Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week of 9/26 to 10/2

Sunday-I forgot to write that Christy and Tom will come home for Christmas. I turn on my heater in my trailer. Because will get down to 40 to 45 for the low.

Monday-It Shaun Cassidy 53 Birthday is Today. Jamey try to get hold of me. He try 3 times I couldn't answer at work. So I call Jamey as I walk to my car. He told me, he need to turn ours cell phones in , and go back to Verizon. So I run my phone out to Stori's. I paid my Town bills. Then Stori, the boys and I took my old and new phone to Jamey. I told Jamey to get me a new cell phone around $200.00. Everyone got back ours ols Verizon phones. Then Stori , the boys and I went to Seymour to get Chad shoses. Jamey post this on his facebook page: AT&;T data Service is like going back to a modem on a computer. 

Tuesday-Dad come to see about my car key. Dad can't help right now. He have to see his knee doctor Tomorrow.

Wednesday-Dad didn't call Today. I E-mail Christy about my old cell phone Yesterday. I told Donna and Angie why I have my old phone.

Thursday-Dad call and said to call him back when I know when I want to take the car to the Ford dealer in Bedford, IN. I look at my Calendars. I call Dad back and told him Oct 13 after work.

Friday-1st day of Oct. I thought a friend said she would donate for my Birthday wish on facebook Today. Mary and I had lunch at Long John.

Saturday-I have 151 days to go before I go to Clay Aiken concert in Fort Wayne, IN. I took about a 4 hour nap Today. I think I took 4 hour nap because of all meds I'm on.


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