working on Thursday. I call Mary to tell her I didn't think we should go out for lunch on Friday.

Wednesday-It was 14 when I got up. It was 15 outside when 15 outside when I start the car.   I put the last load of laundry in the dryer. Then I went to work to do 1 load of laundry because it was snowing bad. I got done at 12:35PM I received my order from Vera Bradley. I need a bigger one. It snow starting at 8:30AM until 12:30PM. They been saying the snow will be 3-6" now.

Thursday-I got up shower. Went outside to clean off the sidewalk and walk up to Long Street it was over with snow. Then the Louisville TV news had Paoli Schools close. I turn on Paoli radio Station they said First Chance Center was open but No vans. So at 6:15AM I call FCCI and told them I wasn't going in for work. At 9AM I went back out to clean the sidewalk again. and start the car and clean it off. I went back out again at 1:30PM. I didn't open my email until Tonight I had 473 email. Christy E-mail me on 1/4 about having Tom put a bridge in where a tooth is missing. I told Christy I would but I don't need someone mad at me for 4 hours one way. Mary told me Paoli newspaper, will start having one newspaper a week. I talk to Stori on Facebook. Stori told me that Chad love the snow. At 7PM the LouisvilleTV News had Paoli Schools was close for Tomorrow.

Friday-I turn on the Paoli radio station at 5:45AM The news come on they had First Chance Center was open but No vans. I went out to clean the sidewalk off again. I took a nap before 12PM I got up and look out my car was clean off. I call Stori to see if she clean off my car. She said no but thought it could be Carol. Christy E-mail me back she said she know Mom or Dad or Carol would bring me up there. I told Christy that Mom, Dad and Carol are the ones who call me names when I ask for help. Christy told me to live for the day and be happy for what I have. How could I be happy when I walk in someone house some peoples call me names 100% times. Stori took me to Wal-Mart for the week. I was thinking Tom told me he would fix my front tooth when I was in High School When My mom call Tom to see when he would fix my tooth he didn't want to. So if don't hear from about the Bridge I don't Believe Christy.

Saturday-I went out to start the car, clean it off and clean the sidewalk. By 3PM I could see some blacktop by the car. I vac my bedroom and livingroom. I guess I will not see my new Ottoman. Carol have it. She should come with it Yesterday. When Michael and her clean off the car. I got a letter from The Young and the Restless Fan Club. Their couldn't deposit my check from May. So I had to make a new Check for the Fan Club.

Bye Until Next Sunday
Deborah Brand

Sunday, January 3, 2010

week of 12/27 to 1/2/10

Sunday-I started a new weekly Blog. At I will update it every sunday morning. I talk to Shirley Block Moore on facbook chat this morning.

Monday_ I got up at 4:45AM for work. The trailer parking lot was half Ice over. I got done working at 12:30AM. I ask Stori on facebook if Jamey and Livia was going to the Indiana Basketball game Tonight She said They was planning on it.

Tuesday-I only had 2 load of laundry at work I paid my Electric and Gas bills. Old National Bank new Bank will be open on Feb. 22. I made a appt to see my doctor on Jan. 4. I received my Farkle mug.

Wednesday-I start work at 6:15AM I only had 7 loads of laundry We didn't get paid Today. We get ours paychecks on Monday. I need to write a pen pal letter. I haven't wrote one since Sept.

Thursday-Went to get a new window wiper for the car Got gas for the car Got the $20.00 from a lottery ticket. Wen to Wal-Mart to get something for breakfood.

Friday-I put laundry away. I start writting a pen pal letter last night. I wonder why my family start fight with me when I haven't said anything to them. I took my last Acyclovie pill Today.
I got my pen pal letters done Tonight I can go back reading Hollywood Kids by Jackie Collins.

Saturday-The temp outside at 8:30AM was 8. I start my car without any troubles. I took 2 bags of trash out. Took the pen pal letters to the out going mailbox. Went to Wal-Mart for the week. I order something from Vera Bradley online Tonight.

Bye Until Next Sunday
Deborah Brand