Sunday, November 28, 2010

week of 11/21 to 11/27/10

Sunday- I put a Birthday card and a letter in the Mailbox for Clay Aiken Birthday. But I forgot to tell Clay everything. I post on Facebook about Clay Aiken Birthday card. I got told I mail it to the wrong place.

Monday-The Embassy in Fort Wayne, IN called Ground(ctrl) about the concert tickets. They only can send out after the 3 week before the concert. I will never see the tickets. Because it take 5 days to received stuffs from CA. The Embassy only can send the tickets after 2 weeks before the concert to Ground(ctrl). Carol and Mike been married for 35 years.

Tuesday-Carol TXT me We are having Thanksgiving at Stori's. I call Stori to see when she was going to hers app. Stori going on Thursday. It been a week since FCCI had work. Crane cleaning is working on they day off so they can have Friday off. Because crane is open on Friday.

Wednesday-I got done at work at 9AM. I stay at work for lunch. I thought I would have 2 load of towels but I didn't. So I came home at 1PM.

Thursday-It Thanksgiving Day. It been 5 years since I saw Clay Aiken in Louisville, KY. Jamey parents and Aunt had Thanksgiving with us. I start playing Clay Aiken Christmas CD.

Friday-My order from JcPenny came Today. I order 2 T-shirts from Clay Aiken Fan Club store sale Today. I got the 2 T-shirts for the blanket I'm making. Stori TXT me with hers due date. Stori due date is June 30.

Satuurday-I mop my kitchen floor with bleach. Mike Called about my Christmas tree. I told Mike no I didn't want it. Because no one came to my trailer. That why I need to go to Clay Aiken Concert. Because it will be 1st time Christy will do something with me without the whole family since 1978. She think sitting with me for 5 sec in my home and be with Carol for 12 hours is ok.


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  1. Hi Deborah,

    The weeks roll around so fast. I guess it is a sure sign of getting older!

    I am sure you will have your tickets in time for your concert. Have faith in Vanessa. She says you will and I believe her.

    I have to think about getting Christmas decorations out and putting up the tree but as much as I love the tree being up, it is such a pain to do because I am just too fussy.

    Have a good week and take care,