Friday, May 26, 2017

My week 5/20 to 5/26

SATURDAY-I pack 8 brown envelopes with friendship books, one white envelope that is going to Australia. It rain off and on all day. 

SUNDAY-I start putting address labels on white business envelopes for pen pal letters. I put laundry away tonight from Thursday. 
 MONDAY-I did one load of laundry at the main place. I was able to hang the blue pads outside. 
TUESDAY-I had 5 load of laundry again at work. I found that Brenda Carter send friendship books to Inmates. So I have to stop sending to her. 
WEDENSDAY-My co-worker/friend is sick. I pm my other swaps. I will write to Brenda to tell her I have to stop swap with her
THURSDAY- I put the letter to Brenda in my out going mail box. I post a picture of the letter in FB's FB's FB's on Facebook.
   FRIDAY-Christopher PM me on Facebook. He Thank me for the New house card. I send him on Tuesday. The order out day went ok. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

My week 5/13 to 5/19

SATURDAY-I put address labels in friendship books.. I pm Stori about the 2  printer from hp. Police stop a person right in front of nursing home, before I went to bed.
 SUNDAY-It Mother day. I said Happy Mother Day to all the mom's in the family on Facebook. My neighbor boy from the first trailer ask to mow my grass, I said no
MONDAY-The dryer getting to hot on the top at work. So I was allow to hang the pads on a clothes rack. I got to walmart before 10AM. I start mowing at 10:30, I got done at 11:28AM. Michael came to take the tree limbs and fix my lights in the kitchen.

TUESDAY-After work I went to Walmart with coupons. I had to pay $89.00. I order ink for my printer. 
WEDNESDAY-I had to do laundry at the other place. The dryer at the main place is not drying. I received the ink. My printer is working great.
THURSDAY-I went out to Stori at 10AM.after I did my laundry. Malcolm was taking a nap. He wake up at 11AM. 
 FRIDAY-The dryer at work not fix yet. So I took the laundry over to the other place. I received my insurance for my trailer $261.48 for 6 months. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

My week 5/6 to 5/12

SATURDAY-I got Thursday and Friday mail at 6PM last night. I wake up at 7:17AM and it was raining. I had to use DW-40 to open my mail box. I will go out to the mail box Tomorrow to see if I can unlock the mail box. The power didn't go out Today.
 SUNDAY-My mail box key is working ok. The party for Nedra Sullivan life was Today. They plant a dogwood.

 MONDAY-There wasn't load of laundry for me to do at work. So I went to the Post Office then went to Walmart then came home put stuff away. Then went to Star to get fliters for my furnace, was home at 10AM. 
TUESDAY-I had only 5 load of laundry at work. I got done at 10:30AM. Dad came with a check for the guy who will do my roof.
WEDNESDAY-The guys came to do my roof after 4:30PM yesterday. The place  I work on Monday, Wednesday and Friday the dryer don't work good. Christopher want to learn sign Language. I found a place in Fort Wayne, IN for Christopher. He can hear he is not deaf.
THURSDAY-My printer not working with the black ink. It never been use. So I will order another black ink on Tuesday.  
 FRIDAY-I talk to a lady at work about my printer. She ok  with on the order out day list. I had to go back to get my paycheck.

Friday, May 5, 2017

My week 4/29 to 5/5

SATURSDAY-Everyone power went out at 6:50AM. Because of the storm. The power came back on at 10:25AM. So I was late getting my towels and bed sheets done. My friend home phone and hers Internet was out, hers Internet came back up before 6PM but no home phone.
 SUNDAY-My friend home phone start working after 6AM. It didn't rain any Today. I start getting towels out of the dryer. 
 MONDAY-Stori got a new dog. Her name is Shadow. I'm going to meet her on Thursday. Jamey got a guy to do my roof. He will start to do it on Thursday or Friday if the weather is good. 

TUESDAY-Stori found Shadow on Facebook in Ohio. My DSS check in the bank pending at 9:30PM. 
WEDNESDAY-My DSS check was in the bank by 5:12AM. Today it didn't rain. Barry Manilow was on The Talk I didn't I didn't know he was on it. 
THURSDAY-I went out to Stori to meet Shadow. She was going to be a service dog but she have hip problems. Her own had to retired Shadow before she could start being a service dog. Shadow didn't want me around. JD lovins me all the time I was there. 

 FRIDAY-It rain all day. Peoples from French Lick went home at 9:30AM. Because French Lick flood when it rain for days. I didn't get my mail again Today because of the rain. My roof didn't get done this week.