Sunday, July 18, 2010

week of 7/11 to 7/17

Sunday-It took me 3 hours to write my weekly blog. I post on Clay Aiken Fan Club that I done writting my weekly blog. I thought everyone would go and read the blog. But only 2 persons comment on it at Clay Aiken Fan Club. I blog again at Clay Aiken wondering why only 2 persons comment about my 2 weeks vacation. Then some did comment that they did read it but didn't comments on it.

Monday-The light over the washer and dryer at work didn't come on. The washer at First Chance Center is not fix yet. I forgot to take a trash bag to my parent house.

Tuesday-I had about 31 mops to wash at work. I got done at 12:30PM. Went to see if the washer at First Chance Center was fix. It not yet.

Wednesday-After I got done at work. I went to see about the washer at First Chance Center, the washer is not fix yet. I understand why Dad can't trust Carol with his mail. Because I had to look at mom magzing box. Because there was mail from South Dakota that should be in the house by the phone.

Thursday- I TXT Tom asking him to E-mail me. I guess I can't trust Tom too now. Because he never E-mail me. I guess he will not fix my teehts too like he said in May.

Friday-I had 2 load of laundry at work. I forgot to fill out my time card last Wednesday. I went home at 11:30AM. When I got to my parents house. I call Mom asking her if she ok Carol to open her mail. I told what I found under the magzine. I told her I would mail the stuff to her .

Saturday-I pick up ground the trailer and vac the whole trailer. I need to clean the kitchen and mop the floor Tomorrow. We had a bad storm. I got off the computer before the storm started.

Until next Sunday


  1. Deborah I could use your help around here. LOL The vacuum needs to be started to pick up all the bird feathers that are sitting around not to mention all the food our little darlings love to throw around. It's like cleaning up after 32 kids!

    Sounds like you had your usual busy week. We didn't have a storm but a transformer blew in front of our house on Friday night so we were in total darkness for several hours. I always hope and pray that my computer doesn't suffer but no problems.

    "See" you next Sunday.

  2. I'm glad the washer FINALLY got fixed! Sorry about Tom.

    Sounds like you had a very busy week