Friday, January 19, 2018

My week 1/13 to 1/19

SATURDAY-I woke up at 5:30AM, fall back to sleep got up at 9AM M neighbor was cleaning my deck off. So I didn't have to go outside today. I turn on my dishwasher.

 SUNDAY-I got in my car. I let the car on for about 15 mins. Then Mike came and clean the car off that I couldn't.
MONDAY-I went to the mailbox I text my boss about the parking lot for Tomorrow.She told me it was nasty and the cleaning crew didn't clean on Friday, and they have Today off. So There NO laundry for Tomorrow. WDRB text me Paoli school is close Tomorrow.

TUESDAY-My other boss text me last night. She ask if I would work Today. I said sorry no. I feel bad but I didn't think I could get down my steps. My W-2 is in my mailbox. I know this because I received a E-mail from USPS. So I pm Trisanna about my W-2
 WEDNESDAY-I text Michael about my W-2 and that I would text him Tomorrow for him to pick my W-2 up for Trisanna.
 THURSDAY-I walk to the mailbox at 10AM. Then I got my laundry done. Michael came to get my W-2.
 FRIDAY-Drove out of the trailer park parking lot on Ice. I was able to park the wrong way in the parking lot. When I got home from work. All the Ice and snow is from my car , it took a week

Friday, January 12, 2018

My week 1/6 to 1/12

SATURDAY-Mom call last night said she need to talk to me Tomorrow. Mom came she have health problem and will have surgery.  I text Christy to tell her I was putting a card with $25.00 cash in the out going nail box and she text me back when she received the card
 SUNDAY-There was coupons in the paper Today. I didn't clean. The temp was 17 when I woke up for the day.. The high hit about 40.

MONDAY-I put my towels. On my way back from the mail box. I hit mud and fall down. I had to wash all my clothes and walking shoes. I got Cara Nicotera mad at me. She block me and going to stop swap FB's with  me. Before she block me. She pm me and told  me to F myself. She not in the right mind. Persons who stay friends with her better watch out. 

TUESDAY-I had 6 load of laundry at work. I drove to the mail boxes. Because I don't want to fall in mud again.
WEDNESDAY-After I went to the Post Office. I went to Stori's  to take Chad Birthday card out there. I had Stori hook up my fitbit watch.. It may Ice up Thursday night. I may not make it to work Friday. So I'm taking my hours in Tomorrow. 

THURSDAY-I took my hours to the workshop then went to gas my car up. Then went to Walmart for the week. I park my car wrong so if there blacktop by Tuesday. I will be able to get to work. 
FRIDAY-At 5AM the ramp was all Ice. My front deck was Ice. I put Kitchen salf on my front deck and steps. It start snowing around 11:30AM. At 1:30PM the weather channel app have 1-3 not 3-5 of snow


Friday, January 5, 2018

My week 12/30 to 1/5/18

SATURDAY-A old classmate came last night for me to sign a card for another classmate that lost a son. My living room was a mess. I wash my towels and sheets from my bed. I turn on my dishwasher today. 
 SUNDAY-There wasn't no coupons Today. paper. I didn't take the trash out Today. I have 4 bgs of trash, to cold for me. I update my firewall for my home computer.
MONDAY-It been a week since I told Carol off and I haven't been piss off at her before I go to bed. I donate $84.00 to National Inclusion Project.
  TUESDAY-It was -3 at 4:30AM. I could get in my car. I could start the car it cry too. I got done working at 10:45AM. I didn't get my mail Today
WEDNESDAY-Went to the hospital for a blood test. I found out my doctor  not in Paoli anymore. I talk to Stori, about the doctor she forgot to tell me. I order Fitbit Alta HR Activity tracker with additional band from QVC
 THURSDAY-I call Southern Indiana community Health care. To see the only doctor in Paoli will take me. No she don't take new persons.  So I have a FNP for my health care.
FRIDAY-I start reading She Woke Up Married by Suzanne Macpherson last night. I stop reading Queen Maker. I drove to the mail boxes to get my mail. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

My week 12/23 to 12/29

SATURDAY-I try to tell Carol what mom said on the phone she wasn't happy on the phone. Mom told me Carol didn't want  Christmas Eve dinner the time Mom want. Carol call me a lier, then Christy call me lier. Try to tell them that want mom said. They call me a lier. I call mom she said yes she said it. That Carol didnt  want dinner the time mom want. So my sister are rude. 
SUNDAY-Yes both sister are bitches. I text Christy about in The ER 10 years ago. She told me I lie about it and never happen. 
 MONDAY-Christmas Day. I sleep good last night. Because I told Carol off after dinner. It was eating me for 6 or more years. I don't think about hating her anymore. I will not trust her feel save around her.. I went off the road this morning. I was almost to Carol's. I didn't get hurt or my car. this picture is not me and I didn't hit limbs.
TUESDAY-I went to the bank to put my Christmas money in. My gas tank door was freeze. A guy stop and help me open the door.  
WEDNESDAY-It was 5 outside this morning when I went to work. I wake up 14 mins late for work. Because I forgot to turn on the alarm on my Iphone
THURSDAY-I fall to seep in the living room. Wake up at 4:17AM. I found my Iphone it was dead, it wouldn't turn on. I put my Iphone on a charger. It took about 2 mins for my Iphone turn on. 
FRIDAY-The soap  opera wasn't on CBS Today. Because of College Basketball game and Sun Bowl. 


Friday, December 22, 2017

My week 12/ 16 to 12/22

SATURDAY-My parents haven't call about Christmas Eve dinner. I went to Walmart for the month with coupons I got 14 Items it cost me over $49.00
   SUNDAY-There wasn't any coupons in the Sunday paper Today. I didn't clean Today. 
 MONDAY-I  received 2 Christmas post cards. 1 is from Lyndsay & Matthew Blake. The other one is from Trisanna and Michael Charles. 
 TUESDAY-I didn't have to clean that much. Because They clean last night for the board meeting Today. I walk to the mailbox no mail. I didn't clean my shoes out Yesterday or Today. My snow boots from was ship Today. 
 WEDNESDAY-When I got back from the post office. My game Bejeweled was down for maintenance on my PC. 

 THURSDAY-I update Iphone. They want me to sign up apple pay. I got my gas bill. They didn't credit $335.00 on my credit Balance. I call Hoosier  Upland the lady told me the $335.00 will be on January bill.
 FRIDAY-I been 10 years since I saw Clay Aiken in concert in Merrillville, IN and meet Sue. Dad had his pacemaker in  for 10 years. Just saying someone F-- this Christmas up and I didn't do it My new snow boots came. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

My week 12/9 to 12/15

SATURDAY-I didn't have to use WD-40 on my mailbox lock Today. The snow was on the roads and sidewalks and my ramp.
 SUNDAY-I sleep in until 8AM. Put address labels on 8x11 brown envelopes for friendship books. An old co-worker of Dad pass away last night. William "Don" Vincent.
MONDAY-I think I may have to stay home next Friday because of freezing rain. I received friendship books Today. 
TUESDAY-There was only 3 people at work. I got to JJ's hair  and nails 20 mins early. She was waiting. I got another brown envelope with friendship books in the mail. 

 WEDNESDAY-I mail Harper Birthday card from the post office Today I'm a week early I put address labels in friendship books.
 THURSDAY-Stori and I went to the nursing home to see Cathy Jo, Helen and Sharon. I'm having trouble with my mailbox lock again I need to use WD-40 on my lock Tomorrow. 
FRIDAY-I talk to my boss about when the roads are bad with snow. They have a wall up. I have to keep my hours. Because I can't get to the time clock. I put WD-40 on my mailbox lock.