Sunday, December 12, 2010

week of 12/5 to 12/11

Sunday-Everything was cover with snow but the roads. I use WD-40 on my car doors Yesterday. The doors open bit easy this morning. Stori TXT me to tell me Parker was taking back to the ER. I put my other part of laundry away. I put more WD-40 on my car doors for Tomorrow morning.

Monday-It was 16 outside at 4:30AM Got the car doors open in 5 mins. I TXT Stori around 7:40AM about Parker. Stori TXT back and said this: Ok they put him on a clear liquid diet for a few days. Water and Chicken broth. I put more WD-40 on my car doors for Tomorrow morning. I may turn on my water and have it run all night.

Tuesday-It was 16 outside at 4:30AM By 5:45AM it was 15 outside. At 6AM when I walk out the door for work it was 14 outside.  laundry was at work. So I will not dead Tomorrow night like I did last Wednesday.

Wednesday-It was 8 outside at 4:30AM.  I will not be able to go to the Christmas dinner. Because it is on Tuesday 21. Tuesday is my long day with laundry .

Thursday-. See if I start working at 6AM. So I could make it to the Christmas dinner.

Friday- I -e-mail Ground(ctrl) about my order on 11/26 on Wednesday. Ground(ctrl) got back to me and they ship it out Today.

Saturday-I received my Bath, Boady and work order Today. Christy TXT me About making Christmas address lables for her. It start raining at 3PM. Tomorrow will be snow.



  1. Hope everything's okay with Parker!!I'm glad ground(ctrl) mailed you your tickets, now if they'd just let me know where I'm sitting in San Francisco ;)

    Another busy week for you - hope the weather clears up or at least warms up. It's unusually warm here today, but very wet.

  2. Hopefully Parker will soon be better and all ready for Christmas. I think you are talking about the items you ordered from the OFC, not the tickets, right? Heaven only knows when we will get them.

    You've had a busy week. Just a tip. They sell lock de-icer and it works much faster on car door locks. We've had to use it a couple of times already. I hate this cold weather. It was raining earlier but now it has turned to snow.

    Take care and have a good week!