Sunday, January 10, 2010

Week of 1/3 - 1/9

Sunday-When I got out of bed at 7:30 it was 3 outside. When I got out of the shower at 8:05AM it was 2 outside I didn't get my mail Yesterday I got it Today only thing was in my mailbox was a pen pal letter from Linda Nye.

Monday-When I got up for work it was 13 outside. When I got out of shower it was 12 outside. By the time I went outside to start the car it was 11 outside. At 6:15AM when I went to work it was 10 outside. I got home at 9:36AM it was 9 outside. Dr. McCormack office in Bloomington call. He will not be in his office on Jan. 12. So I made a appointment for Feb. 9. I called Orange Transit to change my ride from Jan. 12 to Feb. 9 at 2pm. I saw my doctor. I went to William Bros. for my meds. I wait for 15 mins. They never show up. So I come home, will get get the meds Tomorrow.

Tuesday-It was 10 outside when I got up. By the time I start the car it was 9. By the time I got home it was 8 outside. Ther going to be a winter storm starting at 4AM. Thursday 3-5"of snow. I will have to feel it out about working on Thursday. I call Mary to tell her I didn't think we should go out for lunch on Friday.

Wednesday-It was 14 when I got up. It was 15 outside when 15 outside when I start the car.   I put the last load of laundry in the dryer. Then I went to work to do 1 load of laundry because it was snowing bad. I got done at 12:35PM I received my order from Vera Bradley. I need a bigger one. It snow starting at 8:30AM until 12:30PM. They been saying the snow will be 3-6" now.

Thursday-I got up shower. Went outside to clean off the sidewalk and walk up to Long Street it was over with snow. Then the Louisville TV news had Paoli Schools close. I turn on Paoli radio Station they said First Chance Center was open but No vans. So at 6:15AM I call FCCI and told them I wasn't going in for work. At 9AM I went back out to clean the sidewalk again. and start the car and clean it off. I went back out again at 1:30PM. I didn't open my email until Tonight I had 473 email. Christy E-mail me on 1/4 about having Tom put a bridge in where a tooth is missing. I told Christy I would but I don't need someone mad at me for 4 hours one way. Mary told me Paoli newspaper, will start having one newspaper a week. I talk to Stori on Facebook. Stori told me that Chad love the snow. At 7PM the LouisvilleTV News had Paoli Schools was close for Tomorrow.

Friday-I turn on the Paoli radio station at 5:45AM The news come on they had First Chance Center was open but No vans. I went out to clean the sidewalk off again. I took a nap before 12PM I got up and look out my car was clean off. I call Stori to see if she clean off my car. She said no but thought it could be Carol. Christy E-mail me back she said she know Mom or Dad or Carol would bring me up there. I told Christy that Mom, Dad and Carol are the ones who call me names when I ask for help. Christy told me to live for the day and be happy for what I have. How could I be happy when I walk in someone house some peoples call me names 100% times. Stori took me to Wal-Mart for the week. I was thinking Tom told me he would fix my front tooth when I was in High School When My mom call Tom to see when he would fix my tooth he didn't want to. So if don't hear from about the Bridge I don't Believe Christy.

Saturday-I went out to start the car, clean it off and clean the sidewalk. By 3PM I could see some blacktop by the car. I vac my bedroom and livingroom. I guess I will not see my new Ottoman. Carol have it. She should come with it Yesterday. When Michael and her clean off the car. I got a letter from The Young and the Restless Fan Club. Their couldn't deposit my check from May. So I had to make a new Check for the Fan Club.

Bye Until Next Sunday
Deborah Brand

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