Sunday, October 27, 2013

My week 10/20 to 10/26

Sunday-I went out to Carol's at 1:34PM. Mike Mom Helen was there. We ate right at 2PM. Because Michael and Trisanna went the Indianapolis Colts game at 8:30PM.
Monday-My parents, Carol. Mike, Stori, Chad , Ian and I took Christopher out for lunch at the French Lick golf course, before he went home. I TXT Christopher around 5 PM to see if he got home ok. 
Tuesday-I had 6 loads of laundry. I went to pay my gas and Electric bill. The Utility building have a new front door.
Wednesday-I only had 2 loads of laundry. After work I went to Wal-Mart with coupons for the month. 
Thursday-I went to the workshop to pass out day notes. I did my laundry tonight. I hang everything in my trailer. I cry over Sandy Tonight. Because Tomorrow order out day. 

Friday-It was crazy at the workshop Today. I took my lunch home.Dad come to tell me. The guy will start working on my shower on Monday. I got 10 pen pal letters done Tonight. 
Saturday-I put my laundry away Today. I pack 2 brown Envelopes full of friendship books to mail on Monday. I got The American Girl magazine pack for Sophia too.



Sunday, October 20, 2013

My week 10/13 to 10/19

Sunday-Sue Told me others put money with my $500.00 last night at National Inclusion Project Gala. So we send about 200 kids to camp. I pack 4 brown envelopes full of Friendship books. I put 2 pen pal letter in the mail box.
Monday-When I got to the workshop. Things was not right. A lady from the front Office got me in the hall way. She  told me she need to talk to me. She took me in the staff break room to tell me that my co-worker/friend Sandy Asbell pass away. Yesterday from a heart attack.
Tuesday-Mary TXT me. To tell me that Sandy friends could see her at 5-8PM Tomorrow at T.L. Pinnick Mortuary French Lick, Indiana. The service is at 10AM on Thursday. Burial at Spring Hill Cemetery in Shoals, Indiana.
Wednesday-I got a poetry about Sandy from another friend who use to be in the workshop. I got Sandy Obituaries too. It feel funny not having Sandy at the workshop anymore. 
Thursday-Sandy Funeral was Today. I blog the poetry at my weekly blog about her Tonight. Dad went to Jasper, Indiana to get my walk-in-shower. But it was the wrong walk-in-shower. The TV cable was cutting out. 
Friday-I don't think I will stay for break on Fridays at the workshop but on order out day. Mom call Christopher will be down here around 4 or 5 Tomorrow. He will go home on Monday. 
Saturday-My parents, Carol, Mike, Mike, Michael, Trisanna, Christopher and I to Crazyhorse in French Lick, Indiana. Then My parents, Carol, Mike, Christopher and I went to the Gamble boat.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

A poetry about my friend who pass away on Sunday. But I didn't wrote it

(In Memory of Sandy Asbell)

Let me take a moment
To tell you about Sandy Asbell
For in my whole life
There are fwe I like as well

She was there when I wanted
One that I could talk to
About all sorts of things
We must have talked many hours through

She was there when I needed
A shoulder to lean on
All I had to do was to ask
She would not let me be alone

As far I am concerned
Many problems were solved
We were as close two could be
And not be romantically involved

We sat at the same table
And would share our meal
There were even the time
A secret we might reveal

She would read my poetry
She would act in my plays
Even though she might be gone
My memory of her stays

We would buy each other presents
Now and then small gift
Christmas, Birthdays and other times
It would give us both a lift

I would take her picture
When she stood by the Christmas tree
And down through the years
A lot of them I still can see

The flowers she would water
She would sweep and mop the floor
She would work the snack bar
And she did so much more

If I could write a novel
There are a lot more things
I could tell
I think you can see the type she was
Yes my dear dear friend Sandy Asbell

There is one more I have to include
I've got to add one more line
For how could I ever forget
Her birthday was the day after mine

This poetry is not wrote by me


Sunday, October 13, 2013

My week 10/6 to 10/12

Sunday-I did my laundry and hang it in my trailer Christy and Tom start driving at 8:30AM They got home at 12:30PM. I pack 4 brown envelopes full of Friendship books. My NewWave TV cable went out at 9:20PM. Yesterday I start wearing Blue Jeans for the year.
Monday-At 5AM I call NewWave TV cable. The guy told me there was 20 streets have no cable. After work I went to bank then I went to the Post Office to mail 4 brown envelopes. When I got home the TV cable was on.
Tuesday-My friend Sue was packing last night for the National Inclusion Project Gala.

Wednesday-It my 48the Birthday Christy call. Stori Tom, Christopher and Matthew TXT me Carol sing on my I-Phone. Mom and Dad come to show me the Walk-in-shower online.
Thursday-Jamey, Dad and a guy was here when I got home talking about the walk in shower. the guy said it should take him one day. I will have to miss one shower. I can go to Stori's if I have to.
Friday-After work I went to Wal-Mart to get my Halloween candy. I got 9 bag of Resse Cup and 1 bag of Smarties. It cost me $49.86 but had a Wal-Mart gift card for $100.00. I have to get Now and Later candy for Parker, have to go to Family Dollar Store for it

Saturday-I did my laundry hang it outside Today. The National Inclusion Project Gala Tonight in Charlotte, NC Sue will be able send 2 kids to camp with my $500.00

Sunday, October 6, 2013

My week 9/29 to 10/5

Sunday-The high was 64 Today. I put a envelope with a $500.00 check in my mail box Yesterday. For my friend Sue so she can take it with her to National Inclusion Project Gala on Oct 11-12.
Monday-After work I went to the Post Office. I found out the mail truck was late coming to Paoli this Morning. I hope the envelope to Sue leave Paoli Today.
Tuesday-I had my boss order Girl Life Magazine for me from hers Gril Scout Troop. The Magazine is for Livia. I have $200.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. I have $86.00 in my Bailey Baio Angel Foundation jar. 
Wednesday-I got 2 white envelopes full of Friendship books. Sue haven't received my check yet
Thursday- Sue received my $500.00 check for Clay Aiken National Inclusion Project Gala on Oct 11-12 in Charlotte, NC. Christy call they her, Tom, Matthew, Lyndsay and Sophia coming down Tomorrow. 
Friday-After work I went to Wal-Mart to get Sophia Halloween gift. I got my IU Basketball team calendar. Sophia LOVE seeing the Buffalo at Carol's. 
 Saturday-I had Tom & Christy pick me up. We had lunch at Carol's. We try to get to Livia's High School thing everyone miss it but Jamey, Stori, Carol, Mike and my parents. My parents, Christy, Tom, Carol, Mike, Michael, Trisanna, Matthew, Lyndsay, Sophia and I had dinner at French Lick Winery