Sunday, May 9, 2010

week of 5/2 to 5/8

Sunday-It 28 days before Clay Aiken new Cd "Tried And Ture" will be out. I don't freel good yet. It rain Today again. I call dad to remind him about my eye doctor appt for Tomorrow.

Monday-I took a Ranitidine last night. It help I don't have any pains. I'm getting new glasses on Wednesday. Chad call to Thanks me for his Birthday card. Stori forgot about having a Birthday party for Chad. So Stori will have something on Mother Day for Chad. Clay Aiken online team going to shut the web site down for 2 weeks.

Tuesday-Amanda move her office Yesterday. I sent a question to @clayaiken at Twitter, about if they was shut down the whole fan club or just the message board. @clayaiken answer, They wrote:Only the message board will be shut down. So I put it on Facebook and Clay message board.

Wednesday-Everyone had to get they lockers check out at work. The Front Office have a key to my locker. Mary heard that the machine for the rubbies is fix. The voting for Clay Aiken Fan Club Message Board is over at 11:59PM Tonight.

Thursday-I ask Mary if she would get my mail from the post office. When I go on vacation. Mary said yes she would do it. I told her I would give her money for my Electric bill. So she can could pay for it. Clay Aiken online team will keep the fan club message board open. When they put the new form of the message board up.

Friday-I was thinking there 24 days before Clay Aiken New CD "Tried And Ture" will be out. Mary told me that everyone went home at 1:30pm from FCCI. I call Stori about Sunday for Mother Day. Someone heard QVC saiding Clay Aiken will be on Wednesday, but we haven't heard it from his online team.

Saturday-I fill out homestead Deuction TS-1A form. I will mail the form on Monday. I told Mary Yesterday I will give her $150.00 for my Electric bill. What she have after she pay the bill she can keep. My Electric blanket Dead Tonight that I keep in the living room. . I have order a new Electric blanket from QVC Tonight.

Bye until next Sunday

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