Sunday, June 13, 2010

week of 6/6 to 6/12

Sunday-Stori didn't tell me Yesterday that Jamey went to FL until Tuesday Today. The lay from Verizon will send a new modem. I should get it on Tuesday.

Monday-Stori and Jamey been married for 13 years. Dad thanks me for his Birthday card. Then he thank me for his Father Day gift. I told him I didn't know anything about it. Dad told me, my name was on it gift. I E-mail Christy and Carol. I wrote this: Thank you for making me feel like an ass on the phone with Dad Today. When was you guys telling me about the Father Day gift? You should told me about it before you send it to him. Christy wrote back: Christy wrote this: Since we paid we paid and didn't want you to feel bad we just did it. What is the big deal.

Tuesday-Dad is 82 Today. I ask Mary would help me with the Modem. So I pick Mary after work. We try to hook up the Modem but it wouldn't stop going off and on. So I call verizon, the lady will have someone here on Thursday afternoon.

Wednesday-I had a bad day at work Today. Verizon call to tell me a person will be here between 1-6.

Thursday-The guy from Verizon was here at 12:50PM. The guy had to go back to Verizon to test something. He come back about 15 mins later. He told me the problem was their . By 2:15PM I was online with High Speed.

Friday-I got 2 money order from 2 Claymates for the CD/DVD of "Tried and Ture" I will mail them on Thursday. I forgot dad mail at the house.

Saturday-Gary mow my grass Today. It ok because I didn't have get my mower out. But I will have to pay $60.00 for to mow after I get back from my vacation.

This is the last blog until I get back from my 2 weeks vacation.
Until July 13
Bye for now

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