Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekly 2/13 to 2/20

Sunday-Toni William told me that there abslutely nothing sad but at Clay Aiken concert to buy. So I email Christy and Tom about there nothing to buy at the concert. I was puting stuff in the trash bag from the living room. Then I thought of my Black Hills earrings was on the same table as the trash was. I start looking for the earring, No earrings. So I got a new trash bag out. Then I went in the old trash looking for the earrings. I found one earring. Then order another pair of Black Hills earrings. then I look in the trash bag again. I found the orher earring. So I call to stop the order.

Monday-It Valentine. Went to the bank, then gas the car up. after work. Last night I breakdown and start watching Video's of Clay Aiken concerts. Then I saw Clay wasn't singing with a Orchestra. So I gave Christy a head up about that Clay have is own band. I hope Christy is not bad at me.

Tuesday-When I got home from work. There was stuff on Facebook about Clay Aiken in North Carolina is up for sale. Clay house for sale for $2,700,000 the sqft of the house is 9392. The acres is 6.93.

Wednesday-I have 14 days before I see my gay boyfriend.

Thursday-After work I went to Wal-Mart for the month. Christy E-mail, Matthew and Lyndsay are getting married on Friday June 3. The reception is at the Embassy where Clay Aiken concert is held. The Christy E-mail me a 2nd time. Christy wrote: Hey Deborah, since you are here I made a appt at Tom's office on Thursday for a teeth cleaning. It will be at 11 and then we will have lunch with Tom.

Friday-I look up Wake County, NC. Everything I readed have Cary in the county. So why is Clay Aiken house for sale if Cary is in Wake County. What I readed on Wednesday Clay have move out the house too. I wish Clay would blog about the house or his move. When I got home Today there was a brown envelopes. It had the Black Hills earring that I stopthe order on Sunday. I call found out the lady who took the call didn't stop the order. So I had to go to the post office and mail the earring back.

Saturday-I received my Big Tax refund check Today. So National Inclusion Project will get a donate over $600.00 in April. I try to clean the trailer up.



  1. I'm glad you found your earring!! That's great about the tax return and about the donation to National Inclusion Project - they'll put that money to good use.

    I believe Clay's house is in Chatham County and that Cary kind of borders both Wake County and Chatham County. He probably won't blog about it, since it's his private life - but anything's possible.

    Have a good week!

  2. Deborah,

    Just four more days and a few hours, minutes, and seconds until your concert! WOOHOO!!!

    You are a very special supporter of the National Inclusion Project. Way to go with the tax return and donation!

    Have an awesome weekend as you count down to Fort Wayne!