Saturday, February 21, 2015

My week 2/14 to 2/20

Saturday-It Valentine Day.I didn't received a card from Christy. Christy  always send me a card. I wash my towels.

Sunday-I pack 7 brown envelopes with Friendship. They said Paoli will be in a snow storm from from Tonight until all day Monday . 8-10" of snow. Yes it start snowing before I went to bed.

Monday-Where I work at was close. all schools was close to. I went outside to clean off the sidewalk. But it didn't help. I text Michael to see if he was at work. He was at home, He will help Tomorrow. 

Tuesday-I call in to work. I start clean the sidewalk. Dad came at 12PM Dad clean some more of the sidewalk and the ramp. But not the deck or steps. I see blacktop. I will go in to walk Michael came clean around my car and the car. The weatherman said 1-3" more Tonight.

Wednesday-I wake up at 3AM and look outside everything was cover up in snow. I chicken out about going to work. I post it on Facebook and my boss saw my post and comment to stay home. I had Michael take me to Wal-Mart for the week. I pm my boss at 12PM about how the parking lot was. She told me it was bad and stay home Tomorrow. 

Thursday-I don't feel bad about staying home Today. Thinking about it I haven't got my newspapers from the paperbox all week. The workshop will open Tomorrow. But the weatherman said -5 to-15 for the low .The high for the day was 9

Friday-I wake up at 4:30AM with bad feeling Today. It was about-15 outside at 6AM.   The high was 23. From 7PM Tonight until 7PM Tomorrow we will be in a snow storm with Ice, snow and rain. But the high going to be 36 Tomorrow.



Saturday, February 14, 2015

My week 2/7 to 2/13

Saturday-I dust the walls Today. I would like to buy a new light for the bathroom. I told Livia the $50.00 will be the last time she will get. I didn't have any friendship books to pack Today. Trisanna told me that Lyzah been sleeping in her own room since she was 6 month. 
 Sunday-I didn't do any cleaning. I just sit around. I just watch movies. I call my friend Tracy-Ann King. She come on the phone and said she was sick and couldn't talk. 

Monday-My TV cable went nut. Channel 69 and down the picture went crazy. I couldn't watch my show in the living room. I had to watch my show in my bedroom.

Tuesday-There was a multiple shooting in Paoli Tonight. A guy walk in his wife house, they start fighting they kids come down to stop the fight. The guy stab his wife. He shot his 6 year old son and his 3 year old daughter then shot hisself. This daughter  dead after getting to the Children Hospital in Louisville, KY.

Wednesday-My computer is crazy. It will not turn on right. After I turn it on. I have to turn it off from the wall. I got Dell phone number.
Thursday-It was cold Today. By the time I got out of Wal-Mart. it was snowing. But by the time I went to Stori the roads was good. 

Friday-Today was crazy at work. I went out to Stori. Stori had 2 friends there I made a check out to Paoli High School Band for the trash bag I order from Livia. 


Saturday, February 7, 2015

My week 1/31 to 2/6

Saturday-1st thing I did was wrote 12 pen pal letters, the pack 4 9x12 brown  envelopes with friendship books. Then I wrote my weekly blog. Then I start getting sick so I lay down in the living room. Fall to sleep for an hour. But wake up, not feeling good. So I took a ALEVE.

Sunday-I have $425.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. I didn't clean anything Today.  It rain all day, I hope I can get to work without trouble. I use 90% of my Data on my Iphone. But it will turn over Monday night into Tuesday. 

Monday-Groundhog Day. 6 more weeks of winter. But there 46 days until SPRING. The guy who open the door before 6AM was at work with a walking brace.. I got to the car without trouble NO Ice or snow. 

Tuesday-My friend Mary Text me saying. She have to work on Friday. She will work from 7AM to 3:30PM. So we have dinner after 5PM at Long John .

Wednesday-Last Friday I renewal my license Plate on I received my sticker Today. I text Stori to see if she babysitting Tomorrow. Stori came back and said YES.

Thursday-I couldn't open my back doors of my car, until 9AM. I didn't go out to Stori's house to see Lyzah, because of the roads. Tom is 60 Today. He is in Honduras. Stori text we having Livia Birthday Dinner on Saturday.

Friday-I was able to get my paycheck before I went home from work. The high for the day was 40and my ramp was all clear off from the snow. Mary text at 4:49PM she was at home. So I went to pick Mary up to go out for dinner.