Sunday, August 28, 2011

My week 8/21 to 8/27

Sunday-I put a clear Shower liner in the bathtub. I save $9.56 in coupons Yesterday at Wal-Mart. On Wednesday I got unbreaded Chicken Breast Filets from Schwan's. I broil 4 Chicken Breast Today. I thought I would had to use my special knife to cut. I didn't need the knife. Owen Charles Sullivan is 2 months.

Monday-A Carol win. She put her nose in Jamey and Stori business 24/7. She have no right in doing it. 

Tuesday-I couldn't sleep that good last night. I start not feeling good before work. I wasn't feel that great at work all day. I only brush water pikemy teeths because I was so sleepy to stand up.

Wednesday-I sleep good last night. I wrote part of a pen pal letter on my print shop last night.. I ask Angie about ordering out on Friday.

Thursday-I start writing down questions for the next Clay Aiken LIVE chat

Friday-. I got the pen pal letter done Tonight. I put all the letters in the out going mailbox Tonight.

Saturday-I clean some of the computer room up. Mom took Sharon and I out to eat tonight. Because Dad, Christy, Carol, Mike and Christopher went to Deadwood, South Dakota for 2 days. Then everyone go home on Sunday, but Dad and Carol. They are going to UT to see Dad sister Alice. Then they be home in Louisville, KY at 12AM Monday morning.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

My week 8/14 to 8/20

Sunday-I didn't wake up until 7:40AM. I didn't get anything done Today. A friend told me that Clay Aiken was at Toys R Us in New York the day before Parker Birthday. Why aren't there any good movies on Sundays anymore.

Monday-I mulching around my bedroom tree at 9:15AM. The grass was wet and dry. I mow the other half after lunch.

Tuesday-crazy Day

Wednesday-. I'm going to weed eat Tomorrow. 

Thursday-It been 6 years since Stori took me to my First Clay Aiken Concert. Anniemae from Clay Fan Club went in the hospital Today. I made a thread in Annie name. I work outside after work .

Friday. I will go to Wal-Mart Tomorrow for the month with coupons.

Saturday-My cell phone was dead at 7:15AM. It tokk about 2 hours to charge up my cell phone. I saw an old classmate of my from school at Wal-Mart. Sophia Rae Blake is 2 months and 8lb.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

My week of 8/7 to 8/13

Sunday-Carol never Email me back about the invite to the National Inclusion Project Ninth Annual Champions Gala. I didn't do to much Today. It storm this morning for 2 hours.

Monday-It Clay Aiken son Parker 3rd Birthday. I thought I had 2 apples. I only have 1 apple I went to Division of Family Ressurce to get copys of my paychecks. But the lady could fax my paychecks.

Tuesday-I  call the number after work. The number was 1-800flowers.

Wednesday-The Internet wasn't working at 5AM. So I call Frontier, Frontier don't answer call until 7AM. I ask Amanda if I could go home early. So I could call Frontier. The lady said the 812 area code Internet was down. By 8:30AM the Internet was working.

Thursday- Channel 11 didn't have sound. I had to look up NewWave phone number on the Internet.

Friday-I show the Invite to the National Inclusion Project Ninth Annual Champions Gala. to everyone at work. The channel 11 was back at 11:30AM. I call NewWave before I went to work about the channel 11.

Saturday-I was going to mow my grass Tomorrow but it start raining Today. I watch the movie Honeymoon for one on Hallmark. I didn't like it.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

My week 7/31 to 8/6

Sunday-President Obama was on TV talking about a deal. The deal need to go to Congres. I hope congress pass the deal.

Monday-I have $56.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. Congress pass the deal Today. Clay Aiken was login to the chat room for an hour before the LIVE CHAT. I could hear and see Clay without any problems. But there was fans in the chat room being rude to other fans. My new Black and Decker grass shear came Today. Amanda told me Terry last day is Friday. Becazuse she is moving to Ohio to be with her daughter.

Tuesday-Senate pass the deal. I couldn't sleep last night. Because I was coming down from seeing Clay Aiken in the LIVE CHAT. But I did want to with 2 hours of week.

Wednesday-Crazy day

Thursday I gas up my car. I received my order from HSN. It was glamor lip gloss from Y&R Jabot.

Friday-I received a invites to The National Inclusion Project Ninth Annual Champions Gala. But I can't go to it. Because I can't get there. Parker dog (Toby) have a limp now after he got hit by a car 2 months ago. Stori told me Parker can have his sizure only in his sleep. The Meds he is on making Parker mad at others and cary and other stuff.

Saturday-I put away my whites from last week. Wash my towels and sheets. I mop my Kitchen floor on my hand and knees.