Sunday, January 30, 2011

week of 1/23 to 1/29

Sunday-I put my rent check in the out going mailbox. I got Yesterday mail it was my Electric bill. Stori told me on Tuesday that Livia and Parker choir concert is at 2PM on Sunday (3/6). I was thinking I will not be able to write my weekly blog until 3/13. Because I may not be able to write it at Christy's. Dad and Mom got home Yesterday around 6:30PM.

Monday-It snow last night about 1". Schools was an hour late. I got to work ok. The high was 35 Today. I didn't got my newspaper. Carole E-mail Vanessa about Fort Wayne, IN tickets prices.

Tuesday-No snow last night. . The weather man say we will get about 1" of snow by 2 AM No news from Vanessa about our tickets price.

Wednesday-We got 3" of snow last night. Longest St. was clean. So I went to work. No schools.I look at my desk Calendar I mark that I would E-mail Groundctrl Today if I didn't received the tickets yet. I had the tickets for 16 days. Dad and I went to Wal-Mart to get a suitecase for my trip to Fort Wayne, IN.

Thursday-This week is 1st week I work all week. Since before Christmas. Matthew and his girlfriend should be here at 6PM Tomorrow night. Stori TXT me she having a boy.

Friday-It didn't snow last night.  Matthew and girlfriend got to Paoli last night. Matthew help me walk from Dad car. Because Carol's driveway was all ICE. Stori ask on Facebook for boy names. I post Thayer Charles Sullivan.

Saturday-Matthew is 26th. We went to my parents for lunch. Then we went to French Lick golf for a hat. Then went to a car race place. Then to the boat to gamble. then we ate at the Hotel. Mike said he would make breakfast before Matthew and Lydsay. go home Tomorrow.



  1. WOW!!! busy week!!!! I like the name for the Sullivan's new baby :)

  2. Busy week, Deborah! I spent a lot of time this week looking for a little cloth bag I take my jewellery in on my Clay trips and today, I looked in my purse, and there it was! Hubby said he dumped it out and looked so I didn't bother looking until just a while ago. I was freaking a bit because my wedding, engagement rings were in there, a gold chain, bracelet and three pair of earrings. I've had my excitement for the week!

    Now I am patiently waiting for the NHL All Star game to start so I can see Clay but it seems the stupid CBC is going to show curling until it's over. Now a break and I hope I see Clay.

    Just think, it's not long before you'll be seeing Clay. I wouldn't worry about the ticket prices as if there is a problem, I'm sure it will be taken care of in due course. You have your tickets and that's the main thing. I'm still waiting for my Westbury tickets.

    Have a great week Deborah!

    Take care, Carole

  3. Deborah,

    Sounds as if you've had way too much snow! I hope spring is coming soon.

    Love your pick of baby names!

    Just about a month until your concert. Have a great week!