Friday, March 16, 2018

My week 3/10 to 3/16

SATURDAY-Ian Birthday is Today.  He is 9 year old. I'm getting my pen pal letters done. My Internet was crazy last night. I had to turn off my Wi-Fi 2 times. 
 SUNDAY-I didn't get my pen pal letters done Yesterday. It start snow shower around 5:30PM. The cars, ground and my ramps was cover. 

 MONDAY-I went to Walmart at 7:25AM. I start typing my pen pal letters on my print shop. Stori will have surgery on April 10, so she can have spring break with the kids. 
 TUESDAY-My computer was crazy this morning. I had to turn it off from the back. It was like it was lock up
WEDNESDAY-I found out last night my phone jack in my living room is not working. A person will be here on Thursday. I did my laundry this afternoon. 

THURSDAY-It Mom 84 Birthday. The phone guy came before 10:30AM. He fix the open wire that was coming out of the trailer. 

FRIDAY-The lady I work for wasn't there Today. My paycheck was good. I text Stori about Spring Break.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Mm week 3/3 to 3/9

SATURDAY-I woke up at 2:05AM. I fell back to sleep around 4AM. I put towels away from last week
 SUNDAY-I clean the living room. Livia and Chad came with the Strawberry's from the High School band for the last time. Because we don't have anyone in the band next year. 
MONDAY-I was at Walmart at 7:30AM ,then I was at the post office at 8:15AM. Then at 9:50AM to give 2 of my Co-worker Strawberry's. 
TUESDAY- Only 6 load of laundry at work. Stori have Gallbadder Stone will need surgery, have to see Specialist. The wind was bad Today. I fell 2 time Today. One was this morning a table in front of the couch because I    didn't have the lights on. Then I fell in the kitchen. I fell over my own feets

 WEDNESDAY-I got done working at 10:06AM. I call JJ for a hair cut. I'm going Tomorrow   for a hair cut. I received my big tax check. Stori will see a specialist on Friday for her's Gallbladder Stones. 
THURSDAY-I got my laundry d\one before 9:30AM After my hair cut I got Cool Whip because I'm low for the Strawberry's. Then I went to the bank to put my tax refund check in. 

FRIDAY-I was busy at work Today. A co-worker too the vacuum as I was walking in the door. Another lady change the bag. I got done working around 11:30AM. After lunch I took a good nap. I got a survey from Hoosier Upland.

Friday, March 2, 2018

My week 2/24 to 3/2

SATURDAY-Wash my towels and my sheets from my bed. I went to get my mail and put my rent check in the out going mailbox. The TV cable went out around 4:30PM and didn't came up until around 8:30PM.
 SUNDAY-The cable went out again at 10:30PM last night. We was in floods, French Lick is close. The road to Louisville, KY was close.
MONDAY-I saw Stori's Aunt and a cousin at Walmart and I saw Mom in the parking lot at the bank. We talk for about 5 mins. 
TUESDAY-I had 6 load of laundry. So I got done at 10:30AM again. I got Thin Mints 2 boxes. I ate one box of thin mins Today. The guy who take care of Paoli Talk group took all the bad post of the First grader Transgender off. 
 WEDNESDAY-I was able to mop with the blue pads, I did it good. I ate the other box of thin mints cookies.
THURSDAY-It Michael Birthday. He is 38 year old. I got all my laundry done by 2:30PM. 
 FRIDAY-I had put towels from the washer to the dryer at work because the staff put the towels late yesterday. I put my small tax check in the bank. I only got junk mail Today. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

My week 2/17 to 2/23

SATURDAY-I woke up at 3:30AM with pain. I thought I was getting the flu. But I didn't I start feeling good. I went to Walmart for the month with coupons. I  got 20 Items it cost me $62.42. I order the movie Wonder then order pull-on blue jean.
 SUNDAY-There wasn't no coupons in the Sunday Paper. I been thinking about the job on Wednesday. I hope I don't mess it up. 
 MONDAY-I gas my car up. I think I will gas my car up one time a month. I forgot there no mail Today. I was thinking how old Malcolm. He is 18 month old yesterday. 
 TUESDAY-II had 6 load of laundry at work. Then I went to the workshop to talk to a lady about what I need to do Tomorrow. 
WEDNESDAY- The job  will be ok. But I didn't mop the floor, it may take until 11AM next week. I received the movies Wonder and my blue jeans.
THURSDAY-It Livia 18th Birthday. I watch the movie Wonder this morning. I didn't go to get my mail Today. 

 FRIDAY-I got done working at 11AM. I found out they turn in the orders into KFCYesterday. I will get Yesterday and Today. mail Tomorrow. So I can take my rent check to the out going mailbox Tomorrow.

Friday, February 16, 2018

My week 2/10 to 2/16

SATURDAY-The weather was good. I didn't read as I watch TV. Because Paoli High School girl basketball team is Regional Champs. So I watch video's on Facebook.
  SUNDAY-It didn't freeze Ice last night. Rain off and on all morning. I wonder how Stori is.
MONDAY-Stori have thrush . I received my Ebates check it $7.45. I  park my car the wong in the trailer parking lot. 
TUESDAY-I only had 6 load of laundry at work, so I got done at 10:30AM. Stori told me Livia will start working at the Hotel in March. Because of school and band stuff. 
 WEDNESDAY-It Valentine 2018. There was a shooter at Parkland, FL High School. The shooter was 19 year old. that use to go the school but drop out. It rain all day. 
THURSDAY-I was doing laundry this morning  the TV went out. I post on Facebook in the group Paoli Talk. I'm not the only one. I did call NewWave. The lady call me back. She told me that Paoli was in an outage. 
 FRIDAY-I order strawberrys from the High School band for the last time last night around 9:30PM. I got ask if I would clean another build I said yes. I will go on Wednesday's at 8AM for about an hour.

Friday, February 9, 2018

My week 2/3 to 2/9

SATURDAY-Christy call this morning to tell me, she on her  way back. Then she call at 1:30PM for Jamey iphone number. It after 4PM she never call. It show me she lie about want to  see me.

SUNDAY-I text Christy last night at 7PM I thank her for lie to me  and she act like Carol she act like an asshole to me. She did say sorry. But then she said what the big trouble with not call me. She said her friends don't keep they word to her. I guess I'm no one to Christy but a friend not her  little sister. Because she had to see Chad ball game before coming back to Paoli in Bedford. I been dead in the family for years. Everyone go back on they word to me. If I did it I get told off. Christy didn't call to see if I would do something with her Today. Christy don't understand that I can't just walk in to our parents house I have get a call first. I forgot to wear my watch Today.
MONDAY-It snow last night about 1" It melt by 2PM. I got my Vehicle Registration from my mailbox. It was in it on Saturday.
TUESDAY-It didn't snow or Ice last night. So I could get to work. This is first time I work 2 whole weeks on Tuesday's.

WEDNESDAY-It Ice last night School was closed Today. My car look like snow not Ice on it. It start melting around 1:30pm I didn't get my mail and are Cheryl's Cookies in the mail. 
THURSDAY-I was able walk to the mailboxes. My ramp isn't melting that good. 
FRIDAY-Work was crazy. I went to Walmart Today.   Because it may snow and Sunday morning. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

My week 1/27 to 2/2

SATURDAY-I wash my towels and bed sheets. I put another sheet of sheets on my bed. I put my rent check in the out going mail box. 
 SUNDAY-Michael dog Miller pass away last night. I call Stori Yesterday about the movies Forever My Girl.

MONDAY-Matthew Birthday he 33 year old. Stori and I went yesterday afternoon to the movie in French Lick. But the ticks wasn't for that theatre. But we did see the movie Forever My Girl. at 4:45PM Then we went to Denny for dinner.
TUESDAY-They didn't take Mom to the OR until 12:45PM when they should took her at 12:30PM. They took 3 lymph nodes.Mom came home Tonight.
WEDNESDAY-Text Christy to see how Mom wa at 11AM.. Christy text Mom had a bad night taking nap. Then at 6PM I text again. Mom ate dinner. 
THURSDAY-I went gas my car up. Then went to Walmart for the week if I can't get out next Monday (2/5). It did rain and snow this afternoon
FRIDAY-I had to work on my car this morning to open my car doors. Because they was freezes the back doors wouldn't open until 1PM. The lady I work for on Tuesdays had my paycheck. Christy went to  Chicago for the day. She will came back Tomorrow. I couldn't do the bottles and cans Today. So I came home at 9:30AM.