Sunday, September 12, 2010

weeek of 9/5 to 9/11

Sunday-I got up at 6AM so I could wrote my weekly blog. I lay back down after I got done with my blog. Carolina Clay put a count down on my blog for Clay Aiken concert in Ft. Wayne. Thanks Carolina Clay

Monday-It's Labor Day. I didn't do anying but went over to my parent house at 7AM to get my parents Saturday mail.

Tuesday-Today feel like Monday. I feel funny without Mary at work. But I will get use to it.

Wednesday-Today is my last day to get my parents mail. The mowing crew mow my parents grass. A guy posts on Ground(Ctrl) facebook. He wrote that he didn't received his Myrtle Beach Deftone tickets. So I e-mail the guy.

Thursday-I made a Birthday wish at National Inclusion Project facebook it for a month. The guy E-mail me back after I went to bed last night. He told me that Ground(Ctrl) forgot to ship the tickets and the tickets are sitting the Ground(ctrl) office.

Friday-I start not feeling good at 8pm. My head is in pain.

Saturday-I was feeling good until 9:46AM. I think it my sinus. But my right side of my head in pain again Tonight.



  1. Hi Deborah,

    Love the counter that Caro did for you. It will be fun watching the time pass away!

    I hope your sinus problem goes away and allows you to have a great week.

    Take care,


  2. The counter is great! that was really nice of Caro to do that for you :)

    Sorry about your sinus problems, it seems to be that time of year.

    Things will get better at work and you WILL get your tickets.

  3. Deborah,

    I'm glad you like the countdown widget. That was very sweet of you to mention it. All the best with your concert!

    Thank you for you kind birthday greetings for my grandson today in the Carolina blog.

    Have a wonderful weekend!