Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week of 1/2 to 1/8

Sunday-I got on the Internet at 1AM Ground(ctrl) comment on my post I put on they Facebook page. They will ship all stuff out when they get back fro break. So I E-mail Christy and To about Ground(ctrl) Facebook page.

Monday-AStaff and I clean the room where the cleaning stuff is Today. My Clay Aiken concert tickets was ship out of CA Tonight. I got done reading "Random Acts Of Badness" by Danny Bonaduce, I start reading"To Sir Phillip With Love" by Julia Qiunn.

Tuesday-My tickets is transit to Hodgkins, IL. Carol TXT me to tell me that Mom was sick last night with the flu and was bad with it.

Wednesday-When I was having break at work. Stori called to see if I want to go for lunch. We went to Tasty house. Stori told me my Dad had the flu over weekend and went to ER and got a IV in.

Thursday-My tickets got to Hodgkins, IL at 1:27PM I update 2 time to Christy and Tom.

Friday-My tickets is going to Indy at 9:28PM.

Saturday-My tickets are on they way to Bloomington at 12:04AM. I wash my bed sheet and towels Today. I clean the steps sidewalk and my car from snow. A Town truck came into the trailer parking alot.



  1. Sounds like your tickets will be in your hands Monday or Tuesday!! YAY!!!

    I hope your mom and dad are feeling better - the flu is horrible. Sounds like a nice lunch with Stori and I hope Sandy is going to be okay.

    Here's hoping for an early Spring!

  2. Hi Deborah,

    Hope your Mom and Dad are feeling better. If they have this flu, it takes forever to get rid of it.

    Sounds like you'll soon have your tickets in your hot little hands and then you can relax. Enjoy.

    Take care,