Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week of 5/22 to 5/28

Sunday-I wrote a pen pal letter to Brenda Cooley. Because I received her letter last Friday. Brenda is on Facebook.

Monday-Crazy day at work

Tuesday-Yesterday and Today I watch Oprah show off and on. Because I was watching Y&;R too. I TXT Stori to tell her that her Birthday gift in the mailbox Today or Tomorrow. I TXT carol about picking me up at my trailer on June 2.

Wednesday-Oprah last show was Today. She gave everyone her own email address. I email Oprah after the show.

Thursday-Stori call about Matthew and Lyndsay Wedding gift. We had bad storms last night. I didn't have power from 10:20PM to 3:45AM. Stori told me that Jamey, Stori and the kids went to the basement doing the storm. All 7 stay in one bed with a dog. I blog at Clay Aiken Fan club and Barry Fan club about what will happen in a week from Tonight.

Friday-It was COLD outside Christy received hers Birtday gift. Christy told me that she put the brownie cake in the freezer. She will bring it out when I'm there. It came with choc chip, sugar and Iced cookies and candy.

Saturday-I pack for next Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Carol have my clothes for Thursday night and Saturday. Mom have my dress for the wedding. It didn't rain Today. Since Thurday night I been sleeping good. Because I couldn't sleep good on Wednesday night. Tomorrow is my last blog until June 12. Because I will be in Fort Wayne on June 5.


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  1. Deborah,

    You are having a busy week. All the best for your trip to Fort Wayne for the wedding! I look forward to your recap.

    Have a great time!