Saturday, August 30, 2014

My week 8/23 to 8/29

SaturdayI put half of my laundry away. I pack 4 brown envelopes with Friendship books. I was able to watch the Indianapolis Colts football game

Sunday-I got my banking stuff together. I wrote a check out for my rent, then I wrote a check out for National Inclusion Project. I'm send the check for National Inclusion Project to my friend Sue in Portland.Sue will take the check to the National Inclusion Project gala in Raleigh, NC.Micheal put 2 pictures on Facebook again.

Monday-Went to the bank, Post Office. Then paid 2 town bills after work. I received the Tried & True CD sign by Clay Aiken. I received friendship books from a lady from Orlando FL.
Tuesday-No one had Verizon service from 3:26AM to 10:50AM Because Seymor, Indiana Verizon service went down, so Paoli went down too. Stori told me Jamey parents was moving to the basement apt this weekend, but they other kids can't come to help. So they will wait.

Wednesday-The Duvet came it wasn't what I thought it going to be. I received friendship books from a lady from Phoenix, AZ.

Thursday-The Company the duvet come from call about they sent another one. I told the guy I didn't want it. So the 2nd Duvet came Today. Sue received my $250.00 check for The National Inclusion Project  gala. 


Friday-After work I went to the Post Office. To pick up 2 Medium boxes. Came home pack the 2 Duvets. Then drove back to the Post Office to mail the 2 boxes. Then at 11:15AM went to Shakeburger to get my lunch


Saturday, August 23, 2014

My week 8/16 to 8/22

Saturday-I went to Wal-Mart with coupons. I had $9.35 in Coupons. I pack 2 brown envelopes with Friendship books. I didn't get any Friendship books in the mail Today. I renew at Barry Manilow Fan Club. It rain Today after 7PM. I was going to use Clay Aiken old house as my avatar at Clayversity, but chicken out.
Sunday-I forgot to call my friend Tracy Ann King in Fl Today. It rain all day off & on. Michael took 2 selfie with Lyzah. Both had Trisanna in them. The first one Lyzah was playing with Trisanna nose.

Monday-I have a Right Brake light out. I try calling Dad. He and Mom went to Bloomington. Indana . I'm thinking about sending Sue $250.00 next week for the National Inclusion Project Gala. Tonight been 9 years since the first time I saw Clay Aiken in concert.

Tuesday-Yesterday I received Barry Manilow 5 DVD Box set. A lady send me a Post Office box full of friendship books. Another lady send me a brown envelope. I had a brake light bulb in my car. So I didn't have to go and get one. I forgot to turn my TV sleeper last night. The TV was on all night.

Wednesday-I received my order from From Bath and Body Work. I didn't received any friendship books. My TV cable went out at 3:19PM. It came back on at 3:46PM, but they turn it off every sec and on for an hour.
Thursday-Lyzah is 5 month old Today. I received friendship books from a lady from Eatonton, CA and a lady from Charlotte, NC. At Huck Today No one could use they credit card at the gas pump outside everyone had to pay in cash inside. 
Friday-The place I work at on Fridays wasn't open at 8:30AM. Because they water back up Yesterday. But a lady call my Iphone at 10:13AM to tell me they was open. But I was outside hanging my laundry out. I saw the vice mail at 12:15PM. So went to work. 


Saturday, August 16, 2014

My week 8/9 to 8/15

Saturday-I didn't get any friendshipbooks. But I did pack 3 brown Envelopes with friendship books. The friendship books are going to Honolulu, HI Merced CA & Austria. Nick Leisey Email for my address last Wednesday to send the CD to me.

Sunday-I pack the coupons that I don't need. I mail them to a lady in Orlean, Indiana. Orlean is about 8 miles from me. I told the lady I would mail them to her. Because I go to the post office every Monday to mail friendship books. Big Brother is 2 hours late.

Monday-It cost me $7.00 to send Friendship books to Austria. I was hoping to received the CD sign by Clay Aiken . Nope if I don't received it on Wednesday. I will Email Nick. I didn't received any friendship books Today. Robin Williams dead at 63. He kill hisself.
Tuesday-I didn't received sign CD Today. But I did received a check for $5.92 from Ebates. I call about the 930 Verizon the lady told me verizon will change the area code for everyone starting 10/6 it may take until 10/8 to get everyone have 930. No friendship books Today in the mail.

Wednesday-I received Friendship books from a lady from Louisville, KY. I didn't received the sign CD from Clay Aiken yet. So I email Nick. About 5 mins after I E-mail Nick, he email me this:

Hi Deborah

Thank you for your Patience. The CD actually hasn't been mailed yet, but you will certainly received it. Given how amazingly full the days are and that we spend most of our time in the field trying to lock Clay down for a moment to sign and personalize is challenging.

Again thank you for your patience and I'll update you once it been sent.

Thursday-Got done working at 7:50AM Stori come to help with the pictures on my Iphone. We had to order 2 times. Because we forgot to order Clay Aiken house pictures. Trisanna put a new picture of Lyzah on Facebook. I received friendship books from a lady from Sacramento CA. I forgot to put on the sleeper on my bedroom TV last night, it was on all nightr last night.
Friday-I found out Today we are not having order out day on 8/29. Because a person plan a cookout on that day. I got a new pink changer for my Iphone. Because someone ate on my phone changer when I house sit in March. I didn't received Friendship book. I did mow my grass at 2PM.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

week 8/6 to 8/8

Wednesday- I haven't wrote in my Journal since March. My Nephew Michael became a DADDY on 3/21. To a baby girl. Michael & Trisanna name her Lyzah Mae Charles
The 1st picture is Lyzah 2 days old and the 2nd picture is Lyzah 4 month old. In April I got a new Stori order it for me. My friend Sue got Clay Aiken to sign a cell phone case for me. He knew who I was he read my Night & Morning tweet at twitter. Stori had Sue send it to her. So Stori could give it to me. Stori video me as I open envelope with the case in it. I went crazy. I went on Twitter to thank Clay Aiken for the case. Yes I did Thank Sue abot 100 time too. In June my job had a Birthday bash. My cousin Cindy and her family come down for the weekend. The 1st week in July I house & pet sit for & Jamey. I won a sign CD by Clay Aiken on Monday 8/4. Our area code 812 will change on 10/6 to 930. I will have to use 812 for local calls starting 9/6.

Thursday-I received 1 white envelope 1 brown envelope full of Friendship books. I did my laundry for the week. I hang all my laundry up in my trailer to dry.

Friday-Clay Aiken son turn 6 year old Today. I put all my laundry away before work this morning. No friendship books in my mail Today. I print out 3 persons address to tape on brown envelopes. So I can mail them on Monday. It rain Today off and on.