Sunday, January 16, 2011

week of 1/9 to 1/15

Sunday-I fell to sleep watching TV in the living room. I wake up at 1:20AM in the living room. I check Boxoh and UPS pages. They wasn't update yet. So I call UPS, the lady said the package was in transit. I told the lady Indy is only an hour from Bloomington. The lady didn't know what to say.

Monday-The Boxoh and UPS pages wasn't update. Before I went to work. So I call UPS. The guy said the page will be update at 9AM. So when I got done working I came home and check the UPS page it was update. At 11:27AM I had 2 tickets in my hand. I call Stori told her to pack hers bags. I took the tickets over to my parents. Mom told me where she would put the tickets and not a good place. I TXT a picture of the tickets to Sue, Tom, Christopher, Michael, Carol and Christy. Christy call about the tickets Christy said Matthew and his girlfriend is coming down here on his Birthday weekend.

Tuesday-I was going to work. Because it wasn't snowing that much when I went in to the shower. By the time I went outside to clean off the snow. Everything was cover of snow. Paoli schools was close. I call in to work. So they knew I wasn't coming in. By 8AM it was snowing real bad. Thank god I stayed home. By 10PM the roads was cover again with snow. The news said the snow will be bad until 9AM Tomorrow.

Wednesday-I stayed home from work again. Schools was close again. I went outside to clean the car off of snow at 9AM. A town truck came in the trailer parking alot. I can get out of here Tomorrow.

Thursday-I got out of here for work. I had 9 load of laundary.

Friday- I start doing my laundry for the week Tonight.

Saturday-Christy called. Matthew girlfriend is having a baby in July. Christy knew about the baby at Christmas but couldn't tell anyone. So we will have 2 baby in 2 months in this family.



  1. Deborah, I can't believe how fast the weeks roll around. This year has been a bad one for snow and I hope come February, it settles down. My concerts are all in February so I'm hoping for the best.

    We are in the middle of the snowbelt here and we have had less snowstorms than they have had in Toronto to the east and London to the west. Hubby has the snowblower out now for the first time this year.

    You must be excited to have your tickets in your hands. I just have one set of tickets that I ordered directly from TM and I've had them for quite a while. Still waiting on mine from the OFC but there is still well over a month.

    More baby news! I guess there will be a lot of excitement in your family soon. :)

    Hope you have a great week and hope your feelings about the First Chance Center change so you can be happy at your work.

    Take care and hugs,


  2. The thought of two babies is absolutely wonderful!. God is sending them to the right place. bet you spoil them. When are they due and do you know if boy or girl? hugs anniemae