Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week of 5/22 to 5/28

Sunday-I wrote a pen pal letter to Brenda Cooley. Because I received her letter last Friday. Brenda is on Facebook.

Monday-Crazy day at work

Tuesday-Yesterday and Today I watch Oprah show off and on. Because I was watching Y&;R too. I TXT Stori to tell her that her Birthday gift in the mailbox Today or Tomorrow. I TXT carol about picking me up at my trailer on June 2.

Wednesday-Oprah last show was Today. She gave everyone her own email address. I email Oprah after the show.

Thursday-Stori call about Matthew and Lyndsay Wedding gift. We had bad storms last night. I didn't have power from 10:20PM to 3:45AM. Stori told me that Jamey, Stori and the kids went to the basement doing the storm. All 7 stay in one bed with a dog. I blog at Clay Aiken Fan club and Barry Fan club about what will happen in a week from Tonight.

Friday-It was COLD outside Christy received hers Birtday gift. Christy told me that she put the brownie cake in the freezer. She will bring it out when I'm there. It came with choc chip, sugar and Iced cookies and candy.

Saturday-I pack for next Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Carol have my clothes for Thursday night and Saturday. Mom have my dress for the wedding. It didn't rain Today. Since Thurday night I been sleeping good. Because I couldn't sleep good on Wednesday night. Tomorrow is my last blog until June 12. Because I will be in Fort Wayne on June 5.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week of 5/15 to 5/21

Sunday-I'm sending 7 new pen pal letters to Joseph Roth from Evanston, IL . Marcelene Gonzalls from Dulce, NM. Carol Martin from Blue Ridge, VA. Julia Arlene Wright from Anaheim, CA. Vanessa Marlowe from Swannanoa, NC. Melissa Gillard from Twillingate Canada. Lin Ritcher from Colorado Spring, CO. To see if we can be pen pals. Melissa and Lin are from Facebook.

Monday-A lady name Brenda Cooley from Springfield, CO. Send me a message to me on Facebook. Brenda want to be pen pals. I had shorts on at work. When I walk to my car after work at 8:50AM. It was cold outside. I had turn on my heat in my trailer at 10AM. Because my trailer was 64 inside. I put blue jeans on too. I'm in sandbooknet pen pals and swappers site, Smail mail pen pals groups on Facebook. I order Barry Manilow New CD 15 MinutesIt will be out on June 14.

Tuesday-I start working at 6:10AM I came home at 11:30AM. So I could clean up for my doctor appointment in Bedford, IN. I have orange county transit taking me to Beford. Jamey put a picture of Ian and Chad sleeping in Ian crib on Facebook. Chad snuck into Ian crib. The transit driver came at 1PM. We had to pick a guy up in a wheelchair. I got to my appointment about 5 mins late. I ask how long before go back not long the lady said. But it would be an hour or 45 mins with everything. I didn't stay. I try to an appointment for June. The lady said the appointments for June is only for the Bloomington office. So I told the lady just forget it. I went outside and transit for them to pick me up. After I got home I call to make a appointment for July but I forgot to ask if it was at Bedford or bloomington office.

Wednesday-I update my Yahoo Email to beta.

Thursday-It didn't rain. I can get in to Barry Manilow message board again. Another fan told me that she was disabled from Message Board too. No one know why. I was disabled from it since September of last year. Until I sent a letter to the main Fan Club on 5/9.

Friday-We are not having order out day next week. Because they are having a outing and cook-out next Friday. Mom was on my answering meachine when I got home Mom said Christy had a bad week. Christy Best friend have 2 kind of cancer. Then the dress Christy was going to wear to the wedding. Had to to be sent back. Christy don't know what she going to wear at the wedding. Matthew and Lynday baby don't have that much water around it. The baby can't move around.

Saturday-I put laundry away from last week and wash what I didn't do on Thursday. I check the weather for the next week. It will rain all week.  I post in Twitter, Facebook, Clay Aiken fan club, Barry Manilow fan club about the new yahoo email beta. Ladys from Barry fan club comments.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week of 5/8 to 5/14

Sunday-It Mother Day! It was fog outside this Morning. I wrote to Barry Manilow International Fan Club Today.

Monday-I wake up at 2:30AM and saw my clock on my TV cable box wasn't showing up. After work I call Aveune about my TV cable box. A guy come at 2:30PM and saw I had a old TV cable Box. The guy gave me a new TV cable box. The guy wasn't bad my on eyes too. Stori call to see if Parker could stay with me when they go to Livia school band concert. Jamey pick Parker up. Stori and Livia come about 30 mins later to pick Parker. I meet them outside told Stori. Jamey had pick Parker up. I saw Livia was dress up. I told Livia she look nice for a brat. I got alway from the car before Livia hit me.

Tuesday-I got my A/C on in my trailer. I need to tell Stori to tell Parker I have A/C on. Because I didn't have it on. When Parker was here last night. My trailer was 85 inside last night.

Wednesday-I received 2 GOT CLAY AIKEN T-shirt Today. I could renewal at Clay Aiken Fan Club. Tonight I went with Ulitmate package. The package have CD/DVD case, Dry erase magnet board and 50-sheet notepad. Ground (ctrl) will hook us up with a Live Video chat with Clay Aiken starting this Summer.

Thursday-I went to get my hair cut. I knew the lady who cut my hair wasn' t there. The owner was going to cut my hair. When I got there. The owner Debbie told me. The lady (Can't think of her name right now) had hers baby last night. I received a post card.

Open House

Dr. Blake and Christy

along with his Dental Staff

invite you to an Open House commemorating

Dr. Blake's 30 year in Dentistry

Where: Orchard Ridge Country Club

When: Thursday June 23, 2011

Time: 6:00PM - 8:00PM

I email Christy last night to see if Tom was working all day on the 8th. Christy email me back Today. They both are working all day on the 8th 7AM- 4PM. I told Dad I was going with Mike and Carol to Fort Wayne on June 2.

FridayI got the order outday note done for Pizza Hut for May 27. I'm hook on the bingo game on Facebook. I did laundry for the week tonight.

Saturday-I clean up the kitchen. I told Carol that I told Dad I was going with her and Mike up to Fort Wayne on June 2. I received a post card to renewal my subscription to Paoli newspaper before June 1.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

WEEK 5/1 to 5/7

Sunday-I got The Thank you card for Tom and his staff in the out going mailbox I have $22.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar.

MondayMy cell Phone alarm didn't come on this morning. I had no service with my phone. After I got to work  We got service back at 8:38AM. I forgot to go to the Bank. Carol said not to go out to hers house to fix the clothes for the wedding because of the weather. I blog at Clay Aiken Fan Club about a month from Tonight.

Tuesday-Our cell phone went out of service again Today.  Because Orleans and French Lick was under water. I received my GOT CLAY AIKEN hoodies from E-bay. My heat for my trailer was on when I got up for the day.

Wednesday-My cell phone didn't go out of service. The weather is crazy. It was 38 this morning.

Thursday-I was looking at my Calendar and Memorial Day on Monday. I e-mail Christy. I ask her if it ok for me to miss a brushing teeths on 6/1.Because what I do on Tuesdays I will have to do it on Wednesday(6/1) and (7/6). Because of Memorial Day and 4th of July. I told Christy I brush my teeths on weekdays 5 times. Christy email me back. She told me it ok to miss 1 time.

Friday-Mary had me pick up our lunch at Long John. We ate at the Yard sale Mary was helping out at. There was a DVD about Bill working at First Chance Center . Bill was at First Chance Center for 28 years. So he will not have to get out of bed on weekday for work anymore.

Saturday-I look down to pick something up when I look up I got dizz since then I haven't feel good. I try to clean the trailer. I got my paper stuff for the bank done Yesterday I will take it on Monday to the bank. No one call about getting together for Mother Day Tomorrow.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week of 4/24 to 4/30

Sunday-It Easter Went out to Carol's at 3:45PM but everyone got there at 4:30PM. Dad start talking to me about having my own room at the Wedding. Dad wasn't happy about it. Carol ask me when I can have her fix the clothes for the wedding weekend.

Monday- I told everyone about how Tom give me about 5 shots in my mouth. I got the Thank You card for Tom and his staff done but will mail it on Friday.

Tuesday-. I went to Wal-Mart got Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie. I will brush my teeths after I eat a Little Debbie and I did not right away but I had one around 9:30PM and was brushing my teeths at 10:10PM.

Wednesday-I was getting my lunch in the microwave oven. Then I turn on my TV but no picture or sound. I got the picture but no sound. I saw my cable cord was in the TV. It don't have to be hook up to the TV.Because Stori and I fix it that my VCR box will turn on the cable. I call Stori but I forgot Jamey and Stori went to Florida for a Business trip for Raymond James. So I call Dad. He come over and undone the cable cord. He ask me why would anyone do it. I start to answering Dad. Dad told me to shut my mouth up he didn't want to hear it. Dad ask me why again. I start answering again. Dad told me to shut up, he didn't what to hesr me. This went on 2 more times until I told him about the marks on the TV. Dad said why I didn't call Stori. I told Dad Stori and Jamey was out of Town. Dad didn't said one word after that. I guess Christy and Carol didn't talk to Dad about what I told them about Mom. Because Dad act like Mom when I try talking to him. He may don't hit or push me. But telling me to shut up in my own home hurt too. I wish I could move out of Indiana, In a place where I can to concerts anything I want and use the town bus to get around.

Thursday-My Cheryl cookies came It rain Tonight. I'm sick of this rain.

Friday-I forgot to use my waterpik. This morning because I was watching the Wedding of Prince William and Lady Kate. Order out went well. We had about 33 orders.

Saturday-The last day of April. I mow my grass Today. I remember as I was mowing I forgot to send the Thank You card to Christy for Tom and his staff.