Sunday, September 26, 2010

week of 9/19 to 9/25

Sunday-I start feeling sick this morning. So I took my sinus meds. I put more stuff in my weekly Blog profile.

Monday-The locker at work Have new name tags on them. Went to pass out 2 notes for order out day. I mulching my grass Today. My grass is dead. It first time I mow my grass in 3 weeks.

Tuesday-I took a nap. When I wake up I feel bad again. I wish my sinus would stop making me sick.

Wednesday-A staff told me, she found a safing pin in her dryer and thought of me. Because I had 8 safing pins in the rags last Wednesday. I took my Crazy Horse rock towork.

Thursday-I wish I could feel better. I need to get the pen pal letter done. I have it half way done. I went to the workshop to pass out notes for order out day for Tomorrow.

Friday-Stori call this morning about our cell phones. Jamey going to change from Verizon to AT & T Jamey and the kids pick it up before 8AM. I went crazy with out the cell phone at the workshop. Order out went good. But I couldn't eat my lunch because some staff was making fun of a disabled guy eating and hearing it made me sick. Jamey got me a pantech Prsuit Cell Phone.

Saturday-Naina Howerton King donate $10.00 to my Birthday wish at National Inclusion Project. Tom, Christy and I talk about the concert. Tom said Christy have hers Clay T-shirt . Christy said she wasn't wearing a Clay T-shirt. I wouldn't make anyone wear a Clay T-shirt. Stori said we need to dress up because we did at the Christmas concerts. I think we should because it a winter concert. Christy and Tom meeted Shelly Long from (Cheers) The TV show in a aiport. Shelly is from Fort Wayne, IN. Stori said the lady who help them Adopt Chad and Ian from Congo , May stop doing it. I told Tom I didn't house sit this summer. Parker said I was with them on the trip and it suck being with me on the trip LOL. Stori setup my vioce mail on my cell phone . Carol didn't talk to me at all tonight.



  1. I hope you're feeling better now. It's a good thing I wasn't at the workshop on Friday, I may have slapped a couple people upside the head - it's not right to make fun of anyone! Cool about the new phone! It's always fun to have a new "toy" :)

    I'm going to wait and see what Clay wears to the concert - if he wears jeans, I'll wear jeans. If he wears a suit? Well, I won't wear a suit but I'll dress a little nicer than jeans ;)

    Have a good week!

  2. Sorry you were feeling rotten this week. Sinus problems can be pretty debilitating. I changed a med after seeing my neurologist and I've been a real slug this week.

    How are you enjoying your new cell phone? I am still trying to figure out some of the stuff on mine but I can text, phone and use the blackberry messenger so I'm not too worried.

    I haven't worn a Clay T to a concert for years but did in the first few. Most people have talked about wearing jeans and a dressy top. I hope Clay wears jeans and a white shirt because that is my favourite look on him. He doesn't have to dress retro for the concerts but he may well wear a suit because of PBS. Oh well, he's just as funny in a suit.

    Take care and have a wonderful week.

  3. I forgot to add something. I would have been so angry if people made fun of a disabled guy. I don't know why people can be so cruel.

  4. hi deb--just a note. read your weekly and got a little angry at that man. some people are pure hateful!! mean to the bone!!. someone will let him know that one day. hope you get to feeling better. hugs anniemae