Sunday, May 23, 2010

week of 5/16 to 5/22

Sunday-I start playing blackjack on Facebook. I got up feeling bad. I drink 5 diet cokes Yesterday that was wrong with me.

Monday-staff told me that they are framing her office up starting Today. I ask staff again if it ok for me to leaves at 12:15PM Tomorrow.

Tuesday- It a month until I go on Vacation Went to Bedford without any trouble. I have to go back in a year.

Wednesday-Mary went to the eye doctor at 9AM. So Mary ride with me to First Chance Center then walk to the eye doctor. I told Angie, Donna and Molly that I have 29 days to go before I go on Vacation. They guys didn't work on Amanda Office Today.

Thursday-I only had 2 loads of laundry Today. I can't play Farkle on Facebook anymore. I update my Adobe Flash and it didn't help When I update the Adobe Flash I couldn't play Farkle 2 and Blackjack.

Friday-I had hard time with Farkle this morning. I got 120 Crayons for Parker and Livia. We had a bad storm for about 2 hours. Christy called ask if they could come over. I said no because she would just walk in then 1 mins walk out. Christy said she wouldn't go to Carol until 3PM Tomorrow. Mary called and we talk for about 2 hours.

Saturday-I found out that Christy lie to me again. She told me she wouldn't see Carol until 3PM. They was together all day. I guess Christy like being a bitch. Because if Christy stay around Carol. People will be calling Christy a bitch too. I don't like persons who lie to me. Tom and I had fun. I show him something on Facebook and Tom look something. Christy didn't talk to me.

Bye Until next Sunday

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