Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week of 5/15 to 5/21

Sunday-I'm sending 7 new pen pal letters to Joseph Roth from Evanston, IL . Marcelene Gonzalls from Dulce, NM. Carol Martin from Blue Ridge, VA. Julia Arlene Wright from Anaheim, CA. Vanessa Marlowe from Swannanoa, NC. Melissa Gillard from Twillingate Canada. Lin Ritcher from Colorado Spring, CO. To see if we can be pen pals. Melissa and Lin are from Facebook.

Monday-A lady name Brenda Cooley from Springfield, CO. Send me a message to me on Facebook. Brenda want to be pen pals. I had shorts on at work. When I walk to my car after work at 8:50AM. It was cold outside. I had turn on my heat in my trailer at 10AM. Because my trailer was 64 inside. I put blue jeans on too. I'm in sandbooknet pen pals and swappers site, Smail mail pen pals groups on Facebook. I order Barry Manilow New CD 15 MinutesIt will be out on June 14.

Tuesday-I start working at 6:10AM I came home at 11:30AM. So I could clean up for my doctor appointment in Bedford, IN. I have orange county transit taking me to Beford. Jamey put a picture of Ian and Chad sleeping in Ian crib on Facebook. Chad snuck into Ian crib. The transit driver came at 1PM. We had to pick a guy up in a wheelchair. I got to my appointment about 5 mins late. I ask how long before go back not long the lady said. But it would be an hour or 45 mins with everything. I didn't stay. I try to an appointment for June. The lady said the appointments for June is only for the Bloomington office. So I told the lady just forget it. I went outside and transit for them to pick me up. After I got home I call to make a appointment for July but I forgot to ask if it was at Bedford or bloomington office.

Wednesday-I update my Yahoo Email to beta.

Thursday-It didn't rain. I can get in to Barry Manilow message board again. Another fan told me that she was disabled from Message Board too. No one know why. I was disabled from it since September of last year. Until I sent a letter to the main Fan Club on 5/9.

Friday-We are not having order out day next week. Because they are having a outing and cook-out next Friday. Mom was on my answering meachine when I got home Mom said Christy had a bad week. Christy Best friend have 2 kind of cancer. Then the dress Christy was going to wear to the wedding. Had to to be sent back. Christy don't know what she going to wear at the wedding. Matthew and Lynday baby don't have that much water around it. The baby can't move around.

Saturday-I put laundry away from last week and wash what I didn't do on Thursday. I check the weather for the next week. It will rain all week.  I post in Twitter, Facebook, Clay Aiken fan club, Barry Manilow fan club about the new yahoo email beta. Ladys from Barry fan club comments.



  1. Deborah,

    You've had quite a week! I know going to the doctor can be frustrating when the appointments don't stay on schedule. I hope all goes well in July.

    You have quite an extensive pen pal list. That must keep you busy.

    I hope all works out well for your family and especially the new baby.

    Thank you for your reposts of the Carolina blog at Facebook.

    Despite the weather prediction, have an awesome week!


  2. Hi Deborah,

    Another week has gone by and here we are again.

    With all those pen pals, you will be a very busy gal! I am glad you were finally able to get back on the Barry Manilow site.

    It's rough having to travel for doctors' appointments. I had changed my doctors so they were all in our area, except for my periodontist, and now my neurologist has moved so we have to travel to see him. Oh well, I like this guy and he really is the only one who has really helped me.

    Sorry about Christy's best friend. It is very hard when a dear friend is ill, often worse than a relative because we can be closer to our friends than to a lot of relatives.

    I hope something can be worked out for the new baby. I have never heard of that happening before.

    Another busy week for you. Take care and have a good week this week.