Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week of 12/19 to 12/25

Sunday-I wrote my blog at 2AM. But when I post it the date and time was Sat 18 11:54PM. CA time. So now on I will wait until after 2:30AM to write my blog.

Monday-I got to work ok. Went to Wal-Mart for 2 Christmas bags. took my trash out I park my car on Ice. I took baby steps with trash bags. Got back in the car push off with my left foot on wet Ice to get in the car. I didn't make it. I fell out of my car. The weatherman said snow and ice Tonight again.

Tuesday-I wake up at 4AM Went to check how bad it was outside. I saw blacktop. So I did the HAPPY DANCE . When I got to work.  laundry was there. So I was on high.

Wednesday-It been 3 years since I saw Clay Aiken in Merrillville, IN. I got done at 8:30AM at work  . Then went to Wal-Mart for the week. I did my laundry for the week.

Thursday-I put part of my laundry away. Michael come with Christopher. They made fun of Clay Aiken. We talk about Gay rights because of Clay. Michael and Christopher saw my C and A earrings.

Friday-My parents, Mike, Carol, Christy, Tom, Christopher and I went out for lunch. Tom told me a radio station been telling that Embassy may not let Clay Aiken be there. Because of bad tickets sale. If that happen Christy will be mad because, she could be on hers yearly trip with 4 girlfriends to FL. It start snowing. So I call my parents Christy got the phone. I told Christy to have them to pick me up Tomorrow.

Saturday-Christmas Day. Got up at 6:30AM got on the Internet. Got in the shower 7:15AM Start cleaning off the sidwalk and the car at 8AM. Tom and Christy come at 10:15AM We start open gifts. I got Walking shoes,Cold cash, A big check of $$$, 2 Wal-Mart cards $100.00 each. Then there was a box with To: "A Clay Fan" From Christy and Tom I open the box. There was a piece of paper The paper said:







I got home from Carol's at 10:30PM. I told Christy I would call the Embassy on the last Monday of Jan. To see what time the concert and see when they will ship the tickets to OFC. Then I will E-mail her the time of the concert.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

week of 12/12 to 12/18

Sunday-I went outside at 8:30AM to clean off the car. At 10AM it start snowing by 12PM the snow was gone. At 4PM it start snowing bad. Stori drove home from Bedford on really slick roads. Stori couldn't drove on the hill to hers driveway. So she went to Jamey parents house. Jamey went to get Stori, Chad and Ian.

Monday-I stay vans didn't run. I clean off the car of snow. The blacktop is showing. So I will be able to go to work.

Tuesday-Got to work ok. I park in Front. I got done at 9AM. I took Christy labels to the Post Office. TXT Christy to tell her I ship the labels to her.

Wednesday-I received my order from Ground(ctrl) of 2 T-shirts. I went to Wal-Mart at 2:30PM for the week. Because we will be in a snow and Ice storm by 7PM Tonight. It didn't start until about 11PM.

Thursday-We didn't get the snow but we did get the Ice. Orange County Transit didn't run at all. I try to clean my sideway. I just lay around Today. I can't stand up on the Ice. I may stay home Tomorrow if First Chance Center is open. I send a message to Cheryl to see if the vans are running Tomorrow. Cheryl got back to me. Orange County Transit was running for people who need to go to the Hospital for test Tomorrow.

Friday-NO SUN Today. Michael come and got my mail and put my outside table and chairs away for the winter. Michael try to get the Ice away from my sidewalk. Did laundry Today. I'm going crazy because of the Ice.

Saturday-The SUN come out Today. The Ice start melting. It got up to 30 for the high. I will be able to get out of the trailer on Monday for work. I got my Christmas gifts wrap, but Chad and Ian. I need 2 Christmas bags for Chad and Ian gifts.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

week of 12/5 to 12/11

Sunday-Everything was cover with snow but the roads. I use WD-40 on my car doors Yesterday. The doors open bit easy this morning. Stori TXT me to tell me Parker was taking back to the ER. I put my other part of laundry away. I put more WD-40 on my car doors for Tomorrow morning.

Monday-It was 16 outside at 4:30AM Got the car doors open in 5 mins. I TXT Stori around 7:40AM about Parker. Stori TXT back and said this: Ok they put him on a clear liquid diet for a few days. Water and Chicken broth. I put more WD-40 on my car doors for Tomorrow morning. I may turn on my water and have it run all night.

Tuesday-It was 16 outside at 4:30AM By 5:45AM it was 15 outside. At 6AM when I walk out the door for work it was 14 outside.  laundry was at work. So I will not dead Tomorrow night like I did last Wednesday.

Wednesday-It was 8 outside at 4:30AM.  I will not be able to go to the Christmas dinner. Because it is on Tuesday 21. Tuesday is my long day with laundry .

Thursday-. See if I start working at 6AM. So I could make it to the Christmas dinner.

Friday- I -e-mail Ground(ctrl) about my order on 11/26 on Wednesday. Ground(ctrl) got back to me and they ship it out Today.

Saturday-I received my Bath, Boady and work order Today. Christy TXT me About making Christmas address lables for her. It start raining at 3PM. Tomorrow will be snow.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

week of 11/28 to 12/4

Sunday-I think I know why Clay Aiken want a Twitter page. Someone Clay knows have a Twitter page now. It was 19 outside when I got up for the day. It took until this weekend. For me to sleep pass 4:30AM. Because of the time change.

Monday-I paid my gas and electric bills. It rain off and on all day. I only had 5 mops, rags, color rags and color pads to wash Today at work.

Tuesday-Clay Aiken is 32 Today. Crane didn't have they laundry in Today. So I will have a LONG DAY TomorrowIt was turn cold Tonight.

WednesdayIt snow off and on alll day. I wake up at 1:30AM and couldn't fall back to sleep. I got done eating dinner. I lay down to watch Y&R and fall to sleep. I have $271.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar.

Thursday-I have 1,000 tweet on Twitter. I think found Clay Aiken own Twitter page. I have 3 months before Clay Aiken concert at The Embassy Centre in Fort Wayne, Ind. I'm thinking about calling Embassy the first Mon in Jan. or the last mon in Jan. For the time of the concert.

Friday-Mary didn't have any money on her. I had to pay for everything. I start picking up around the trailer and cleaning the kitchen.

Saturday-Everything was cover when I got up. But the roads and sidewalks wasn't I got the kitchen all clean up. I put part of the laundry away. and wash my ttowels and beds sheets Today.