Sunday, November 27, 2011

My week 11/20to 11/26/11

Sunday-Stori TXT me about Thanksgiving. We are going to her house for Thanksgiving. We are eating at 1PM. Sophia Rae Blake is 5 months old Today.

Monday-Owen Charles Sulivan is 5 months old Today. Jamey facebook page is missing. So I inbox Stori about Jamey page. After I got home from work. I got on my facebook page. Stori got back to me. Jamey don't have a page anymore.

Tuesday-Carol and Mike been married for 36 year Today. I think I need to take something then cottage cheese for lunch. Because I was cold after lunch.

Wednesday-Thankgiving dinner at work

Thursday-It Thanksgiving. I shower at 7:30AM, but didn't dress after the shower. I start not feeling good. I took Tylenol and lay down. I got dress at 11AM. Went out to Stori at 12:15PM. Stori and Jamey what us to start eating at 1PM. But my parents was 18 mins late. Carol and I call my parents 2 times looking for them.

Friday-It been 6 years since I saw Clay Aiken in concert in Louisville, KY. My washer half dead Today. I got drzz bad. I took my meds but it took 2 hours before the meds kick in.

Saturday-I didn't feel good when I got up for the day. I inbox Stori to see if I can use her washer on Thursday. I put laundry away. I wish I knew why I get drzz alot.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

my week 11/13 to 11/19

Sunday-It Parker 10th Birthday. I mop the bathroom floor, didn't vac Today. There a guy on the Indiana College Basketball team from Louisville, Ky. The wind was bad all day.

Monday-I went to Bureau of Motor Vehiches it didn't take long. My sonicare toothbrush dead Today. So I order a new one from Walmart online. Then I email Tom and Christy about the toothbrush.

Tuesday-My power went out at 7:40PM until 12:30AM . Paoli had a tornado last night. Half of the building down town roofs is off. A tree hit a trailer in the trailer park. The tree cut the trailer in half. Paoli had the big fire a year ago on Nov 13.

Wednesday-I received the cookies form Raynell Today. I bag 10 cookies for Livia, Parker, Chad, Ian and Owen. I received my new sonicare toothbrush Today.

Thursday-Stori forgot to call me. Ian didn't go to playschool. Because the lady daughter was in the hospital. So I went out to Stori for 2 hours. I'm hoping order out will go good Tomorrow.

Friday-Order out went well. Christopher is 29 year old Today. Chad and Ian been here for 2 years Today. Putting laundry away.

Saturday-Went to Walmart with coupons save $6.65 I check my new Frontier bill for Dec online. My bill is $133.96. Because I didn't pay it before  Nov 16. But the nov bill don't have that on it. It just have due date 11/19 and I paid it online yesterday I call Frontier. The guy said they billing is all mess up in Indiana.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

My week 11/6 to 11/12/11

Sunday-I wake up at 4:15AM. I change my computer room clocks, and bedroom clocks. Then wrote my weekly blog at my website. Then wrote my weekly blog at Clay Aiken Fan Club. I put away laundry and wash towels.

Monday-. The water from the washer at work didn't go down the sink after the 3rd load. I took the car out to Stori's to show her the car. Stori show me how to work the CD player in the car. I played Clay Aiken Christmas CD on the way home.

Tuesday-I had 8 loads of laundry at work. . When I try to be nice to a person. I get called the B-word. from the person.

Wednesday-I drove to work, by the time I park the car my oil light was on. At 8AM I call my parents Mom answer. I told her to tell Dad about the oil light, and I would read the book call them back I read the book for the oil light. The book said change the oil. Dad said no, Babcock need to look at it. Dad come about 4:25pm about the oil light. Dad try to reset the oil light but couldn't.

Thursday-Stori and the boys came for lunch. I did my laundry for the week. Dad and I took the car back to Babcock to have them fix the oil light for me. It took about 10 mins. Stori thinking about having a Birthday party  for Parker Tomorrow night.   
Friday-It Carol Birthday. The low this morning was 24. I turn on the car before I went to work at 7:55AM. I got back in the car at 8:10AM and saw that the tire light was. I call my parents about the tire light.. Went to Stori's at 5:15PM for Parker Birthday Party. After I got home I put my laundry away.

Saturday-I clean the kitchen and bathroom up. Dad air up my tires for me. Livia received Girl Life magazine. I order for her in October. It part of her's Christmas gift from me. I got my new Insurance cards for my new car. I have to pay $83.96 more for the Insurance for the car.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

My week 10/30-11/5

Sunday-I count my National Inclusion Project money I have $100.00 Yesterday. My can opener dead Today. I want to Walmart at 5:15PM to get a new one.

Monday-It Halloween. I received Cookies from Raynell Pruett. I want to Thank her on a group on Facebook. But it went bad.

Tuesday-Newwave TV cable box DMX music channel (Holidays and Happenings channel) start playing Christmas music Today. 

Wednesday-Dad came with a 2009 red G-3 Pontiac to see if I like it. I do so Dad took it back to Babcock Motoors, and see what kind of a deal. he can get. I made a thread at Clay Aiken Fan Club for (MOButtercup) Raynell Pruett for hers Cookies Fundraiser for National Inclusion Project. I mulch my grass Today. I ate all the cookies from Raynell in 2 days.

Thursday-Jamey is 38 Today. I put Happy 42nd Jamey on his Facebook page. For a joke.  Dad come we talk. He ask for the page on my car. We clear my car out. I had Dad drive my car to Babcock motors. By 2:05PM I was driving away in a 2009 red G-9 Pontiac. We went to State Farm so I could update my Auto Insurance. It will be over $300.00 every 6 months. I made a check out for Raynell for the cookies. I own her $5.00 but I made the check for $30.00. That is for $5.00 for Every Great-nieces and Great-Nephews I have. I went to Walmart for the week.

Friday-I let everyone at work look at my car. Carol saw it at Walmart. Dad come to see how I did with the car. I didn't do my laundry Yesterday or Today. I got more then I thought on my paycheck.

Saturday-I did laundry. I hang the laundry in the trailer. What is wet Tomorrow I will put in the dryer. I clean up my computer room.