Sunday, October 28, 2012

My week 10/21 to 10/27

Sunday-It was 34 for the low. The high was 75 Today. Owen is 16 months olds Today. I didn't feel like doing anything Today.
Monday-I send friendship books to a friend in Las Vegas, NV. Went to Moms to get my laundry I had her wash on Friday.

Tuesday-Dad come back with my suitecase. The airport mess up my suitecase. There are blue mark, and other stuff is on it. My suitecase is only a year old.

Wednesday-I found out Today. My friend was The IU Health Bloomington Hospital in Bloomington, IN With a bloodclot. I saw my suitecase have 4 cuts on it.
Thursday-I mow the my grass Today. I took 2 breaks. One for and lunch watch Marie at 12PM. The the other break was to watch The Talk. I got done around 3:15PM.

Friday-I found out that my friend going to be on Seizure meds for 2 years. But we don't know what they will do with the bloom clot in her head.

Saturday-I did laundry for the week. The high for the week was 75 to 8. But Today it was 55 for the high. Paoli had Halloween for the kids Tonight. This was at my door at 5:30PM. Indiana beat Illinois

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My week 10/14 to 10/20

Sunday-Clay Aiken first CD Measure Of A Man is 9 year old Today. I clean inside of the refregerator. I tweet Scott Baio asking about his Foundation and where I can donate. Scott tweet me back. I tweet Scott back telling him I would start a donate jar for his Foundation on April 4, 2013.
Monday-Frontier Email me back. Because I Email them last night about the Internet being out for 43 hours in 3 weeks. They will give me $2.00 in credit.
Tuesday-I though Today was Monday when I wake up. After I got in the shower it hit me it was Tuesday. I had 7 load of laundry Today at work. So I got home at 11AM. Parker call to see if I would donate a $1.00 for  a walking thing at school. I said yes. Parker said Stori would put $1.00 in for me. Then I could pay her later. I told Parker to put $5.00 down for me.

Wednesday-No one heard from my Friend. Her family put in the nursing home in French Lick. I don't understand why. Because they put her in Paoli nursing home in June. When broken her leg. I think her family will keep her in thr nursing home for good.

Thursday-It rain last night and this morning. It stop raining by 8AM. Dad, Christy, Carol and Mike went to Utah for Dad sister Alice 90th Birthda. Stori inbox me on facebook to tell me. They was going to St. Louis until Sunday night.
Friday-It hit me The kid in Paoli is on Fall Break until Tuesday. The  Whole state of Indiana was on an outage again with  the Internet.

Saturday-Sophia Blake is 16 months old Today. National Inclusion Project Gala was tonight in Washington DC. Tom Email Christopher new address.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

My week 10/7 to 10/13

Sunday-Today Clay Aiken answer a Question of my in the live chat last year. Two days before my Birthday. I some of the launday away. Mom call to see if I want them to take me out  for my Birthday. I said no.
Monday-Because of Today Columbus Day. I will not get the laundry That I get every Tuesday at work. I will get on Wednesday. It will be a long day then. My friend fell again but not at home.
Tuesday-It my 47 BirthdayThe lady I work for had cupcakes for me and a card. Stori, Ian and Owen took me out for lunch. We order at Wendy. Then we went to Jay-c park so Owen could run around. I had about 100 Birthday wish on Facebook. The Internet went down before 4pm and haven't come up yet
Wednesday-At 4:48AM I didn't have Internet yet. I found out that my friend had elbow surgery Yesterday. The Internet didn't come up until 4:50pm. So I didn't have the Internet for 25 hours. I tweet Fronter on twitter

Thursday-Frontier tweet me back and told me to email them at I will wait for later to email them. I did only 3 load of my laundry Tonight. Hang the laundy it over clothes rack again save $$$ using the dryer.

Friday-No one heard from my friend at the workshop. Since before her surgery on Tuesday. I comment on Frontier post on Facebook, about my Internet being down for 43 hours in 3 week. Frontier come back and told me to email them at the same email address with my Account number I think I will do it on Sunday.

Saturday-Cleaning my trailer putting laundry away. Stori told me Parker hurt his foot in Football practice. So he can't play Tonight. They had it x-ray and it not broken. IU vs Ohio State Tonight and IU lost 52 to 49