Sunday, July 29, 2012

My week 7/22 to 7/28

Sunday-I got all my papers together for my medicaid eligibility review. I have to report everything in by Aug 8. 

Monday-After work I went to main  Medicaid office in Town. So I didn't have to send my papers to Marion, IN. The guy come with a new Electric box. I had NO POWER for about 2 hours. My trailer was 84 before the power was turn back on.

Tuesday-I had 9 load of laundry at work. Livia come to put stuff in my ref. So she could go to the dentist. I told her to just walk on in. When she comes back to pick up the stuff. Because I thought I would been asleep but wasn't.

Wednesday-Stori friend daughter and Livia bake all night for a bake sale Today in Orleans, IN. The money going to Congo. They made $166.00. They are going to do it again on Friday. Today will be the last time I will see or talk to Stori next Wednesday. Because there are peoples coming to Stori's for a adopt pinic . She will have 100 peoples at her house.

Thursday-I was thinking with the roof , A/C and the Electric box it cost me $910.00 for the month. But this is the first time I had any problems with the trailer. But my A/C air was hot about 3 year ago. that all.

Friday-It hit me this morning that I have one week before I see Barry Manilow in concert. Today went ok. We will not get any new TV channels until mid of Aug. 

Saturday-I know this since 2005.  I only have about 3 ladys are real friends from Clay Aiken fan club online. The other go by one person who is rude on twitter and her friends think it ok to make fun of others. The person is rude if she make fun of people she don't know. I got my NewWave TV cable bill Today $94.46. 


Sunday, July 22, 2012

My week 7/15 to 7/21

Sunday-I wake up at 7:03AM but got up at 7:30AM. I took a shower and dress for the day. I was going to start writing my weekly blog. at 9:08 AM. Tom called and said they was going to Stori's. Everyone went home around 12PM. So when I got home I  had luch and took a nap. Around 3PM I wrote my weekly blog.

Monday-I don't understand why I could fall to staying up Today. I didn't drink that much on Saturday night. I think it because I wake up at 4:30AM on Saturday Morning and didn't take a nap and going to bed at 1:10AM Sunday morning.

Tuesday-I had 8 load of laundry. So I got done at 12:30PM. I could fall to sleep standing up again. When I got home I lay down for an hour. 

Wednesday-After lunch Stori called to see if I would sit in the van when she take something to the hospital. Because Stori had   Chad, Ian and Owen. Stori didn't want to take the boys in the hospital. So I stay in the van with the boys for about 10 mins.

Thursday-I did my laundry Tonight. I wash my whites. They turn brown I had brown water in the washer. I was so piss off. Have 4 shorts are brown now.

Friday-After my shower. I was smelling like something was on fire. I feel my Electric box it was hot it is in my bedroom. It was cooling off but it was hot before I went to work. When I come home the box wasn't hot. I rewash my whites and my A/C was on. The box was hot. At 4:15PM I call Dad. He come over he check it out. Dad had me turn off the main power off when I go to bed Tonight. I couldn't sleep. Because Dad kept the Electric box cover off. I didn't feel save with it off.

Saturday-My body wake up at 4:30AM, I put the cover on the box. I lay back down. But couldn't go back to sleep. I got up for the day at 6AM. Because the guy who going to look at my Electric box will be here between 9 to 10AM. The guys come at 10:50AM dad was here too. I need a new Electric box. Christy and Tom been married for 33 years Today.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

My week 7/8 to 7/14

Sunday-I went home at 4:30PM. The trailer was 83 and the outside temp was 76. I find out that my outside A/C fan wasn't working . So I call Dad. He told me to call Star Tomorrow. I had dinner at 7:30PM.

Monday-After work. I went to my trailer to call Star. The lady told me the guy was on another call. So I told the lady to call my Dad. When  The guy is coming to my Dad will meet him. There was a guy on my roof fixing it.. Because my trailer was 81. I come to Stori's to go in the pool.

Tuesday-I got done working at 8AM. Because the peoples I do 8 to 9 load of laundry. Didn't go to work Yesterday. My A/C is working. I went in the pool this Morning.

Wednesday-I had 9 load of laundry. I got to Stori's at 2:15PM. Toby (the dog) was outside from 5:40AM until 2:15PM. I went in the pool at 7PM for an hour.

Thursday-I went in my trailer at 8:30AM. The air wasn't cold it hot. Dad got it going again. at 10:15AM. By 12 PM the air is hot again.. So I had to call Star again to come to my trailer. Because when Dad got the cold air working. I told Star not to come. Did my laundry and pack my laundry and put it in my car.

Friday-I got done working before 10AM. So I went back to Stori. So at 12:30PM I took some of my stuff back to my trailer and I have air again, then got my paycheck. Christy, Tom and Christopher got to Carol's at 5PM.

Saturday-I got up at 4:30AM took a shower . Wash Stori's bed sheet, put away dishes from the dishwasher. I come home from Stori's at 9AM. Dad, Mom, Christy, Tom, Carol, Mike, Christopher and I went out for lunch. Then we went out to The Wilstem Guest Ranch at 4:30PM. For Michael & Trisanna  party. I got home at 11:35PM.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

My week 7/1 to 7/7

Sunday-I have $64.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. It rain Tonight. For the first time in a month. My A/C didn't turn off.

Monday-Stori txt me this Finally Celebrating Owens Birthday! Wednesday at 5:00PM. I txt Stori back with this With Bells on.

Tuesday-I had 9 load of laundry. I was hoping to get my glasses, But no way I was hoping to clean the trailer, But didn't.

Wednesday-I went out to Stori's at 4:45PM. Owen start walking but not good. I took some good pictures of Owen. I got home around 7:15PM

Thursday-I had 4 load of laundry Today. I didn't go to Walmart Today. will Tomorrow. I start packing for next week.

Friday-Went to Walmart to get my food to take out to Stori's for the week. Owen is walking without any help.

Saturday-I got out to Stori's at 7:15AM. I was in the pool from12:30 to 4PM. Toby wouldn't go outside. It was to hot.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

My week 6/24 to 6/30

Sunday-I got my laundry done. But now need to put the laundry away Tomorrow. I went to the nursing home to see my friend. She have a walking cast on right now. She is in a wheelchair. She will go to Bloomington to see her doctor on July 9.

Monday-After work I went to the Bank. I got out of the car at the bank at 10:28AM got back in at 10:38Am. The bank was busy. I was going to pay my gas bill for my trailer.. I was going to give the lady $20.00 for the bill. I look at the bill, I had the Electric bill. I had to go back to my car to get my gas bill. I received over 70's Friendship books from Ranka Vavrina. She from Austria.

Tuesday-I had 8 loads of laundry at work. Because I have to wash the laundry bags now because it been in the 100's. Dad call at 5:15PM. My 18" Mulching Mower is fix we can pick it up.

Wednesday-I got done working at 10:50AM. Dad come at 11:30AM, Mom was in the car. I pay for lunch. I didn't get home until 3:24PM. The mower look new. Because they clean it too.

Thursday-I went at 10:50AM to pass out notes for order out. I gas my car up it cost me $11.66. The high was about 101 Today.

Friday-Order out went ok. I went to Walmart to get stuff to mail Friendship books in, and I forgot it. When I open my NewWave TV cable bill. Some how I forgot to pay it for June. So I paid online Tonight I paid $171.43 for 2 months.

Saturday-I think I have a problem with my A/C in my trailer it will not turn off. I have it on 80. It like 104 outside. I been UNO on Facebook again.