Friday, December 18, 2015

My week 12/12 to 12/18

Saturday-I did my weekly blog this Morning. Because I came home late last night. We had Pizza dinner at Stori's. Stori said she love to have 2nd set of Washer & Dryer.
Sunday-Dad, Mom, Carol, Mike, Michael, Trisanna, Matthew, Lyndsay, Sophia, Harper, Lyzah and I went to Ritz for breakfast.. Before Matthew & Lyndsay went home.
Monday-I like taking my trash out on Mondays as I go to work at 8:10AM I'm going to wear my new Barry Manilow shirt on Wednesday. 

Tuesday-I took a drink to work Today.  I forgot a drink last Tuesday. I will be able to get done working about 12:30 every Tuesday.

Wednesday-I had my new long sleeve shirt of Barry Mailow that Matthew give me. My shirt was a hit at work. 
Thursday-I wash my new Barry Manilow shirt this Morning So I had 4 loads Today. Because I wash the shirt by it self. 

Friday-After work. I went to Wal-Mart with Coupons. I save $5.50 in coupons Today. For the year in coupons I save $125.05.


Saturday, December 12, 2015

My week 12/5 to 12/11

Saturday-I got about 10 Christmas card and letters from pen pals, from Thursday and Friday. I didn't feel good after 1PM. 

Sunday-I mop the kitchen floor. Long John Sliver close they doors at 7PM for good Tonight. They didn't tell anyone about closing the doors. I use all the trash bags from the High School band.
 Monday-The morning was good. I went to my doctor appointment. I was looking for my Iphone. I forgot my Iphone at home. My doctor put me on Azithromycin, Lisinopril and Cetirizine. I had to take 2 Azithromy.

Tuesday-I had effects from the Azithromycin Today. I think it because I had to pill Yesterday. I think I will have 7 loads every Tuesday.. I took my 3rd Azithromycin.

Wednesday-I didn't have bad effects Today. We have to Boil water for 5 mins to drink or cook until Friday or Saturday.

Thursday-I love having my laundry done & hanging up to dry in the trailer by 9:30AM.    

Friday-I meet my Great-Niece Harper Blake. My Matthew got me 2 T-shirts with Barry on them for a last Birthday gift.

Friday, December 4, 2015

My week 11/28 to 12/4

Saturday-At 9PM last night I start reading Night Shall Overtake Us. It have over 500 page. 

Sunday-I got my mail from Yesterday Today. Because It was cold and I didn't want to go outside Yesterday. I put laundry away. I went to get my Sunday paper there was Thursday paper in the paper box. 

Monday-It Clay Aiken Birthday Today. I went to Wal-Mart  for Sophia and Harper Christmas gift. They didn't have it. So Stori order it for me. 
Tuesday-I had 7 load of laundry at work. But I should only have 6 loads now on. I received a pen pal letter. 

Wednesday-It feel funny waking up at 5:45AM on a Wednesday. I went to Wal-Mart for the week. I got my hair cut. 

Thursday-I wake up at 5:45AM. So I could get my laundry done by 11AM. I got done by 9AM. I have all the laundry hanging up in the trailer to dry. 

Friday-I got the Jelly Belly Bean Machine from Stori Today. It for Sophia and Harper Christmas gift. At 6PM I start feeling sick.


Friday, November 27, 2015

My week 11/21 to 11/ 27

Saturday-I got 22 pen pal letters done. I start getting sick,couldn't  eat lunch until 1PM. Because I was that sick. I was on the couch for about 2 hours.

Sunday-I pack 6 brown envelopes with friendship books. I didn't clean the trailer. Because of Yesterday. 

Monday-Carol having Thanksgiving on Friday. I only have to pay $87.05 for Gas and Electric bills. I will pay them on Wednesday. 

Tuesday-I got Power Floss Today in the mail. I think I will get the book I been reading done this weekend. 

Wednesday-Today was the last week I been working at my main job all week. Starting next week. I will only work there only on Tuesdays. 

Thursday-Thanksgiving Day. I did my laundry I had it done and hanging up in the trailer by 10AM. I wrote new pen pal letters. 

Friday-Went out to Carol at 11:30AM. We had Thanksgiving Today. I'm not getting my mail Today, because it start raining before I got home. Carol give my some of the leftover food to take home.


Friday, November 20, 2015

My week 11/14 to 11/20

Saturday-I fold towels. I wrote pen pal letter on my computer it 2 page letter. I didn't get any mail Today. So I'm not mailing friendship books on Monday.

Sunday-I got my pen pal envelopes for mail. I need to write the letter. 

Monday-I went to the Doctor. I told him everything that happen with the meds he give me. He give me new meds.

Tuesday-I took the meds and never had bad side effecet. I will  have to go in to work at 7AM. after Thanksgiving.

Wednesday-It Christopher 33 Birthday. I was joking with a Co-worker about her Birthday.
Thursday-I took Parker Birthday card out to Stori. But she couldn't talk. She had to take the kids to School. Because they stay the night at church. She told me they do it one time a year I think.

Friday-I went to Wal-Mart with coupons. I had a coupon for 2 Digiorno pizza with a free Pizzera. I got $6.70 off the pizza.



Friday, November 13, 2015

My week 11/7 to 11/13

Saturday-I went to bed at 8:30PM last night. At 12AM I wake up in pain and was dizz. I took a 3 hour nap after I got up for the day . The Paoli High School marching Band Ties for fifth place in the State band contest.

SundayMom and Dad came with dad work blue jean to wash. Because they washer broke last week.

MondayI was thinking my family been in Paoli for 50 years since last Sunday 11/1. I will start working 1 day a week the week after Thanksgiving.

Tuesday-I took 2 hour nap after lunch. My friend have a new boyfriend. I need to write pen pal letters.

WednesdayVeterans Day. Carol Birthday. We went out to eat for Carol Birthday. I forgot there wasn't no mail. I walk to my mailbox.

Thursday-I did laundry. I got some friendship books. I will start wearing long sleeve shirt Tomorrow for the year. 

Friday-It Parker 14 Birthday. Yesterday I received the paper work from Hoosier Upland. They will pay $75.00 for my Town Of Paoli  bill for  the year. They will pay $230.00 for my  gas bill for the year. 


My week 10/31 to 11/6

Saturday-It Halloween. I was thinking I had a computer for 17 years. I pack 6 brown envelopes with friendship book.

Sundsay-Mike  came to blow leaves off of my patio. Mike use my 18" Mulching Mower too. So we didn't have to bag the leaves. 

MondayMy Doctor give me some new meds Today. I didn't take meds Tonight. I mail 7 brown envelopes.

Tuesday-It Jamey Birthday 42. I took the new meds. The side effects are bad.

Wednesday-I will not be able to take the new meds. I have the effects Today too. I wondering why. It took me 24 hours to feel good again.

Thursday-My Doctor nurse call. I got 2 load of laundry done by 11AM. I have to cut 5 thing out of Paoli newspaper for Livia. 

Friday-Stori wasn't home when I took the kids Halloween candy to the hous. I got told my hours will be cut to 1 day at my main job. I took my new meds again and I was sick again. 


Friday, October 30, 2015

My week 10/24 to 10/30

Saturday-I order Halloween Cookies for Sophia and Harper. I PM Stori on Facebook about Halloween candy for the kiddo.
Sunday-I text Stori about the kiddo Halloween candy. Stori never get back to me Yesterday or Today. 
Monday-Stori got back to me about Kiddo Halloween candy. Chad want Peanut M&M. Ian want Skittles. Owen want Candy Corn. 
Tuesday-I got Livia and Parker Halloween candy order. Livia want Sour Patch Kids. Parker want Hershey's Chocolate. I got 5 bags Today at Wal-Mart. 

 Wednesday-My eye appointment went good. But I have a white thing on both eyes.. I couldn't get new glasses because my Insurance wouldn't  pay. They will every 5 years. I had my glasses for 3 year.
 Thursday-I didn't get my mail since Monday. Because It rain off and on all day Tuesday. Yesterday because of my eyes. My TV cable NewWave bill went up $10.00. So I will have to pay $125.14.
Friday-I put part of my laundry away this morning before work. It was cold all day. I call my friend Tracy from Florida.

Friday, October 23, 2015

My week 10/17 to 10/23

Saturday-I put some the laundry from Thursday. Wash my white. I write some of new pen pal letter. I pack 5 10x13 brown Envelopes with friendship books.

Sunday-I clean my kitchen. I was thinking I will clean my Kitchen on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm sick of seeing Owen and Chad in High Chairs at Carols when they are 4 and 6 year old. Waiting on opening Santa Claus  gifts for the older persons in the family. Carol have to game night after Dinner. So my parents and I have to sit around and wait. Before we can opening the gifts. 

Monday-The building I work at, half of the build had no power. So I came home until 6:50AM there was power. So I was an hour late getting everything done. That means the bank, Post Office too.

Tuesday-Frontier been coming as my home page. I call the guy said I have use my account Number and Pin Number. 

Wednesday-When I got on my computer after work.. Frontier came up again. So I put my Account Number and Pin Number. But my Account Number wouldn't take. So I call the guy fix it. 

Thursday I received the book I order Yesterday. The book is The Missing Kennedy.

Friday-Firefox Internet wouldn't use my password for Capitalone . So I have to make a new password everytime. But IE will take my password. 


Friday, October 16, 2015

My week 10/10 to 10/16

Saturday-Mike talk me into talking to Carol. I try to tell her, what she did that make me mad. Carol told Mike I lie to her all the time. So Carol made my mind up for me. I'm walking away from the family. 

Sunday-I clean my living room up and Vacuum the living room. I didn't cut coupons out Today. 

Monday-It was 57 at 4:30AM. I mow my grass in an hour and 15 mins. I start a new pen pal letter. I'm a bad pen pal. 

Tuesday-It been 2 years since Sandy Asbell pass away. I call NewWave a whole week Today about my home address.

Wednesday-I add all my coupons that I will use for October. I have about $14.30. NewWave had to call another company about my address again. 

Thursday-I mad appointment for my eyes. I made it at 1PM on 10/28. I hope Stori can go with me. Wish my pain in my back would stop. 

Friday-I use all the coupons but one. I'm done buying Toilet paper, Towel paper and Napkinsuntil April. I made a video of how much I have on Facebook.


Friday, October 9, 2015

My week 10/3 to 10/9

Saturday-I turn on my furnace for the year. Stori got a Doctor appointment for me on Monday at 5PM for Hormone Level. I pack 4 brown 10x13 Envelopes. with friendship books

Sunday-Why would someone text another person. If they are a surprise. So I'm piss off. I'm not going to the doctor Tomorrow. That how DUMP my family is If Tom didn't text me. There would be a party.

Monday-I cancel my doctor appoint for 5PM. If Tom did text or Email me. I would went to the appointment Stori think I lie about the water Meter. I told Stori I had to rank the stuff off the water Meter. Stori didn't say anything. Christy & Tom came down for Livia 2 days. But they wouldn't stay a day for me. They only had 30 mins that what Tom text they was going home . He text at 7:45 AM and I didn't see it until 9:30. But they can stay all day for Jamey but not for me.

TuesdayI went to Doctor to make another appointment for my back.   I can't get on Facebook with Mozilla Firefox. But I can with Internet Exporer. I found out why my credit card payment is getting rejected. Because NewWave have my Lot 35 wrong. They have 35 Lot Capitalone will not payment if it 35 Lot. Because Capitalone have Lot 35.

Wednesday-NewWave hadn't change my Lot 35 to the right way yet. I like doing one load of laundry at the workshop. 

Thursday-I send inbox message to Carol on Facebook. Say I was sorry about last Wednesday on the phone. I told her to man up tell the whole  family what she did with my water MeterBut Jamey and I knows Carol never will tell anyone. 

Friday-It my 50th Birthday. I wrote Christy a 2 page letter to tell her I'm sorry. But she will never read it. Because I told her that someone in the family think Carol need to say sorry to me. 


Friday, October 2, 2015

My week 9/26 to 10/2

Saturday-I wash my whites, my towels. I paid my car Insurance online. I call Capitalone first before I paid the Insurance.

Sunday-I found out on National Inclusion Project Facebook wall that Jerry Aiken is retiring from National Inclusion Project. Clay friend Nick Leisey is taking Jerry job. I will miss Jerry handwritten Thank you cards. When I donate in April.

Monday-I found out we are not ordering out in October. We will order on the Friday before Thanksgiving  in November. I pay my Town bills. 

Tuesday-I did the samething as I did last week at Wal-Mart. To see someone will take my credit card number, like last week.
Wednesday-I told my sister off on the phone. Because I'm sick of her order me around and getting me in trouble in Town. So I'm piss off tonight. Wish someone would sit her down and talk to her. Or someone need to tape her when she is getting mad at someone. 

Thursday-I went Paoli Office Supply to get 100 10in x13in Envelopes in a box. Jamey came to talk to me about what happen Yesterday with my sister. I told Jamey I have ask for help with my sister but no one will help. I told Jamey my parents should stop to this 23 year ago, but they didn't. That why I'm getting bully by my sister. I'm tried and weak from Crying tonight.

Friday-I almost didn't go back to the workshop to get my paycheck. It was cold and Windy all day. I wonder if Jamey talk to my sister yet. 


Friday, September 25, 2015

My week 9/19 to 9/25

Saturday-I received a new Capitalone card with a chip Yesterday. I order a $25.00 gift card. I pack 6 9x12 envelopes with friendship books.
 Sunday-I didn't cut any coupons out Today. I got my rent check done before 11:30PM. In August I was making a rent check out at 11:30PM. 
 Monday-I was busy after work. I went to William Brothers to get refill of meds, I didn't stay. I went to the bank, Post Office then went to Hoosier Upland to sign up for Emergy Assistance 

Tuesday-I learn how to use my new Capitalone master card at Wal-Mart because it have a chip. 

Wednesday-I didn't think I would write that much for Today. But someone got my credit card number and use it at Burger King and Target. So I don't have a card until Friday. Because I need it to order stuff on Saturday. There NO Burger King Target in Paoli. They use up $300.00.

Thursday-Capitalone send my New card Today. I had Stori cut my toe nails . I call FedEX the guy told me they will have the Capitalone card at my door at 12PM. 

Friday-Order out crazy. I think everyone got they personal pan pizza's My Capitalone Master card was in my front door at 12:15PM. I received my new personal  checks that I order last weekend. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

My week 9/12 to 9/18

Saturday-I wake up at 4:30 went to the bathroom. I try to go back to sleep, couldn't went on my computer. Went back to bed at 5:07AM, did fell to sleep. Wake up at 8AM for the day. I couldn't take a nap Today. I don't have to pack Friendship books Today.

Sunday-I wear a hoodie all day until I start cooking. I add up the coupons I will use on Friday. I add $16.60

Monday-Today I should send my friend Sue money for the National Inclusion Project Gala, but I couldn't because I had to get my A/C fix.

Tuesday-Stori and I went to Jamey Office Today. I can't get started on my dream yet. 

Wednesday-After  work I mow my grass . It took me about 40 mins to mow. My mower didn't dead on me Today.

Thursday-I couldn't go out to Stori's because Livia and Stori was sick, Owen was sick on  Monday. I received Publishers Clearing House to enter to received $7,000.00 a week. I play a game with the enter from PCH it is I have to match 3 things is same. I did it was One Million I'm sending the card back to PCH on Monday. 

Friday-After I went to Wal-Mart with coupons. I don't know how much I save. But I got 27 Items for $89.56. I received paper work from Hoosier Upland Energy Assistance Today. 


Friday, September 11, 2015

My week 9/5 to 9/11

Saturday-At 3AM I order the book Hidden Kennedy Daughter. I wish my parents would hear me out. That Carol is getting me in trouble in Town. Only thing I get is shut my mouth or I get grounded to my trailer. At 10PM I order the book The Missing Kennedy. Trisanna told me she had the sandbox outside., I got from my job Birthday bash. There was color books, Crayons, water paint, markers and 20 pound of sand with the sandbox. Trisanna going back to hers old job. 

 Sunday- I been cleaning my trailer by rooms. I have my bedroom and half of my bathroom done. I did it when TV Commercials is on.I will wake up as I'm going to wor. So I can clean stuff by 8AM. I will be able to Vacuum. Then all day I can read The Bad Witness.
Monday-Labor Day. Got up at 4:50AM. I didn't clean, 7:30AM I start not feeling good. I had breakfast by 8:30AM I lay down. I wake up at 10AM. I didn't feel like vacuum. 
 Tuesday-I went to work at 5:35AM. I got done at 8AM. I went to the Post Office to mail 5  9x12 enveoples. Then went to Wal-Mart for the week.
Wednesday-My friend Rhonda thought Today was my Birthday. I comment on Facebook that Rhonda was a moth early. But I thank her for thinking it was Today. I got done working at 11:30AM. 

Thursday-I wish I had more Friendship books SWAPS friendship books with more peoples. So I can go to the Post Office more .
Friday-I had fun with my friend Rhonda at lunch. We learn that Grandparents can take lunch for Grandparents week at School at Throop Elementary. 


Friday, September 4, 2015

My week of 8/29 to 9/4

Saturday-I did my laundry for the week. I mow my grass too. I don't have to pack any friendship books. I received from 2 persons. 

Sunday-Christy E-mail me her new home address. But I haven't print it out yet. I cut about 10 coupons Today. 

Monday-The Town Christy move to is Huntertown, Indiana I was looking for the Journal that I wrote in when Stori and Jamey went to get Chad and Ian. I can't find it.

Tuesday-I didn't get any mail today. I will gas my car up Tomorrow.  thinking I will do Tuesday job on Wednesdsay next week. Because Monday is Labor Day.

Wednesday-I received friendship books from a lady from Germany. Some peoplesare upset about the Superintendent being fire after June 30, 2017.

Thursday-Mom & Dad been married for 59 years. Jamey Mom had Surgery. They took her at 12PM. She will stay over night in the hospital. I call my friend Rhonda about having lunch on next friday. 

Friday-My Friend Mary and I went to Connie's Country Kitchen for lunch. I call Mom to see what time we are going Michael and Trisanna Cookout Tomorrow. 


Saturday, August 29, 2015

My week 8/22 to 828

Saturday-I wash my towels. I hang them out outside to dry. I received my new membership kit from Barry Manilow fan club. It a journal. 
Sunday-I think someone is moving in the first trailer. I clean the kitchen food. I pack 3 9x12 envelopes full of friendship book. I'm looking for more peoples to swaps with. 
Monday-I saw Trisanna at the Post Office. I received my electric bill. Trisanna ask if I 'm going to Michael & hers cookout. I put Google Calendar on my Iphone. Verizon Text me, I use up 75% of Data. 
 Tuesday-I wonder why no one want to swaps Friendship books. A year ago I was getting 3 pack of friendship books a day. This year 1 pack a week. 
 Wednesday-After work. I paid my Indiana Natural Gas & my Utility bills. I ask if there a program to help pay my electric. I got told to go to Hoosier Uplands. I wen to Hoosier Uplands they was open.

Thursday-I pass out notes for ordering out Tomorrow. Went to Hoosier Uplands. the lady took my address.. She told me, she send out forms 2nd week of September. 
 Friday-Order out went ok. But my co-worker had lunch 30 mins So I got home about 12:30PM. I had a Taco Salad. I received friendship books.