Monday, July 1, 2013

My week 6/23 to 6/29

Sunday-I told Carol off by TXT. Because I know she use weed killer. When I told her NO. Because there some grass was kill I didn't want kills.
Monday-I mail 6 brown envelopes at the Post office. We had Owen 2nd Birthday just family tonight. He was born on June 21. He can jump in 8 feet of water. I didn't get any friendship books

Tuesday-I didn't get any Friendship books. We had a bad storm. Our power went out for about 15 mins. My computer went crazy after the power come back on.   I couldn't call out on my Iphone.
Wednesday-I didn't get any Friendship books. I email Christy and Carol. I know they never got it. They are rude.
Thursday-I TXT Stori to see when they are leaving on vacation. They going on Thursday. So I'm taking my food out to Stori on Wednesday.

Friday-The order out went bad. We had the wrong prices for personal pizzas at Pizza Hut. Then Pizza Hut didn't have that much dough, we had about 35 orders. So we had to pick the pizza up at 12:30pm ,we had a late lunch. Then I found out my Internet was out since 10AM and no one report it until 2PM. It didn't come back on until 8:40PM.

Saturday-I hang my laundry out at 12PM by 1:30PM it rain real bad for about 15 mins. By 4:30PM the laundry wasn't dry it.
I will not blog next  2 week, I will blog on the 15 or 16. Deborah