Friday, April 20, 2018

My week4/14 to 4/20

SATURDAY-I didn't do that much. I did print out pen pal letters. Hallmark didn't have a new movie on Tonight.

SUNDAY-I think I delete my computer. The welcome will not come up  and no apps. I didn't sleep that long because I was sick because of the computer. 

MONDAY-I went to gas my car up at 7AM then went to Walmart for the week. Came home put stuff away. Got the coupons and the 3 brown envelopes went to the  Post Office. Then went back to Walmart with the coupons. When I got home I call Stori about my  computer. Stori and Chad took my computer to Tomtech.

TUESDAY-I got done working at 10:30AM. I text Stori at break at 9:30AM to see if she heard from Tomtech. She said nope. So I told Stori if they can't fix it to order another window 7 computer for me.

WEDNESDAY-I order more picture from my Iphone. Stori and Ian came with my computer. Stori hook up the printer and my print shop. We haven't hook up my firewall yet. I can't play bejeweled Bliz on firefox. So until I get my firewall is up I will play my games on Explorer internet. I don't have to go to work on Friday. I will go in on Monday to do some stuff. 

THURSDAY-I try to clean my computer room. Sunday morning I couldn't do anything because when something is not right . I can't do anything and I don't like watching TV all night until 11PM every night. I meeted the lady who will take over my health care. she had me get a blood test. I have to wait to get my meds until I hear from her office. 

FRIDAY-I woke up at 4:55AM but I didn't get up for the day until 7AM. I did clean the computer room. I made address labels with my landlord address on them  with the print shop. So I don't have to print out a envelope from the computer every month. I was able to get my meds after 2PM. 



Friday, April 13, 2018

My week 4/7 to 4/13

SATURDAY-My color ink for my printer dead last night and it a new ink. Ink color blue work. But pink will not work and red came out as yellow. So I order a new color last night. I hope that is my problem. I will not put pictures in my weekly blog anymore because it take time to find the pictures. Carol and Mike came with the Backpack of Blessing 6th Annual  BBQ Chicken dinner. I had 1/4 Barbecue Chicken, Cheesy Potatoes, Baken Beans, Coleslaw and dessert . Carol cut up the chicken for me. 

 SUNDAY-I got 27 pen pal letters done in 3 days. I check the envelopes that I didn't know. Try to clean around the couch. Because I had friendship books and pen pal letters stuff around the couch on the flood.

MONDAY-There was snow on the car's and my ramp this morning, so I couldn't use my ramp. Stori had hers surgery Today. She should went home. Today. I'm hoping this will help. I need my niece back. I received my property tax paper on my trailer. I could pay them online but they what 2.5% with the total.  So I will go to the complex on Wednesday pay in full.

TUESDAY-I had 6 load of laundry at work. So I got done at 10:30AM. I went to make a appointment to see my new FNP on 4/19 at 1PM. Then I went to pay my taxes on my trailer.  Stori is in pain and eating crackers. They fix Stori hernia too. The landlord husband is cleaning out the sewer. He told me I will do what he tell me to do. Because I don't want brown water in my washer like last time. My luck he will sue me for something. Because I didn't want to do it. He told me that I have to do  what he want. I have water waiting in my washer for about 30 mins now. I guess this date is bad for me. Because last year on the date my landlord call and said her family saw me burning stuff in the back of my trailer. That is a lie because. I didn't go outside that day back of my trailer. I just walk to the mailbox and back. I haven't received my color ink yet. I bet I will get the ink Tomorrow. Stori is in pain. 

WEDNESDAY-I received a text from FedEX. They unable to delivery my Hp color ink Today. I call FedEX the bag is on the wrong truck Today. A FedEX truck came to my trailer but no Hp color ink. Stori didn't text back Today. 

THURSDAY-FedEX can't find my tracking number. I did call FedEX the guy said the Hp color ink will be here Today. Stori feel sore but a bit better. My computer was turn off when I went in my computer room this morning. The color ink came before 12PM. YES red and pink colors is working. 

FRIDAYI had problem with the vacuum at work. The lady who take care of my hours fix the vacuum. I didn't received anymore friendship books this week. I wish I had a house so I could get a dog. Stori feel about same. Finally have an appetite last night and ate something other than rice. 


Friday, April 6, 2018

My week 3/30 to 4/6

SATURDAY-I wash my towels and sheets from my bed. I put other set of sheets on my bed. Carol text aout Tomorrow (Easter). It's Shirley Jones Birthday she is 84 year old.

SUNDAY-It Easter Carol text again to say to came at 3:00PM. Lyzah was bossy Chad around. Malcolm hug me for the first time. 

MONDAY-I put money in my checking for my State Farm bill. For my car Insurance, from my Saving and Christmas money. 

TUESDAY-I work until 10:45AM. Because I only had 3 loads that need to be in the dryer. Then I went to State Farm to pay my car Insurance. It due on April 29. It didn't take 15 mins. I text Jamey to see how much I had and tell him how much the check is.

WEDNESDAY-After work I went out to Stori's to her a check for Jamey. We talk about we talk about on Sunday. And she told me why she having surgery a day early.

THURSDAY-I clean the bathroom I put laundry away from Yesterday that I had on the clothes rack and in the dryer. I put address lables in Friendship books.

FRIDAYI feel funny going to work Today. Because we had last Friday off. I'm hoping my dream will came true. I will start print out pen pal letters from my print shop Tonight. I didn't put pictures in my weekly blog because I didn't feel like look for a picture and forgot Today was Friday.  


Friday, March 30, 2018

My week 3/24 to 3/30

SATURDAY-I'm in my 20 journal. I walk 10,256 Yesterday. 10 persons read my weekly blog before 9:30AM this morning. Mom and Dad pick me at 4PM for Lyzah 4th birthday party. I put pictures in the kids photo albums.
 SUNDAY-I forgot to turn off my alarm on my Iphone. So I woke up at 4:30AM. I order Ink for my printer from Capitalone text me to see if I order from I call capitalone to tell that I did order from
MONDAY-I got my state Farm car Insurance, it went up. I did call the office in Paoli.. I'm hoping to pay my car Insurance on April. My landlord didn't call me and tell me. I don't have wrong to burn stuff in back of my trailer like last year.
 TUESDAY-I work until 12:30PM. My Ink from was ship Today. It rain off and on all day. I start writing my pen pal letter on print shop. 
 WEDNESDAY-I wasn't sick Today. So I got to work but it rain off and on all day again. I was taking the trash out at work and a person cell phone was on the ground by her car wet because of the rain but it was working. 
THURSDAY-Last night I post on Facebook asking if Old National Bank was open on Friday. I received a replying tweet from Old National Bank. Hi Deborah, Our banking centers are open regular business hours on Friday March 30.. Let us know if you need anything else!. I was able to get my paycheck before 9AM. 
FRIDAY- It Good Friday 2018. I got up for the day after 6AM. I got to the bank after 8:30AM I received my Ink Today. I received friendship books.

Friday, March 23, 2018

My week 3/17 to 3/23

 SATURDAY-It St. Patrick's Day. Livia came with the trash bags. I went to Walmart for the month with coupons.

SUNDAY-I got up at 4:30AM to fix the lights I have. They have a timer. They came on at 4:30AM for 5 hours then off for 19 hours. They work with Battery's 
MONDAY-I got to Walmart at 7:30AM. There was 3 persons at the Post Office when I got there. I went to the workshop to see about ordering out on Friday. 
 TUESDAY-I work until 12:30PM Today. It start snowing before 4PM. Trisanna move Lyzah 4th birthday party from 2PM to 4PM on Saturday. 
WEDNESDAY-I woke at 4:30AM sick to my stomach I was hoping my morning medicine would help the pain. It didn't so I text my boss that I was sick and can't go in to work. I'm mad at myelf, because I clean off the steps last night and park the wrong way so I could drive out easy. We got about 8 " of snow. It Lyzah 4th Birthday. 

THURSDAY I feel little bit better. I went to Walmart to get Lyzah Birthday card. Then the bank to get $100.00 out$50.00 dollars for Lyzah and 5 $10 dollar bills for me. 
 FRIDAY-I got to work ok. We order out Today. I paid my Town of Paoli bill online Today. We got pizza for order out day. This is last page in this journal. I will start a new journal Tomorrow. Spring Break start tonight in Paoli. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

My week 3/10 to 3/16

SATURDAY-Ian Birthday is Today.  He is 9 year old. I'm getting my pen pal letters done. My Internet was crazy last night. I had to turn off my Wi-Fi 2 times. 
 SUNDAY-I didn't get my pen pal letters done Yesterday. It start snow shower around 5:30PM. The cars, ground and my ramps was cover. 

 MONDAY-I went to Walmart at 7:25AM. I start typing my pen pal letters on my print shop. Stori will have surgery on April 10, so she can have spring break with the kids. 
 TUESDAY-My computer was crazy this morning. I had to turn it off from the back. It was like it was lock up
WEDNESDAY-I found out last night my phone jack in my living room is not working. A person will be here on Thursday. I did my laundry this afternoon. 

THURSDAY-It Mom 84 Birthday. The phone guy came before 10:30AM. He fix the open wire that was coming out of the trailer. 

FRIDAY-The lady I work for wasn't there Today. My paycheck was good. I text Stori about Spring Break.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Mm week 3/3 to 3/9

SATURDAY-I woke up at 2:05AM. I fell back to sleep around 4AM. I put towels away from last week
 SUNDAY-I clean the living room. Livia and Chad came with the Strawberry's from the High School band for the last time. Because we don't have anyone in the band next year. 
MONDAY-I was at Walmart at 7:30AM ,then I was at the post office at 8:15AM. Then at 9:50AM to give 2 of my Co-worker Strawberry's. 
TUESDAY- Only 6 load of laundry at work. Stori have Gallbadder Stone will need surgery, have to see Specialist. The wind was bad Today. I fell 2 time Today. One was this morning a table in front of the couch because I    didn't have the lights on. Then I fell in the kitchen. I fell over my own feets

 WEDNESDAY-I got done working at 10:06AM. I call JJ for a hair cut. I'm going Tomorrow   for a hair cut. I received my big tax check. Stori will see a specialist on Friday for her's Gallbladder Stones. 
THURSDAY-I got my laundry d\one before 9:30AM After my hair cut I got Cool Whip because I'm low for the Strawberry's. Then I went to the bank to put my tax refund check in. 

FRIDAY-I was busy at work Today. A co-worker too the vacuum as I was walking in the door. Another lady change the bag. I got done working around 11:30AM. After lunch I took a good nap. I got a survey from Hoosier Upland.