Saturday, December 27, 2014

My week 12/21 to 12/26

Saturday-I pack 8 brown 12x9 envelopes fill of Friendship books. I received my renew paperss for The Young and the Restless Fan Club. I pay for the Fan Club with paypal.
Sunday-Lyzah is 9 months old Today. I wrote a letter to the lady from Y&R Fan Club. About why I get my Birthday card in Nov or Dec not in Oct. 

Monday-After work. I went to pay my Indiana Natural Gas & Electric bills. Went to the post office to mail the brown envelopes. There was a line at the post office. It been 7 year since I saw Clay Aiken in Merrivillville in concert & meet Sue.
Tuesday-My last day of work before Christmas Vacation. I have to get my paycheck on (12/29), I couldn't get it Today. Dad call we are going out for lunch after Christy & Tom get here.
Wednesday-Christmas Eve. We went to West Baden Springs Hotel for Lunch. Christopher couldn't come down with Christy & Tom. Christopher had a meeting with the Mayor. Christopher got here at 6PM. Christy, Tom, Carol, Mike, Christophe & I had Christmas Eve dinner at my parents.
Thursday-Christmas Day. We all went to Carol's. Michael was very sick. So Carol made Michael him go home. Trisanna, Lyzah & Trisanna nephew stay. My parents give ours Christmas money to us last night. I got a 1000 piece puzzle the picture is Little Debbie, Hostless & others treats. I got a $100.00 Wal-Mart card, Compact Photo Printer that will never be hook up. and a touch light. 
Friday-Christopher, Christy & Tom went home Today.    I took my Christmas money to the bank. I got my lunch from Long John Silver.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

My week 12/13 to 12/20

Saturday-I put 12 pen pal letters in the mail bx. I will mail 2 pen pal letters from the Post Office on Monday. I pack CD Merry Christmas With Love by Clay Aiken for the lady on Twitter. I didn't get any friendship books this week.
Sunday- I clean my kitchen. I feel funny not having friendship books to mail Tomorrow. I check with my friend sister to see if the new address is right. Michael didn't post a selfie with Lyzah Today. 
 Monday-I found out that I may not be able to get my next paycheck until after Christmas. I received 1 brown envelope fill of friendship books. I mail 14 pen pal letters.
 TuesdayI learn how to order from my Iphone. I received 1 brown envelope and I white envelope fill of  friendship books. 
 Wednesday-I received 1 brown envelope fill of friendship books. I received a hoodie from the JR High School Basketball team & Stori.
Thursday-Stori Text me, as I was at Wal-Mart to tell me that she & Owen was sick. She wasn't going to babysitting Lyzah.
  FridayI received all my orders from Tuesday. I received 4 brown envelopes fill of friendship books. Lyzah was at Mom's dinner. Her granddad give her Ice Cream.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

My week 12/6 to 12/12

Saturday- I got Harper Birthday Card ready to mail on Monday at the Post Office. I got 5 brown envelopes pack with Friendship book.
 Sunday-Jamey don't have a Facebook page anymore. A lady from Twitter ask for Merry Christmas With Love  CD by Clay Aiken. The lady will put an envelope in the mail Tomorrow. I call Tracy King Tonight.

 Monday-I had Pork Chops last night. I feel the Pork Chops this Morning. I'm getting my meats From Schwan's now on. Stori told me she will babysitting on Thursday & Friday. 
Tuesday-The $58.31 from Wal-Mart from 12/4 went on my Master card Today. Stori didn't know how we are doing Christmas gifts yet.

  Wednesday-There was 4 pictures of Harper on Facebook last night. I didn't get the money from the lady from Twitter yet.

Thursday-I went to Stori to be with Lyzah. I help feed her, I ask Lyzah if I didn't feed her good. Lyzah look at me and made a face at me like I didn't help. I start writing pen pal letters Tonight.

 Friday-There was a open house at the workshop . Because there a lady from the front office is retiring on Dec. 23. The open house was from 10AM to 3PM. I didn't stay. I had to go back to Wal-Mart, then I went out to Stori's to see Lyzah

Saturday, December 6, 2014

My week 11/29 to 12/5

Saturday-I got home from Carol's at 6:30PM. So I went right on my weekly blog. Parker said he will clean my ramp off from the snow now on.

 Sunday-It Clay Aiken 36 Birthday. I tweet Clay for his Birthday. I pack the CD of Clay Aiken to mail to a fan. I pack Sophia Color books to mail Tomorrow. 

Monday-Mike Mom Helen Charles pass away last night. I received 2 pack of Friendship books. It was 67 in the trailer at 5AM. Mom never call me about Helen. 
Tuesday-I had to put salt on my new 2 steps this Morning. Christy call, Christopher & her will come down for Helen Funeral on Wednesday.
 Wednesday-Christy try to get me to go to the Funeral Home tonight. I don't go to Funeral Homes. I cry very easy.. Stori wrote a tribute to hers Grandma Helen on Facebook , after the 1st line I was crying like a baby. I found a picture of Helen in Stori picture on Facebook. It from Dec 2012
Thursday-I got dizz at 11AM. So after lunch I took Zyrtec, but it didn't work. I took a chewable C Vitamin it work about 25%. I went to Wal-Mart and got Aleve with Arthritis cap.
 Friday-My friend Mary & I went to Superburger for lunch. For about 5 hours my Yahoo Email didn't work . Yahoo don't have a phone number anymore.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

My week 11/22 to 11/28

Saturday-I got my towels wash. I got my weekly blog this Morning. We got to the after the game started. 
 Sunday-Harper is 11 months Today. I wrote 4 pen pal letters and worte out my rent check. I didn't do that much

 Monday-I went to work When I got a load of mops out of the dryer. The Mop wasn't dry I went to my boss. She told me that there was a gas link. So I can't use the dryer. So I went home at 7:30AM. The dyer got fix Today.
Tuesday-I got my 5 hours in at work Today. It been 9 year since I saw Clay Aiken Christmas concert. So I'm playing Clay Christmas CD in my bathroom and in my car. I'm playing Barry Christmas CD in my Kitchen.
 Wednesday-Mom was on my answering machine.When I got home. She told me that Mike Mom had a stroke  last night  They don't think she lives the day. We are not having Thanksgiving on Friday.

Thursday-Thanksgiving Day. A classmate of my pass away on Tuesday Night. Jimmy Lee "Boddie" Harkness. I sold all Clay Aiken Merry Christmas With Love CD Tonight. Mike Mom talking again.
Friday-We having a light meal at Carol's Tomorrow at 2 Mike Mom is the same. I tweet last night about Clay Christmas CD's it went on Facebook . Clay thank me for the money for National Inclusion Project Today on Facebook.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

My week 11/15 to 11/121

Saturday-I pack 5 brown envelopes fill of friendship books. We had Parker 13th Birthday dinner Tonight. Lyzah have 2 teeths coming in.
 Sunday-I went to Wal-Mart with coupons. I pick up a new phone for my living room. I got a V-tech phone. It cost my over $64.00 for Everything.

Monday-I turn on water in my bathroom last night. School was close at 8AM. The road wasn't that bad at 6AM. But I didn't go outside after I got back to from work. I didn't go to the back or the Post Office. The temp was going down.
 Tuesday-Christopher Birthday is Today. I got done working at 10:30AM. I went to get my mail from Yesterday. 
Wednesday-I went to the bank after work.. Went out to Stori's. Owen made a Fire truck out of a box. He had a parter too. I update my IPhone at Stori's

 Thursday-The weather is getting better. I got Chad Christmas gift done. So I only need Harper and Ian Christmas gift. I will be done with Christmas shopping.

 Friday-Lyzah is 8 months Today. Stori Text me, asking if I I what to go to  IU game instead of a movie for your Birthday. I said YES. So Stori & I will be going to the basketball game Tomorrow night. I went to the Post Office Today.