Saturday, February 26, 2011

week of 2/21 to 2/26

Sunday-Stori come to show me how to upload pictures on Facebook. She did it first. We took another picture of us. Then I upload the picture. Stori was writing everything down as I was doing it. So I will go by what Stori wrote until I'm use doing it.

Monday-Sue told me that Clay Aiken told fans in a G &M that he will move back in his house if it not sold by the end of the tour. I got stuff together for order out day.

Tuesday-Its Livia 11 birthday. Call Stori to see about other stuff. Stori didn't sound good. Stori told me she have the flu. I call Carol to see if she can take me next Wednesday to Fort Wayneif Stori can't. Carol said Yes.

Wednesday-I had a funny feeling about next Wednesday. At 9:30AM I call Carol to tell her to E-mail Christy. So Christy know Carol maybe driving. Carol said she when the dat get closer. I said next Wednesday She told me she can't take me next week Because her and Mike going on March 1. I call Mom and Dad put a message on they phone. At 11:30AM I call Stori. She told me she feel better. At 12:30PM call my parents again. Mom told me Dad will take me if stori can't. I only have one week to made my dream come ture.

Thursday-I didn't feel good about Dad taking me. So I call Dad. Dad wasn't happy. I went over to my parents. To talk to Dad. I couldn't talk to Dad. Only thing Dad said it was done. I went to First Chance Center to pass out notes for order out day. Donna told me that the prices was wrong. So I went home, went back at 2:30PM.

Friday-I feel little bit better. Order out went well. The place I was going to order from in March is close for good. I put some of my laundry away tonight.

Saturday-I put at the laundary. I vac the living room I need to pack. But I don't if I need to pack for 4 days or not. Yesterday I received a postcard. This what is on the postcard: "Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale." Please join us for ours! June 3, 2011. For the wedding Celebration of Lyndsay Gordon and Matthew Blake.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekly 2/13 to 2/20

Sunday-Toni William told me that there abslutely nothing sad but at Clay Aiken concert to buy. So I email Christy and Tom about there nothing to buy at the concert. I was puting stuff in the trash bag from the living room. Then I thought of my Black Hills earrings was on the same table as the trash was. I start looking for the earring, No earrings. So I got a new trash bag out. Then I went in the old trash looking for the earrings. I found one earring. Then order another pair of Black Hills earrings. then I look in the trash bag again. I found the orher earring. So I call to stop the order.

Monday-It Valentine. Went to the bank, then gas the car up. after work. Last night I breakdown and start watching Video's of Clay Aiken concerts. Then I saw Clay wasn't singing with a Orchestra. So I gave Christy a head up about that Clay have is own band. I hope Christy is not bad at me.

Tuesday-When I got home from work. There was stuff on Facebook about Clay Aiken in North Carolina is up for sale. Clay house for sale for $2,700,000 the sqft of the house is 9392. The acres is 6.93.

Wednesday-I have 14 days before I see my gay boyfriend.

Thursday-After work I went to Wal-Mart for the month. Christy E-mail, Matthew and Lyndsay are getting married on Friday June 3. The reception is at the Embassy where Clay Aiken concert is held. The Christy E-mail me a 2nd time. Christy wrote: Hey Deborah, since you are here I made a appt at Tom's office on Thursday for a teeth cleaning. It will be at 11 and then we will have lunch with Tom.

Friday-I look up Wake County, NC. Everything I readed have Cary in the county. So why is Clay Aiken house for sale if Cary is in Wake County. What I readed on Wednesday Clay have move out the house too. I wish Clay would blog about the house or his move. When I got home Today there was a brown envelopes. It had the Black Hills earring that I stopthe order on Sunday. I call found out the lady who took the call didn't stop the order. So I had to go to the post office and mail the earring back.

Saturday-I received my Big Tax refund check Today. So National Inclusion Project will get a donate over $600.00 in April. I try to clean the trailer up.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week of 2/6 to 2/12

Sunday-A friend can't get hers Facebook account to work. Put part of my laundry away. Wash towels and bed sheets. Super Bowl is Today.

Monday-It rain when I got up for work. It start snow shower around 7AM. I forgot to turn on my dishwasher before I went to work.

Tuesday- I received my Black Hills earrings and the movies "The Social Network".

Wednesday- It's cold outside. Christy send me a Valentine card. The inside of the card is "As long as he bring Chocolates who cares what he look like! Christy wrote in the card too. Christy wrote this: I'm sure you would prefer Clay-but you will have to wait until March. I post it on Facebook and Clay Aiken Fan Club too. Christy give me $25.00 in the card. I send Christy and Tom Clay Aiken post " this isn't just any old Wednesday, it's the Wednesday before the Tried & Ture tour starts! And that start is Tomorrow!

Thursday-Christy wrote about Clay post. Christy wrote this: Wow, time is just flying. They are running Clay Aiken commercials very day for the concert. They must not be solds out yet. Christy send 2nd email She wrote: Matthew and Lyndsay have decided to get married on June 4. A outdoor Ceremony at her parents pond with just family and then a reception for family and friends later in the day. Clay Aiken Tried and Ture tour start Tonight.

Friday-I saw pictures of Clay concert last night. I email Christy about Clay first concert of the tour. I wrote down the song list of Clay tour and save it on my computer. I got my hair cut Yesterday for my HOT date with my gay boyfriend on March 2.

Saturday-I put away laundry. Clean part of trailer. My dad air up 2 tires for me. I'm going crazy,because I'm trying not watch any of Tried and Ture concerts.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

week of 1/31 to 2/5

Sunday-I wake up at 2:30AM needed water. I drink a half of a bottle of water in 10 mins. I didn't feel good too. It took me 2 hours. for me to go back to sleep. I wake up at 7:30AM took a shower , dress. I check my Facebook page. My parents up me up to go out to Carol's for Breakfast at 8:45AM. Matthew and Lydsay went home at 11AM. At 11:30AM I start writting my weekly blog.

Monday- I got done working at 8:45AM. I went to a store to get a Paoli Hoodies for Clay Aiken. But the store wasn't open. It open at 10AM and it was 10:16AM. I drove around Town, come back to the store but it wasn't open yet. So I went to Wal-Mart to get a Indian Hoodies. for Clay Aiken. Then went back to the store for the Paoli Hoodies. The store was open. So I got the Paoli Hoodies made in 15 mins. So I have 2 gifts for Clay Aiken. Today is the last day of January.

Tuesday-It rain all day.  It was cold when I come home from work. It may snow Tonight. Fall to sleep in the living room wake up at 11PM the wind was bad.

Wednesday-A month from Tonight I will make one of my dream come ture.The wind was bad Today. It was snow shower too. I didn't get my mail Today.

Thursday- My black Hills earring didn't come Today. My package didn't get to Indianapolis until 3:15PM.

Friday-My package stayed in Indianapolis all day. I guess the roads are bad in Indy. Clay Aiken left Decca. I did my laundry late Tonight.

Saturday-Tom Birthday is Today. I sleeped in the living room last night . We had light snow Today. Everyone who going to Fort Wayne, IN concert on March 2 going to get money back. I didn't get my mail Today.