Sunday, March 2, 2014

The week 1/5 to 1/11

Sunday-The storm didn't start until 6PM Tonight. My boss inbox me on facebook to tell me not to go to work Tomorrow. Because of the snow & cold.

Monday-It got down to -2 Today. I post on Facebook that if anyone come to my door to walk in. I wasn't opening the door. But the UPS man come.

Tuesday-At 10AM the temp outside was 7. So I went outside to clean the sidewalk off. At 12:15PM it hit 10. So I went outside again to start the car. It start without any trouble.

Wednesday-I got to work ok. I talk to my boss about Yesterday and that I would go in on Friday. 

Thursday-Today should be my last day of doing laundry. But I said I would work Tomorrow. 

Friday-I got over to the other build at 9AM. I got done working for the day at 11AM. 

Saturday-68 days until Spring  .


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