Sunday, February 26, 2012

My week 2/19 to 2/25

Sunday-I falled down in the Hallway. I didn't get any pen pal letters done Today. Carol TXT me. She told me she show Celebrity Apprentice every year.

Monday-Sophia Rae Blake is 8 months old Today. I'm hoping to get all my pen pal letters done Tonight. I went to get my mail. I unlock the box and open the door, saw no mail. It hit me that there wasn't no mail. I got my Girl Scouts Thin Mints cookies from Amanda Today. I learn a lady is unfair to her members in hers group on Facebook.

Tuesday-Owen Charles Sullivan is 8 months old Today. I went to the Post Office. The window wasn't open yet. The window open at 8:15AM. I received the book "Candyland" by Candy Spelling. Stori have to get her van clean. Because a cat was lock in her van over night. I mail 5 pen pal letters and received 4 pen pal letters.

Wednesday-Livia is 12 Today. It was a long day for me Today. Donna Told me that she did the kitchen towels Yesterday. So I got home after 2:30PM.

Thursday-The lady who cut my hair. Call an hour before she was going to cut my hair. Her daughter was sick and couldn't cut it Today. So Call The Look So I made another appointment for next Thursday. I received the books " Here's The Story Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding My True Voice" By Maureen McCormick and "sTORI Telling" By Tori Spelling.

Friday-Stori had a family dinner and cake for Livia Tonight. Trisanna put my taxes papers in my car Tonight at Stori's. I change my Timeline pictures on Facebook.

Saturday-I put part of my laundry away Today. I didn't received letter. So I'm hoping I will get about 5 pen pal letters done Tomorrow.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

My week 2/12 to 2/18

Sunday-I start writting my blog at 3:30AM. Jamey posted on Facebook that Ian told him. He was going to change his name to John for John Deerer. Ian is crazy about John Deerer.

Monday-I only send  out 3 pen pal letter Today. But I received 4 pen pal letter Today. I give 4 cookies from Raynell. I told Angie she will get hers cookies on Friday.

Tuesday-It Valentine. my valentine gift. It was flowers from Carol. The card said: Sorry  just  from us not Clay. Love, Mike & Carol.

Wednesday- I received my Indiana state tax check from my taxes. My Night went down hill on facebook.

Thursday. No I don't have to work. Went to the Bank then went to Walmart. My night went down hill on Facebook again.

Friday-. I call to get a hair cut on Thursday.. I order 3 books from Barnes & Noble. They are not coming from B&N. The books are Candyland , Surviving Marcia Brandy and finding my true voice and Stori telling.

Saturday-I went to Walmart for the month. I donate $10.00 to NIP on Facebook. The Lady Rams Basketball team win the first game in the Regional Today. But they lost the 2nd game. So The Lady Rams season is over.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

My week 2/5 to 2/11

Sunday-After my 2 blog done. I was cleaning out my yahoo page. Christopher sent me a Email Subject: Homecoming. Christopher wrote that he have move back to Fort Wayne. I E-mail Christopher back. But he never Email one back. So I Email Christy to see if it was ture About Christopher .

Monday-I sent 4 pen pal letters Today. I was hoping for pen pal letters in the mail. I got something better. My stuff for my license plate came. Christy Email me  Christopher did move back to Fort Wayne.

Tuesday-I did 8 load of laundry. the last load was dish towels. I received a pen pal letter Today. I was thinking of Christy. I'm going to email Christy the week of 3/2.

Wednesday. I use Act this morning. I should use Listerine this morning.

Thursday-Stori call to to see if I want to go out for lunch. Stori, the boys and I went to Hardee's. Stori told me that Ian was out of pull-up for good. Owen had 2 teeth since last Friday.

Friday-I received the cookies from Raynell. Raynell told me, I didn't have pay for my order. It rain/snow Today. I tweet @clayaiken at Twitter about that I'm putting $350.00 from my tax check in my National Inclusion Project jar. @clayaiken retweet me back and told me I rock.

Saturday-I received a new pen pal. I had to call McAfee. Because my firewall got unhook. So I had a lady download McAfee from the McAfee office tonight at 5PM.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

My week 1/29 to 2/4

Sunday-It's Matthew 27th Birthday. Michael come around 5:55PM to get my W-2. I cancel my order of Clay Aiken new CD at Amazon and order it at Barnes and Noble.

Monday-I thought I lost my Medical ID last night. I knew I didn't have it on Yesterday. I look for it for 10 mins before I went to bed. I was pulling my hair out I can't find it. But I saw it on the floor next to my bed as I was getting in the bed.

Tuesday-Today is the last day of January. The weather is crazy. It be in the 50's or 60's. I had 8 loads of laundry at work.

Wednesday-I received the cookies from Raynell. Monday, Yesterday and Today I didn't wear a coat to work. Because it been 50's in the mornings. I have $122.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar

Thursday-I had to wear a coat Today. Because it was 39 this morning. I LOVE tweet to Clay Aiken I do it about 3 time a day. I call to renewal my license plate. It cost me $119.05

Friday-Mary TXT me at 12:28AM to tell me where she want to eat for lunch. I will have to gas my car up on Thursday.. I put all my laundry away Today. I wash my towels Today.

Saturday-I didn't do anything Today. But was my sheets from my bad. Put other sheets on my bed. I received my renewal paper for my licence plate.