Friday, July 13, 2018

My week 7/7 to 7/13

SATURDAY-I check my bank app. My payment for my Capitalone master card, it didn't get to the bank yet. So I call Capitalone. The guy said it take 5 days for the bank to get it. I think it not showing at the bank yet because Today is Saturday and my bank is not open on Saturdays anymore. I dust some of the living room. I put weeds from the water meter cover. 

SUNDAY-I sleeped for 7 hours last night. I fill a bird feeder. Mom call ask me to do something for her. Later in the day I call Mom. Dad ask me to do something for him.

MONDAY-I got 3 pairs of scissors Today. I will keep one in my tote bag for work on Tuesdays. Went to the post office. They was about 3 mins late opening the window. The lady in front of me was pregnancy. Everyone got a note about the roads getting work on. No one allow to be on the roads from 8AM to 7PM. I check my bank app the payment for my Capitalone master card is there.

TUESDAY-I was only one working and the lady I work for. I had 5 load of laundry work. They was working on Longest St. When I was coming home. So I came in the trailer park the wrong way. They will pavement W. Hospital Rd Tomorrow. 

WEDNESDAYI was able to clean Today. They didn't work on W. Hospital Rd Today. Dad call about what he ask on Sunday. I got my laundry done Will put laundry away Tomorrow. 
 THURSDAY-I put laundry away. Clean my bedroom up. I wonder if they will work on W. Hospital Rd Today. Work on friendship books. I took a old toothbrush clean around the outside of the kitchen sink. They are blacktoping W. Hospital Rd. 

FRIDAYI got to work without any trouble. Because it Friday 13. I only vacuum one office Today. The guys working on the roads made the trailer park parking lot into road as a detour.


Friday, July 6, 2018

My week 6/30 to 7/6

SATURDAY-I couldn't sleep in again. I wash my towels and bed sheets. Put other set of bed sheets on my bed. I open Thursday and Friday mail. I received a Thank You card from the Chairman and CEO of OLD NATIONAL BANK for banking there for 25 years.

SUNDAY-Iput towels away. I put dishes away. Put Malcolm picture as my profile picture on Facebook for his birthday. I didn't sleep in again.

 MONDAY-I went to Walmart for the week. I was the first at the window at the post office. I received a new Medicare card.

TUESDAY-I was thinking I may be  able to walk in the back door at work on Friday. I couldn't find my scissors at work. So I have to buy a new one. 

WEDNESDAY-It 4th of July I was able to sleep in Today. I did laundry and had everything hanging up in the trailer. Because there was heat Advisory Today.   I could put my laundry away Today. Didn't go to the mailbox Today will Friday.

THURSDAY-I didn't sleep in I try too. I clean the bathroom. I dust my bedroom before lunch. I need to clean more of my bedroom and Kitchen. Will do it before work. 

FRIDAY-I didn't vacuum that many office Today. Everyone wasn't there. I forgot my water bottle at work. So at 11:30AM I went back to get it. I went to get my mail. It was the first time since Monday. I didn't clean this morning at home. Because my WIFI was down and I had try to get it working again.


Friday, June 29, 2018

My week 6/23 to 6/29

SATURDAY-Stori text about having lunch at 1PM Tomorrow for Owen Birthday. I didn't do any cleaning. I was on Facebook all morning. I do need to clean my living room. 

SUNDAY-Went to Stori's at 12:30PM. I told Owen I would get his Birthday gift Tomorrow. I give Malcolm My big Winnie The Pooh. I hope they didn't put it in the trash can. 

MONDAY-Went to Walmart put my stuff away. Went to the post office then went to the workshop to give the order out list and pick up my paycheck. There was a note with my paycheck. I'm getting a bonus on the next paycheck. Went to the bank then at 10AM I went out to Stori's to give Owen his Birthday card and money.  

TUESDAY-I had all 7 load of laundry at work. I open a new box of old shirts that I cut into rags for the cleaning crews. 

WEDNESDAY-I got done working at 10:15AM. I got 2 bags of Starwberry from Schwan's. Dad took my car out to Carol's so Mike can fix my car door lock. It took about 2 hours, Michael help too. 

THURSDAY-I couldn't sleep in this morning. I clean some of the living room. I put some of the laundry I did Yesterday away Today. 

FRIDAY-I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. I start vacuum another office and a biggest room. I went to get stuff for the laundry room at work. One was toilet bowl cleaner. By the time I got back from the other builder. I couldn't see the cleaner in the back seat.We went to get the pizza's I got my pizza told the lady I work for about the cleaner. I was thinking driving home. The cleaner could be under the front passenger seat of the car. I park the car at home. Walk around the back seat look under the front passenger seat it was there. So at 2PM I took it over to the workshop before I got my mail


Friday, June 22, 2018

My week 6/16 to 6/22

SATURDAY-I went to Walmart with about 5 coupons. I order 66 pictures from Shutterfly from Dad 90 Birthday. We had Father Day Today at Carol's. I order bra's from Walmart online. I order nightgowns from JcPenny online with Ebates.

SUNDAY-It Barry Manilow 75 Birthday. I tweet him I told him I hope he is feeling better from Bronchial. Barry was in the hospital for 2 days. He miss his open night at Westgate, and Westgate had a cake for Barry for Tonight show. 

MONDAY-I went to Walmart at 7AM for the week. Then went to post office I couldn't park. So I went to gas the car up. Then went back to the post office. 

TUESDAY-I guess I will get done working at 10:30AM now on. I guess I will turn off my computer. So Bejeweled Bliz score will stay.

WEDNESDAY-Sophia is 7 Today. I may not be working on Wednesday anymore. I will check on Tuesday. I received my 3 nightgowns from JcPenny.

THURSDAY-My bra's from Walmart will be in my mailbox Tomorrow. I put all my laundry alway Today. It Owen 7 Birthday. 

FRIDAY-I have to go get my paychek on Monday. Because didn't have them Today before I went home. My bras, stamps and the pictures from Dad 90th Birthday open house was in my mailbox Today. I took the pictures to dad. I show dad my car door lock. .


Friday, June 15, 2018

My week 6/9 to 6/15

SATURDAY-Carol and didn't learn from Christmas Eve when I went off on Carol. Yesterday Carol said we was going out eat. I ask when Carol said it up to Mike. Mike said up to THE BOSS (Carol) it went on and on that way 3 or 4 time. I was the last one to put out from Carol house NO MIKE so I drove home. Because I didn't went to drove around town looking for them. Took Mike 5 min after I got home to call I didn't anwser. Why he didn't call me as I was drive from his house. Because Carol and Mike are asshole. Dad open house went great. There was about 100 that came. 

SUNDAY-We all went to Stori's at 2PM for the day. We had We had fun, we watch the video from 30 year ago Dad 6oth Birthday. Matthew, Lyndsay, Christopher and the girls went home this morning. 

MONDAY-Went to Mom and Dad at 2:45PM to give Dad his Birthday gifts. We Sat around and talk. Then everyone but my parents went to 33 Brick Street for dinner. I got home around 10PM. All my cousins going home Tomorrow. So everyone hug. 

TUESDAY-I came home from work and took a nap 3 time. All my cousins who came for Dad 90th Birthday went home. I ask Schwan's how long I can order strawberry's. They told me I can order all year long. 

WEDNESDAY-I thank the head lady at work for Dad Birthday card. I got done working at 10:30AM. I need to sleep for 5 days. 

THURSDAY-I turn off my alarm last night. I sleep in until 7:30AM. I clean the kitchen and put some laundry away. I hope I catch up on my sleep Today. Christy text me more pictures from Dad 90th Birthday party. 

FRIDAY-Everyone love my T-shirt that Christy got me. I made a list Today. Because we was out of stuff at work. I show Dad Birthday cakes at work. 


Friday, June 8, 2018

My week 6/2 to 6/8

SATURDAY-Michael and Trisanna been married 6 years. I put the flyer about Dad 90 Birthday on Facebook. Carol got me meat from WHAS Crusade for Children. I don't have to cook for the week. 

SUNDAY-Matthew and Lyndsay been married 7 years. Christy is 61 Today. I got 4 pen pal letters done. I didn't clean the trailer. I watch Anne Frank Diary.

MONDAY-I received a letter from SS it a form for June 2016. I call them I had 40 mins wait. So I wait for 10 mins then hang up the phone. 

TUESDAY-I got done at 10:30AM. I forgot to ask to get a box of rags. I text Christy. She will come Tomorrow with Sophia and Harper.

 WEDNESDAY-I got done working at 10:30AM. My boss is on Vacation. When Christy text me to tell me they was going to Mom and Da. So I went out to they house and gave Sophia hers Birthday card. 

THURSDAY-Mom call a friend of the family pass away last night Sharon Garritson. It Stori and Jamey been married for 21 years.

FRIDAY-I didn't sleep good last night I did ok at work. I thought about going with Christy. But I was to sleepy to go. It Dad 90 Birthday. I received Honey Roasted Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies from Cheryl's.

Friday, June 1, 2018

My week 5/26 to 6/1

SATURDAY-I went to Walmart for the week, so I don't have to go on Monday. I wash the towels and my bed sheets and put another set of sheets on my bed.

SUNDAY-I got about 5 pen pal letter done. I turn off my alarms I have on my Iphone for Tonight and Tomorrow.

MONDAY-It Memorial Day. I woke up at 6:30AM. Got out of bed at 7:15AM. I got some pen pal letters done. 

TUESDAY-I had 6 load of laundry at work. Got done at 10:30AM. Went to get a bottle refill and went to post office. 

WEDNESDAY-I got done working at 10AM. The cookies and brownies I order for Stori. They got there Today. But Shadow Family dog ate all the cookies and brownies herself 24 in all.  Carol came with the flyer. I will post it on Saturday. It is Stori 42 Birthday. 

THURSDAY-Stori took me to the place we are going to be at on the 9th. It storm Today. TV power box went out for 2 mins. 

FRIDAY-I didn't do everything at work. So I got done about 10:30AM. Went to the bank before went home to get Sophia Birthday money. I was thinking Tomorrow is Michael and Trisanna 6 year anniversary of married.