Sunday, January 3, 2010

week of 12/27 to 1/2/10

Sunday-I started a new weekly Blog. At I will update it every sunday morning. I talk to Shirley Block Moore on facbook chat this morning.

Monday_ I got up at 4:45AM for work. The trailer parking lot was half Ice over. I got done working at 12:30AM. I ask Stori on facebook if Jamey and Livia was going to the Indiana Basketball game Tonight She said They was planning on it.

Tuesday-I only had 2 load of laundry at work I paid my Electric and Gas bills. Old National Bank new Bank will be open on Feb. 22. I made a appt to see my doctor on Jan. 4. I received my Farkle mug.

Wednesday-I start work at 6:15AM I only had 7 loads of laundry We didn't get paid Today. We get ours paychecks on Monday. I need to write a pen pal letter. I haven't wrote one since Sept.

Thursday-Went to get a new window wiper for the car Got gas for the car Got the $20.00 from a lottery ticket. Wen to Wal-Mart to get something for breakfood.

Friday-I put laundry away. I start writting a pen pal letter last night. I wonder why my family start fight with me when I haven't said anything to them. I took my last Acyclovie pill Today.
I got my pen pal letters done Tonight I can go back reading Hollywood Kids by Jackie Collins.

Saturday-The temp outside at 8:30AM was 8. I start my car without any troubles. I took 2 bags of trash out. Took the pen pal letters to the out going mailbox. Went to Wal-Mart for the week. I order something from Vera Bradley online Tonight.

Bye Until Next Sunday
Deborah Brand

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  1. I finnaly found you!1 with help from Anna. you forgot a g I think. I'm your friend--right? nite Anniemae