Sunday, May 30, 2010

week of 5/23 to 5/29

Sunday-I wake up at 3:30AM went on the computer for 30 mins. Went back to bed at 4AM. sleep for 3 hours. I check Stori blog. Livia have hers own blog now. I weeded Today.

Monday- I got my new PJ today for the trip.

Tuesday-. I got my 6 pair of shorts for the trip Today. I had to go over to my parent house to see what I have to do for them this Summer.

Wednesday-They didn't work on Amanda office Today. Mom called they will go on Saturday to Custer, SD for the Summer. I didn't received the Town Bill yet.

Thursday-I didn't received the Town bill yet. I TXT Mary about it. Mary call them. Mary TXT me back and told me that the Post Office lost all the bills. Clay Aiken Fan Club got to ground(Crtl). I should say ground(Crtl) own Clay Aiken Fan Club. I can't get on the new

Friday-I got up at 4AM having bad feeling about Clay Aiken new Web Sit. I couldn't get on the new Fan Club yet. I didn't feel like going to work. I would go out to Stori's to see if I could get the web site up. But I have to go to work. Because we order out Today. When I went out to Stori's. The Fan Club come right up. I come home at 2:00PM could get the Fan Club to come up. But couldn't go everywhere. Went to the gas and Town bills . Went to Wal-Mart. Come home try to get on Clay Fan Club. and got Explorer cannot display the webpage. It took me until 8PM to get to Clay Fan Club to come up. Mary was upset at work Today.

Saturday-Jamey will look into Avenue High speed for me. I mow my grass It took me all day to get Clay Fan Club to come up. I blog at the Fan Club. Dad and Mom went to Custer, SD for the Summer.

Until next Sunday

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  1. Deborah, I'm glad to see you finally were able to get to the new OFC. If you could get hi speed, you would have so much more fun. You must have the patience of Job to work with dial-up.

    Have a great week!