Sunday, November 14, 2010

week of 11/7 to 11/13/10

Sunday-Some people who going to see Clay concert on 2/11 received they tickets on Oct. 19. This tickets was order from the PBS station. I can see my floor of my bedroom.

Monday-I send 4 Birthday cards Today. Stori called She told me that she is having a bab. But can't anyone in town. But I can tell my Claymate friend. Stori told that they are changing Chad Birthday from 5/5/2009 to 7/14/2007. About 2 people got layoff from work last Friday.

Tuesday-Went to work to do Crane laundry. The Crane laundry wasn't there. I will do the Crane laundry on Thursday. Because I have to see my doctor on Wednesday. Stori heard the heart beat of the baby. Stori go back to the doctor in 2 weeks.

Wednesday-I went to see my doctor for my left ear. He couldn't see anything wrong with it. He want me to see another doctor for my ear next Wednesday.

Thursday-It Carol's 52 Today. I found out there was 4 people layoff from work last Friday. We didn't get together for Carol Birthday.

Friday-Christopher E-mail me to Thank me for the $20.00 , Birthday card and told me he will be seeing us on Christmas. Sue received hers Birthday card she Thank me on Facebook.

Saturday-It Parker Birthday, he is 9 year old. We got together for his Birthday. The Old National Bank old building got on Fire from about 7:30AM to 4:40PM. There was about 16 Fire station fighting the fire Paoli run out of water. Because of the fire. fireman had to drive about 45 miles to get water. The police block 2 block from the Fire. I post it in a forum at Clay Aiken Fan Club about the Fire and Sue post some picture the I found on Facebook from other friends pages.



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  1. A lot of birthdays this week! Hope your ear settles down and glad you are going to see another doctor.

    I'm glad you weren't one of the people laid off at FCCI. So many people are losing their jobs that it makes it really rough on them.

    Those were quite the pictures you had posted on FB. Glad it was finally put out and that there were no injuries. It will change the landscape forever but everyone being safe is the most important thing.

    Take care and have a good week,