Sunday, March 27, 2011

week 3/20 to 3/26

Sunday-I got up at 6AM put laundry away. Clean the kitchen, livingroom and computer roo. Went to Stori's at 9:45AM. I wrote my weekly blog at 1PM. When I save my weekly blog the days wasn't red. When I let Toby in a cat got in the house and run up to Parker room. at 10:10PM. I can't get up to Parker bedroom.

Monday-The cat come down at 1:40AM. . I txt Carol about taking my computer to Tomtech. Carol call at 12:28PM about my computer. She said to meet her at my trailer at 1PM for her to get my computer. Carol got to my trailer at 1:10PM. Carol took my coputer to Tomtech. I was playing Farker on Facebook. Stori's computer lock up on me. I couldn't use the mouse. It took me about 30 mins to turn off the computer. Turn on the computer. Everything work ok.

Tuesday-I had bad feeling about my computer. Tomtech call at 9:14AM. I call Tomtech back at 9:30AM. The lady told me my computer was done. She had to take my window out then put it back in. I call Carol told her the computer was done and TXT me when she got my message. Carol TXT me back She would get later Today. I call Carol as I was walking to my car. She told me she was going on lunch in 15 mins. abd would get my computer. So I went to my trailer, and wait on Carol. We hook up the computer. My print shop and bank programs wasn't on my computer.

Wednesday-I wake up at 2:50AM. Couldn't go back to sleep. Because I had bad feeling about McAfee Firewall. So I got up at 4AM. by 4:30AM I was at my trailer to download McAfee. It had the Firewall would delete in 6 days. So I had to buy a New Firewall from McAfee. It cost $96.00. I download the 2nd Firewall. I had to go to work. I got done working at 8:30AM. I run home to check on the McAfee Firewall. It download ok. When it got done Microsoft works came up. It like Print Shop. . Dad Forward a e-mail from Aunt Alice daughter June. Aunt Alice was moving into the nursing home for good Today.

Thursday-I been blog at Clay Aiken Fan Club everyday. Because my week been bad. I got done working at  8:30AM.I don't know what happen this morning because Toby barking at 4:10AM like someone was by the bedroom door, and only Toby and I was in the bedroom. Then I let Toby out I hit the spce bar on the computer and the Internet was dialing up. It turn cold Today. A 2nd grader in Louisville, KY hang hisself in the school bathrroom but he is in the hospital.

Friday-Taking order took longer Today. Angie and I don't understand why. Patty, Donald and I went to get the food. K&K Diner was late getting our orders done. Angie think we should sto ordering out. I hope not. I don't have a word to to say if we stop ordering. I didn't stay to eat. I took my food and went out to Stori's. Because Toby been outside sine 7:55AM and it was rain/ snow at 12:30PM.

Saturday-I put my stuff in my car . I turn on Stori's dishwasher before I went to Wal-Mart. I went for the week. Put my stuff from Stori's house in my living room. Got back out to Stori's at 9:50AM I put they bed sheets in the washer. Put the dishers away from the dishwasher. I was going home at 6:30 or 7PM. But at 5pm it start rain/snow so I went home. By 9PM everything was cover with snow. I learn how to make Envelopes with the Microsoft works Today. UNTIL


Sunday, March 20, 2011

week of 3/13 to 3/19

Sunday-I found the $82.00 I give Christy in my suitecase. I put the money in the out going aymailbox for Tomorrow mail. I was getting stuff done. So I can pack again. Because I'm going to house site for Stori next week. I was thinking Thank god for Clay Aiken concert in Fort Wayne, IN. I wouldn't had a teeth cleaning and would loss some teeth.

Monday- I wonder if the box with the hoodies got to the place I send them to. I hope I will received the other part of the insured receipton the box. So I know the box got in the right hands. I received a refund check from Ground(ctrl) for the Fort Wayne Clay Aiken concert.

Tuesday-It Mom's 77 Birthday. Christy TXT measking for Mom Cell phone number. I told Christy Mom wouldn't have hers cell on. I try calling mom at 5pm and her cell wasn't on.

Wednesday-crazy day at work.

Thursday-My alarm on my cell phone didn't come on this morning. After work I got on my computer and this thing call E-set Antiverus 2011 come up. I thought It was going to clean my computer out. It kill my Internet. Stori took my computer to Tomtech. I call Mary we talk for an hour. Then later Sue and I TXT for about 15 mins. Stori TXT me a picture of the baby.

Friday-I took Stori and the boys out for lunch. Then we pick up my computer. The Internet come up. So Stori and the boys went home. I went to Clay Aiken Fan Club home page. The Video wasn't playing. It ask for me to download Flash Player. I try to download Flash player and it wouldn't work. So I call Tomtech the lady know what she need to do. I have to take my computer back to Tomtech . I can't play any games on Facebook.

Saturday-I try to download Flash player didn't work. Then went to Clay Aiken Fan Club. All my pictures of my friends on the fan club was missing. I thought I mess it up after trying to download Flash player but by 3pm all the pictures was up again. I call Carol to see if she can tke me computer to Tomtech on Mon or Tues. I have to TXT her and see on Mon. I couldn't upload pictures on Facebook. Because of fash player. I received American Idol 10th anniversary CD Today. I told Sue that Chad and Ian think the baby will be black . If the baby come out black Stori will be in trouble with Jamey LOL.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weeks 2/27 to 3/12

Sunday-I mop the kitchen floor. It hit me. I only have 3 days before I will have one of my dream come ture.

Monday-I paid my gas and electric bills. Put my mail on hold until Saturday. Put $10.00 of gas in my car. I went out to Stori to put the Black Hills earring in Livia bedroom.

Tuesday-It Michael 31 Birthday. I only have 1 day before see Clay Aiken in Fort Wayne, In. We all went out to eat for Michael Birthday. I'm sitting here wishing I was in Fort Wayne, tonight. Only thing I need to do before I go out to Stori's Tomorrow is write a note to Clay. Christy E-mail me. We are having Chilli Tomorrow.

Wednesday-My dream will come true Tonight. Went to Stori's at 8:20AM. We left at 9:30AM from Stori's. We ate at McDonald playland. So the boys could play. So they can take naps after lunch. Mom call to see where we are was. We had about 2 hours before we get to Fort Wayne. We pass 5 police cars before Indianapolis. I wrote the note to Clay at 6AM. We got to Christy's at 3:00PM. I took a shower at 4PM Christy come home at 5PM. She put the chilli on the stove. She went to change her clothes. Stori made corn bread. Tom was late getting home. I went crazy because I couldn't find the tickets. I found the ticketsunder Clay book. Tom put them on a table. Tom fix Christy Camera. We got to the Embassy at 7:05pm. Clay didn't start at 7:30PM He start around 7:45PM. I think Christy had fun. Our seats was so good I could see his eyes. . We was right behind the pit seats. Clay Bodyguard Jerome wasn't in the Theatre. So I couldn't give the giftbag to him. I will send the 2 hoodies to the Fan Club, but now I have to write another note to Clay. When we got to the car I look for my cell phone I didn't have it. We had to run back into the Embassy A guy had it and give it to Christy. So I'm keeping my word. This concert was my last. Because everyone get mad at me for going to Clay or Barry concerts. Concerts is only thing I LOVE to do. It only time I don't feel like I have a disabled. I ask for 1 concert where I know someone can drive me. But I get in trouble for going to 1 concert. I has Clay CD on as I been writting this.

Thursday-We left for Tom Office at 9:30AM. The lady took x-ray of my teeth. Then she clean them. Tom look at my teeth. Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. The office staff went with us. After lunch I had to go back to Tom Office. Because he fill a teeth for me. After dinner we went to DQ for Ice Cream. I pay for 8 persons. We got back to Christy's. Tom play 8 games online. After he played he upload the pictures of Clay Aiken. Matthew put the pictures on my facebook page. Stori ask if I was going with her Tomorrow. I told her I didn't know. I TXT Michael that I saw my gay boyfriend eyes late night. Michael TXT back with assuming you had a good time. I TXT back with I'm Aikening 4 more. Michael TXT back with funny.

Friday-I got a new phone for the computer room. 4 lights for outside. A new Solar Indoor/Outside Thermometer. Then Christy brought me a dress for Matthew and Lyndsay wedding in June. I call Carol to see if she would drive up here in April. So Tom can fill more of my teeths. I talk Jamey into having me get a new Cell Phone. Jamey ask Tom to take me to get the new Cell phone. Tom and I have to be at Verizon at 8AM Tomorrow. I order 110 pictures of Clay Fort Wayne concert Tonight.

Saturday- Tom and I went to Verizon at 8AM. They wasn't open yet. So we went to Bob Evans for Breakfast I paid. Tom told me Christy had a good time at Clay concert but don't want to go again.Then we went back to Verizon. The guy had 3 phones pick out for me. Because Tom TXT the guy last night that I was disabled with one hand. I pick a LG phone. Then I went with Christy. So Christy look for a dress for Matthew and Lyndsay wedding. Then we meet Tom for lunch. Then Christy and I come home. Then we went out for dinner with Christy and Tom friends. at Cebolla's Mexican. Then we come home I try to get into Clay Aiken message board I got is: Security Certificate problem may Indicate an attemept to fool you intercept any data you send to the sever. Sue told me to click on trusted site. But Tom don't want me to do it on his computer. I hope I can do it ok on my at home. Clay Aiken Memphis show on Monday is cancelled.

week of 3/6 to 3/12

Sunday-Christy wash my laundry for me. So I don't have to do it Tomorrow. Christy and I went to see the movie Hall Pass. Jamey, Stori and the kids. We ate on the road around 5:30pm I had Country Fried Shimp. I got home to my trailer at 10:22PM. I hook up one of the 2 phones. The other didn't want to work.

Monday-I order Thank You cookies for Christy. I put a message with the cookies. The message is: Thank You for keeping your word to me and letting me make a dream come ture. Dad come over I ask him to fix the phone. I didn't have phone batter in right. He was mad because I have a new Cell Phone and told NO ONE have the right to get a new Cell phone. Everyone should have a Cellphone for 20 years or life. I lost one of my Black Hills earrings last night. I can't send the 2 hoodies to Clay Aiken Fan Club. Carole Hart gave me another address to send Clay hoodies too.

TuesdayDad come to help me put the outside light outside. He didn't think the lights wouldn't work. I should went and got a box from the Post Office but didn't.

Wednesday-After I got done working. I went to the Post Office to get a large box. I went to Wal-Mart to get Mailing tape. The pictures I order on Friday. come Today. Christy called she received the cookies. So I order Thank You cookies for Stori. The message with the cookies is Thank you for driving me up to FW. So I can I made a dream come ture. Carol come to see the pictures. She ask if Clay boyfriend was there. I told Carol I didn't think he was with anyone right now.

Thursday-I went to the post office to mail the box. I insured the box so I know they got it. Danny told me the box will get to CA on Saturday or Monday.

Friday-Dad, Mom. Carol and Mike went to FL for 9 days. I took my 110 pictures of Clay concert to work.

Saturday-I inbox Stori on Facebook about if I can take my stuff and food to her house on Friday and what time they are going on Saturday. Stori wrote back and said it was ok but they wasn't going until Sunday.