Sunday, July 11, 2010

week 6/13 to 7/10

Sunday-I start getting sick at 3PM. I didn't feel good all night. I took some med as I went to bed.

Monday-I couldn't get hold of Stori. Stori call around 3:30PM. She told me, I could put my stuff in the RV Tomorrow after work.

Tuesday-I feel better Today. I went out to Stori's at 1:15PM to put my stuff in the RV. We could be going at 5:30 or 6PM. Thursday night.

Wednesday-Went to the house for the mail. Call Mom told her. If she need anything starting Tonight to call Carol. I call Carol to tell her wat to do with Dad mail. I try to pick up the trailer. I told Donna to turn in my time card Today.

Thursday-Amanda thought I was going on my trip last night. I thank John for letting me go on the RV trip with Stori, Jamey and the kids. Went to the Bank then went to the Post Office. I went to get my hair cut. Then took the order out day sheet to First Chance Center and a note to Angie. Stori call at 2:46pm to see if I could be ready in 40 mins I said Yes. I meet Jamey at the road. Chad was mad and crying because he couldn't move. Ian took a nap before we got out of Indiana. we got to Kanasa City. We park in a Wal-Mart for the night. Ian start walking at a McDonald Today.

Friday-We went in the Wal-Mart to get food for the RV. We had lunch at a Rest stop in Kanasa. Chad bit my finger. Iwas laughing so hard that Livia said I would wet my pants. We got to Grand Lake Colorado camp ground around 6 PM. Livia and Parker made Smores.

Saturday-RV was cold inside. It was 39 this morning. I almost last my Black Hill Gold ring. That I had since I was 10 year old. Ian was holding my finger when my ring come off from my finger . But I found the ring outside in the grass. Everyone but me went fishing. Then we went in the National Forest.

WEEK OF 6/20 TO 6/26
Sunday-It's Mary Birthday and Father Day. We drove to Rocky Mountain. We didn't have any gas for like Hot Water, heat. I ask Jamey what he got for Father Day. He told me no one had said anything to him but me, and I told him about what Christy said about Dad Father Day gift. I will not write it in here. What Jamey said. It make me think persons need to talk to me.

Monday-1st day of Summer. We stay at Forst Collins, CO. Stori and I did laundry at the camp ground laundry mat. Stori told me, we could fo to UT to see my Aunt Alice,. Dad and Mom may have the cabin sold. Stori got Aunt Alice number and address from Mom. Stori call Aunt Alice to see when and where we can meet her. Aunt Alice told Stori afternoon at her house. Stori told her there was 7 of us. Aunt Alice said it was ok. Because June and Joyce was there.

Tuesday-Stori got Parker a hair cut. Then we had lunch. Then we went to Aunt Alice'. She was happy to see Stori, Jamey, the kids and me. It was the 1st time Aunt Alice meeted Jamey and the kids. We stayed at Aunt Alice's hour and half. After we got in the car I thank Jamey for driving to Layton so I caould see Aunt Alice Then we went to the Zoo. I fell down. By the time we got back to the RV. We didn't have power. The own of the camp ground help Jamey. Jamey got the power back on.

Wednesday-Stori, the kids and I drove to drowning ID camp ground. So Jamey could drive the RV to a place to get it look at. The camp ground pool have Hot Spring water in it. It fell like bath water. We stay for 2 night at the camp ground.

Thursday-We went to the pool around 12:30PM. Jamey took Chad and Ian back to the RV Stori, Livia, Parker and I stay at the pool until 4PM. I call Mary. She went to the ER last night. She will get my mail Tomorrow. Mary may have a problem with hers sugar. Stori back is in pain. Parker ask for a Brownie and Chad said NO to Parker. We thought Chad was a sleep.

Friday-We got to Boise, ID around 1PM. We will stay here for 2 nights. I can't wear my glasses that good. Because Livia hit me with a bean bag last night. Michael Jackson been dead for a year. We at Donnie Mac's. It was on the TV show Drive-in, Dine and Dives.

Saturday-Livia was sick last night. I think Livia have the Flu. We went to a playground to meet another couple that adopt from congo for the 1st time and let all the kids play. Then everyone went but me to a family game place. I went in the camp ground pool. Then we went to pizzal-chik to eat. It was on the TV show Drive-in dine and dives.

WEEK OF 6/27 to 7/3

Sunday-The tires that keep the car up are bad. Jamey couldn't find a tire place open. So Stori drove her van to MT. We ate at a McDonald. Chad hi my drink and it went down to the floor. ?Livia took a 6 hour nap.

Monday-We went to Yellowstone for the day. Then Livia and I got 2 kind of Fugde. Livia help Jamey cook.

Tuesday-Jamey friend come around 9:30PM for about hour and half. Then we drove to Cody,WY. Jamey find a tire place to get tires for the car trailer. So Jamey and I took the RV to wash it. Jamey wash the front of the RV . Then he drive the RV half way out. So he could wash the back of the RV. After he got done washing the RV. Jamey start to drive out of the car wash. We heard a bad sound. Jamey got out to check. He hit the wall and the left side turn sign on the RV was broken. We pick up Stori and the kids at a Wal-Mart. We go to the camp ground. Livia and Parker was so Happy to get out of the RV. They run out to play. Livia and Parker come in laughing. Because Parker went out side in his underwear. Everyone was laughing. I paid for dinner. Stori and I talk. I tip the lady $20.00. So the bill was $114.63 withe tip.

Wednesday-We drove to camp ground by Devil Tower. We will walk around the tower Tomorrow. We will go to Custer, South Dakota after lunch Tomorrow.

Thursday- Jamey got sick last night. We walk 1.3 miles around Devil Tower. Everyone but Jamey and Chad had lunch. Jamey didn't feel good and Chad was taking a nap. Jamey start driving to Custer, South Dakota at 12:45PM. We got to my parents cabin about 2:30PM. My parents hadn't sold the cabin yet.

FridayEveryone but Mom went to White rock. Jamey drove on a bad road to get up to white rock. Jamey had to stop driving. We walk I couldn't get up to White Rock. I stop walking and sit on a rock and wait on Dad, Stori , Jamey and the kids to come down. Then we went to Kevin Costner restaraunt in Deadwood for lunch. After lunch I gambled there. Then we to crazy Horse. I watch a 15 mins movie about Crazy Horse.

Saturday-I don't know what I did to my back. But I was in pain all night in Bed. Tonight is my last night in my parents cabin. I was sick with my sinus all day.

WEEK OF 7/4 to 7/10
Sunday-It 4th of July. Everyone but Mom went to Mt. Rushmore Jamey park the RV in Custer for the day. We walk around Custer. Then we went to the town playground for the kids to play. Then we had dinner Dad didn't want to stay. So everyone said bye to my parents. Jamey want to start driving Tonight. So He talk Livia and Parker into it. At 11:30PM everyone was a sleep, Jamey was driving. I heard a sound that didn't sound good. Livia thought Jamey fall to sleep driving. The sound was a tire blow out on the RV.

Monday-Jamey couldn't find a person to help last night. So we sleeped on the side of the Highway. Stori call my mom about what happen last night. A guy come to put a new tire on. Stori had a window open. Stori let Ian play with her cell phone. I heard the gy said Oh NO. I thought he had a bad tire. Found out Ian let the cell phone out the window. It took the guy an hour to put the tire on. So we got back on the road at 10AM. We sleeped at Wal-Mart the 1st night on the trip. and the last night of the trip we sleeped at a Wal-Mart.

Tuesday-We got home to Paoli at 3:30PM. I paid Gray for mowing my grass. Then took a shower. Then went to Mary to get my mail from her. I'm dead.

Wednesday-I got to work feel like I was dead. I should stay in bed.  The washer was almost done but it dead. Went to the Post Office to pick up my parents mail. Then went to the house I couldn't get my 2 paycheck Today.

Thursday-I sleeped good last night. Mary made it in to work ok. At 8:30AM I went to First Chance Center. to see about the washer and get my 2 paychecks. Wen to the bank then to the Post Office. I'm not going in to First Chance Center Tomorrow. Because I don't think the washer is fix.

Friday-I got lunch for Mary and I at Long John. I went to my parents house. I saw my back left tire was low. I TXT Michael to see if he was in Town. He said No..why and What up. I told him I thought I had a low tire. I received a E-mail from a Clay Aiken yahoo fan club. It had that Reed Kelly not with Clay anymore. I e-mail a friend on Facebook about the E-mail. She told she heard it too.

Saturday-I sleeped good last night. Stori ask if she could use my friend list on Facebook for chase. I told Stori that all my claymate friends vote for NIP. But she could use my list for (Our Family Adoption). I blog at Clay Aiken Fan Club. about why I LOVE SOUTH DAOKTA so much.

Bye until next Sunday


  1. wow Deborah, sounds like quite a trip!!! Lots of wonderful memories made, but I think my personal FAVORITE was hearing about Ian starting to walk at McDonald's - how fun!!!!

    With all the ups and downs, it sure sounds like a great trip - I'm so glad you got to back to South Dakota, that you got to visit your Aunt Alice and you got to have so much fun with all those kids. They're only young once, so you have to savor the moments!

    Thanks for taking the time to write this all out!

  2. Deborah, sounds like you had a wonderful time and I am so glad that you shared it with us. This is a trip you'll remember for a long, long time and what a great place to spend July 4th! Tell Stori and Jamey that your friends from thank them for taking you on their great adventure. I am so happy that you were able to take this trip with them. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hugs, Carole