Friday, March 31, 2017

My week 3/25 to 3/31

SATURDAY-Schwan's came after 2:30PM. I got my towels and bed sheets wash. Dad didn't go to Lyzah Birthday party. Malcolm didn't feel good. I got home after 7PM. I thought Hallmark had a new movie on NO.

 SUNDAY-I sleep in until 8:30AM. Because I wake up at 2:20AM. Couldn't fall back to sleep until 4AM. 
 MONDAY-I received my car Insurance bill. I have to have it paid by April 29. I will pay half on the 20th then pay the other in 2 months. 
TUESDAY-Work was good. I received Cheryl's Cookies magazine Today. I can order Sophia and Harper Easter cookies. Christy dog have Cancer . It will not take long for Sadie to get bad. 
WEDNESDAY-I had to make a doctor appointment, so I get refill on Levothyroxine. I will see my doctor on Monday at 2:20PM. I need a blood test first.

  THURSDAY-I got my laundry done and away by 10:30AM. I went out to Stori's. She told me all 3 boys Chad, Ian and Owen getting full sizw bed and they own rooms. 
 FRIDAY-Shirley Jones Birthday is Today. I have $53.00 in my NATIONAL INCLUSION PROJECT jar. Ordering out went good


Friday, March 24, 2017

My week 3/18 to 3/24

SATURDAY-I fall to sleep on the couch. Got up at 11:55PM look outside it was fog
I couldn't see the hospital. I pack 3 brown envelopes with friendship books. 
 SUNDAY-A church group came to my back door. I didn't open the door. I pack 6 Clay Aiken CD's in a brown envelope.
MONDAY-My worker/friend came back to work Today. She will stop wearing her hat. Because her hair is caming back. 

 TUESDAY-Lyzah is 3year old Today. Trisanna will have Lyzah Birthday party on Saturday at 5PM. I think the dryer at work is fix. 

 WEDNESDAY-Schwan's guy didn't came. I call and chat about why the guy didn't came. The had guy from Schwan's called. The delivery guy been sick all week.. They should be here on Friday. Stori PM me after I pm her about going out there Tomorrow. Stori told me, Toby pass away Tonight at home. 

 THURSDAY-I went out to Stori's  at 10:45AM. I got a Email from Schwan's. A person will be here on Saturday from 2PM to 5PM. I called tell the guy I wouldn't be here at that time. So he send a report to the main build. Someone will call me about the Schwan's can came. I received the trash bags from the High School band. 100 bags.

 FRIDAY-The guy from Schwan's called. If the guy show up after I go to Lyzah Birthday party. The guy will put my stuff in an Ice Bag.


Friday, March 17, 2017

My week 3/11 to 3/17

SATURDAY-I freezen my co-worker/friend strawberry. A lady PM me to tell me she send friendship books Today. 

SUNDAY-My newspaper was at my front door. Indiana College basketball go to NIT.They will play play on Tuesday at 9PM. 
MONDAY-It snow shower at 1PM. It only on the grass. My ramp is not cover but it Ice on it. I didn't get my mail Today.  
TUESDAY-I had 6 loads of laundry at work. The rags didn't want to dry. I came home at 11:30AM. I may start staying until 1PM next week. I received friendship books Yesterday. Because I didn't go to the mailbox .
WEDNESDAY-It Mom 83 Birthday Today.   I post it on Facebook . I tag Stori, Jamey, Michael, Christopher, Matthew, Cindy and Karen.
THURSDAY-I went to Walmart at 8:30AM. After I put my stuff from Walmart away. I went to Kemple's Quick Lube. I didn't stay. I wait for about 5 mins, no one open the garage door. I went home. I got a text from Stori. Malcolm was up. So I went out there. Coach Crean got Fire. 
FRIDAY-I was able to go to the bank after 10am. Then went to Kemple's Quick Lube to get the  2 ties.