Saturday, November 15, 2014

My week 11/78 to 11/14

Saturday-At 9:30AM I PM Michael on Facebook to see if he was coming to take the pine tree. About 9:50AM Michael was here to cut the pine tree. I help Michael take the tree to his truck. I ask him if Lyzah had a baby doll Michael said NO. So I told Michael about the baby doll at Wal-Mart.
Sunday-It was 28 outside at 7AM. Putting laundry away. I will have to refill some meds Tomorrow. Because I'm getting sick from the weather. 

 Monday-I didn't had any laundry at the workshop. I come home change my top, took my trash out. Went to William Brothers to get refills, went to the bank. Went back to get my meds. I didn't have to wait for my meds. I post in Clayversity I ask them to share the post about Stori action for Congo. I will share it on Wednesday.

 Tuesday-It's Carol Birthday Today. Went out to Stori to see Lyzah. Went to the backdoor. There was 3 turkeys and a peacock. When I got in the house Lyzah wave at me. Lyzah have days of the week socks on.
Wednesday-The 3rd Annual OFA Holiday Auction is open until until the 18th. on Facebook. I received American Girl Magazine Today. I found out a Co-worker mom pass away. over the weekend. 

Thursday-It Parker 13th Birthday Today. I cut High School Band picture of Livia out of the Town news paper. I put it in hers photo album. Stori told me, we will have a family dinner on Saturday for Parker Birthday. 
  Friday-I went to bed at 12AM. I look outside stuff was cover in white. It got down to 19 last night. for the low. I had a sandwich from Subway. Stori had for Parker. I start eating it. My mouth was getting hot, that the sandwich had jalaperios on it. After I got done with it. My lips was hot and my nose was running everywhere.

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  1. Hi Deborah,

    I missed posting on your blog last week. Sorry about that.

    I see you got a smattering of snow last week but this week it has snowed here almost every day and it's staying on the ground. I used to love the snow way back when I skied but it is of no use to me now so I wish it would just stay away.

    I don't remember if I congratulated you on how you were doing with your .N.I.P. collection. Good for you!

    Also I forgot to mention how well you are doing with your Christmas shopping.

    Must go now ... my email awaits.

    Take care,