Sunday, March 27, 2011

week 3/20 to 3/26

Sunday-I got up at 6AM put laundry away. Clean the kitchen, livingroom and computer roo. Went to Stori's at 9:45AM. I wrote my weekly blog at 1PM. When I save my weekly blog the days wasn't red. When I let Toby in a cat got in the house and run up to Parker room. at 10:10PM. I can't get up to Parker bedroom.

Monday-The cat come down at 1:40AM. . I txt Carol about taking my computer to Tomtech. Carol call at 12:28PM about my computer. She said to meet her at my trailer at 1PM for her to get my computer. Carol got to my trailer at 1:10PM. Carol took my coputer to Tomtech. I was playing Farker on Facebook. Stori's computer lock up on me. I couldn't use the mouse. It took me about 30 mins to turn off the computer. Turn on the computer. Everything work ok.

Tuesday-I had bad feeling about my computer. Tomtech call at 9:14AM. I call Tomtech back at 9:30AM. The lady told me my computer was done. She had to take my window out then put it back in. I call Carol told her the computer was done and TXT me when she got my message. Carol TXT me back She would get later Today. I call Carol as I was walking to my car. She told me she was going on lunch in 15 mins. abd would get my computer. So I went to my trailer, and wait on Carol. We hook up the computer. My print shop and bank programs wasn't on my computer.

Wednesday-I wake up at 2:50AM. Couldn't go back to sleep. Because I had bad feeling about McAfee Firewall. So I got up at 4AM. by 4:30AM I was at my trailer to download McAfee. It had the Firewall would delete in 6 days. So I had to buy a New Firewall from McAfee. It cost $96.00. I download the 2nd Firewall. I had to go to work. I got done working at 8:30AM. I run home to check on the McAfee Firewall. It download ok. When it got done Microsoft works came up. It like Print Shop. . Dad Forward a e-mail from Aunt Alice daughter June. Aunt Alice was moving into the nursing home for good Today.

Thursday-I been blog at Clay Aiken Fan Club everyday. Because my week been bad. I got done working at  8:30AM.I don't know what happen this morning because Toby barking at 4:10AM like someone was by the bedroom door, and only Toby and I was in the bedroom. Then I let Toby out I hit the spce bar on the computer and the Internet was dialing up. It turn cold Today. A 2nd grader in Louisville, KY hang hisself in the school bathrroom but he is in the hospital.

Friday-Taking order took longer Today. Angie and I don't understand why. Patty, Donald and I went to get the food. K&K Diner was late getting our orders done. Angie think we should sto ordering out. I hope not. I don't have a word to to say if we stop ordering. I didn't stay to eat. I took my food and went out to Stori's. Because Toby been outside sine 7:55AM and it was rain/ snow at 12:30PM.

Saturday-I put my stuff in my car . I turn on Stori's dishwasher before I went to Wal-Mart. I went for the week. Put my stuff from Stori's house in my living room. Got back out to Stori's at 9:50AM I put they bed sheets in the washer. Put the dishers away from the dishwasher. I was going home at 6:30 or 7PM. But at 5pm it start rain/snow so I went home. By 9PM everything was cover with snow. I learn how to make Envelopes with the Microsoft works Today. UNTIL



  1. Hi Deborah,

    That computer of yours has been a real pain in the butt lately, hasn't it? Computer problems ruin my whole day. They are so great but can be so aggravating.

    I'll bet you had a fit when that cat ran upstairs on you. That's a cat for you. They do what they want when they want and you just have to wait for them.

    It is still very cold here but the snow is melting slowly. Let's hope we have sunny snow-free days by next weekend. I know it is unlikely but we can hope, can't we? Snow just makes it harder for everyone to get around and with the melting and the weather being cold, there is bound to be ice around. Please take care of yourself and make sure you don't have any more falls.

    You put me to shame as you are so good about doing laundry. I let mine pile up until it takes me a day to do it all. I should get some of your energy ... maybe I will when spring finally comes.

    Have a great week Deborah ... until next week ...


  2. Deborah,

    What a busy, busy week! Hope the computer is perking along now that you've gotten a new firewall.

    Our weather has been cold but probably doesn't match your temps.

    Take care, and have a great week -- with no computer problems! *g*