Sunday, March 20, 2011

week of 3/13 to 3/19

Sunday-I found the $82.00 I give Christy in my suitecase. I put the money in the out going aymailbox for Tomorrow mail. I was getting stuff done. So I can pack again. Because I'm going to house site for Stori next week. I was thinking Thank god for Clay Aiken concert in Fort Wayne, IN. I wouldn't had a teeth cleaning and would loss some teeth.

Monday- I wonder if the box with the hoodies got to the place I send them to. I hope I will received the other part of the insured receipton the box. So I know the box got in the right hands. I received a refund check from Ground(ctrl) for the Fort Wayne Clay Aiken concert.

Tuesday-It Mom's 77 Birthday. Christy TXT measking for Mom Cell phone number. I told Christy Mom wouldn't have hers cell on. I try calling mom at 5pm and her cell wasn't on.

Wednesday-crazy day at work.

Thursday-My alarm on my cell phone didn't come on this morning. After work I got on my computer and this thing call E-set Antiverus 2011 come up. I thought It was going to clean my computer out. It kill my Internet. Stori took my computer to Tomtech. I call Mary we talk for an hour. Then later Sue and I TXT for about 15 mins. Stori TXT me a picture of the baby.

Friday-I took Stori and the boys out for lunch. Then we pick up my computer. The Internet come up. So Stori and the boys went home. I went to Clay Aiken Fan Club home page. The Video wasn't playing. It ask for me to download Flash Player. I try to download Flash player and it wouldn't work. So I call Tomtech the lady know what she need to do. I have to take my computer back to Tomtech . I can't play any games on Facebook.

Saturday-I try to download Flash player didn't work. Then went to Clay Aiken Fan Club. All my pictures of my friends on the fan club was missing. I thought I mess it up after trying to download Flash player but by 3pm all the pictures was up again. I call Carol to see if she can tke me computer to Tomtech on Mon or Tues. I have to TXT her and see on Mon. I couldn't upload pictures on Facebook. Because of fash player. I received American Idol 10th anniversary CD Today. I told Sue that Chad and Ian think the baby will be black . If the baby come out black Stori will be in trouble with Jamey LOL.



  1. Hi Deborah,

    You've had another busy week. I am still laughing about Chad and Ian thinking the baby will be black! That's so cute.

    Hopefully you'll get your computer fixed so you will be able to get the videos. Hard to survive a day without Clay videos! ;)

    I didn't know the site was "down" on Saturday and I found out about it on FB. I emailed Vanessa but then quickly emailed her back and told her I saw it on FB.

    Busy doing tax returns yesterday. Don't owe as much as I thought we would which is very good.

    I'm so missing the Clay concerts. Hope he'll be back soon.



  2. That was so cute about Chad, Ian and the new baby!!! So FUNNY!!!

    Hopefully your computer will be up and running soon :)

    Have a good week!

  3. Deborah,

    What a busy week! Hope your Mom enjoyed her birthday. I'm sure you are anxious to get your computer problems worked out. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    Have a great week!