Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week of 6/19 to 6/25

Sunday- Its Father Day. It rain hard the power went out for sec. Then I was half way done with my blog. Then the power went out again and I thought I lost all what I type. But I didn't, the blog page was saving what I was writting before the power went out.

Monday-I TXT Carol to see if she heard anything on Lyndsay and Sophia. Carol said no. I ask when Lyndsay was going to the hospital. Carol TXT back with They were suppose to do Censerian at 10:30AM. I went to the bank, Wal-Mart. At 10:14AM I received a TXT from Christy. She said shes here and healthy 5lbs 3oz. I TXT Christy back with: Ok Grandma I will tell everyone online and at work. Dad came to take his mower. At 3:49PM I received from Stori : Please No facebook post, keep to yourself. My water broken! We are on way back to Paoli could be 24 hours before he come out. We will let you know when he get here. I ask if I could post on Clay board. Stori TXT back with: No where please until he is out and ok. I received a TXT from Stori at 6:52PM: False alarm Vaginal discharge or he pushing on my bladder. So we are back home. I am feeling pretty stupid and sad. Heading to bed.

Tuesday-I was at work I look at my cell phone. I had a TXT from Jamey: Please nothing on Facebook. We came back to hospital late last night. water broken thing are moving slowly. Still will be a while. I call Carol at 9:30AM no news on Stori. Stori and Jamey went back to the hospital at 10PM last night. Call Carol at 11:30AM no news yet. I ask Carol if Stori was in labor. Carol said no only her water brken. At 1PM I call mom no news, but Stori was taking a nap an hour ago. At 1:30PM Carol call Stori said everything was ok. The doctor think Owen is not moving because of her bladder. I didn't hear anything for a long time. So at 4:30PM I call Carol. She said no news but Stori move from 3 to 4. Then at 5:30PM Carol call Jamey said if Owen don't move they will have a C-section in 30 mins. I didn't hear anything for a long time. I call at 8PM Mike told me no news but Michael went up to the hospital to see what going on. At 8:42PM I got a TXT from Carol: Start pushing in 30mins. Please say a prayer for them. At 9:14PM I got a TXT from Carol: He here and loud. I got a TXT picture from Jamey at 10PM I ask if I could post the news yet. Jamey came back with: Not yet let Stori do it First. By 10:30PM I post on Twitter, Facebook and Clay Aiken Fan Club about Owen Charles Sullivan.

Wednesday-I went to bed 12AM. Because I posting about Owen until 11PM. I post in Barry Manilow Fan Club this morning about Owen.

Thursday-I went to get a diet coke for lunch Tomorrow . I got a 16oz. I pass out the notes for Tomorrow . Stori and Owen went home Tonight at 10PM.

Friday-Order out day went well. I E-mail Christy and Tom about the 16oz diet coke. Christy hopefully will be released Tonight. She is small is having trouble regulating her temperature. So they will decide if she is ready to go home. She is nursing well and everything is good she just need to get heavier. Around 10PM Tom wrote: Sophia did went home Tonight.

Saturday-Christy told me. Matthew, Lyndsay, Sophia and they dog is staying at Lyndsay moms. Because Lyndsay can't use steps. I had to use my own mower too Today. Because Dad mower dead again Today. Stori told me. Her water did broken on Monday afternoon. Owen head was keeping water from coming out at one time. Parker watch everything in the room on Tuesday. Stori took pictures of Owen and I Tonight. I put the pictures on Facebook. Put laundry away for the week.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

The week of 6/12 to 6/18

Sunday-It took me longer to write my weekly blog. Because I was going save the first 4 days of the blog. It didn't save it. So I had to start all over. Carol came with my clothes from Matthew and Lyndsay wedding.

Monday-I mow with Dad mower. I was half way done. Then I mow by the bay window. I hit 1 of block under the window. The mower start smoking and stop working. I wait for 5 mins. The mower start but it don't sound right and it want to dead.. I went on Neuton website. I chat with a lady. She gave me a address in Louisville, KY. I E-mail Dad about the mower. Carol wasn't happy that I knew about Tom's Dad being in the Hospital.

Tuesday- Carol call Tom's Dad (Dave) is not doing good. Barry Manilow New CD 15 Mintues drop Today.

Wednesday-. Tom Dad (Dave) passaway in his sleep at 4AM. No one was with Dave when he passaway. Parker dog (Toby) got hit by a car last week as Parker and Toby was walking to Jamey parents. Toby have limp now. Stori told me that Toby didn't walk at all Yesterday. I received Barry Manilow new CD 15 Mintues from Barnes and Noble. I received David Foster book "Hitman". It rain off and on all morning. At 9AM it look like it was 10PM outside. Lyndsay will have a C-section on Monday. Because there no water around Sophia. Sophia can't move around anymore. Carol told me that Dad, Mom, Mike and her will go up to Dave Blake funeral that is on Saturday. I had Stori order all the pictures from my camera.

Thursday-. I got the pictures from Wal-Mart. I had Stori order 3 prints of all the wedding pictures. Because Mom want the pictures and Christy want the wedding cake picture.

Friday-I talk to Terry about Wednesday. Terry told me, I will have to do 3 load of laundry at First Chance Center on Wednesdays. It Barry Manilow Birthday. It been a year since I went on 2 weeks vacation. I had Stori order more pictures of the wedding. Because I lost my I can't found them. Stori went to the doctor Today. Stori is at 1 an half. Carol, Mike, Mom and Dad went up to Fort Wayne, IN around 1PM for Dave Funeral Tomorrow.

Saturday-I vac the living room I post on Clay and Barry Fan Clubs that Stori was at 1 an half. Dave Blake Funeral was at 2PM in Fort Wayne, IN Today. I send a card to Tom Today. I order Tom and Parker Christmas gifts. I will start writing a pen pal letter Tomorrow.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

week 5/29 to 6/11

Sunday-Anya Mcclure will send me around 5 friendship books. I think Anya is not in the USA. Because she ask me if I was. I join David Foster Offical Website tonight it free.

Monday-It Memorial Day. Today is Stori Birthday. She is 35. I blog at Clay Aiken and Barry Manilow fan clubs. About Stori's due date. Michael and Trisanna offcally braken ground for they house. I was home all day.

Tuesday-Amanda told me that she will not be at work on Thursday. I told Amanda that I need to leave no later then 8:45AM on Thursday. I went to the post office to get 3 books of stamps and put my mail on hold from 6/2 to 6/9. It hit me I will have only 4 days on my paycheck from FCCI. I ask Nanette to have Gary to mow next weekend.

Wednesday-I have $43.00 National Inclusion Project jar. . I took Dad Birthday card to the mailbox outside the post office at 5PM. Carol TXT me about leaving at 11AM Tomorrow. Donna told me to TXT her next Wednesday about doing the towels on Wednesday.

Thursday-I got done working at 8:45AM. Carol call about driving out to hers house. Because they was doing yard work. Dad and Mom meeted us at Carol's. I TXT Christy before Mitchell, IN. We gas Mike car up. Carol had me call Christy about Christopher cell phone number. Because Mike going to pick up Christopher at Fort Wayne airplane at 6PM. Christy call Carol to tell us that the breakfast wasn't on Saturday and I could stay at the house on Friday night. I have a handicapped Hotel room. I have a wheelchair shower. Mike and Carol paid for my room. Christopher was late getting to Fort Wayne. There was a problem in Chicago. Lyndsay and Matthew baby weight 4 pound right now. Matthew and Lyndsay had guest bags for they guest at the Hotel. Thier had a Thank You card in the bag. The card said : Thank you so much for coming into Town to help us celebrate our wedding and marriage, we are so excited to have you with us on our special day! We especially appreciate you traveling on Friday to be with us! Enjoy your night we have a special evening planned so let's some fun! Love Matt & Lyndsay

Friday-Christy is 54 Today. I TXT Christy Happy 21 Birthday. Christy TXT back with Ha Ha Thanks. Carol, Mike, Mom, Dad and I took a walk it was cold 60 at 10:30AM. By the time we leave for the wedding at 1:30PM it was 80 outside. Got back to the Hotel room at 5:30PM. Leave for the Embassy Theatre at 6PM. Here evening events went : Cocktail and Butler Passed Hor Dourved at 6:30PM at Indiana Hotel Lobby. Then Grand Entrance of Bridal party at 7:30PM in The Embassy Theatre Lobby. The Toasts by Mother of the Bride and Father of the Groom at 7:45PM The meal at 8PM. Then Toast by Maid of Honor and best man. at 8PM. The Birde and groom Fisrt Dance at 8:30PM. Then Bride and Groom parents and Grandparents Dance at 8:35PM. Then Father Daughter Dance with hers real Dad at 8:40PM Then Mother Son Dance at 8:45PM. Then Father Daughter dance with her step-dad at 8:50PM Then Music by Good Night Grace at 9PM Then Cake cutting Bouquest and Garter toss at 9:30PM. The Dollar Dance at 9:45PM Late Night Burger bar at 10:45PM . Everything happen in the Embassy Theatre Lobby. Carol, Mike and I got back to our Hotel Rooms at 11:55PM I have a niece in law now.

Saturday-Carol open the door between our rooms to tell me that her and Mike going to Stori's room. Because Stori was taking Parker to ER. I told Carol to call when they get there. I look at my cell phone clock it was 12:31AM. Carol TXT they got in a ER room at 12:45AM. The Doctor got a CT X-ray done on Parker . Carol and Mike got back to the Hotel at 3AM. Carol told me Parker had a seizure. Parker did it in his sleep. When Stori and Jamey wake Parker up. He couldn't move his left hand. Carol , Mike and I walk around the ball park by the Hotel. Then everyone Carol, Mike, Michael, Trisanna, Mom, Dad and I meet Christy and Tom for lunch. Then we went to Christy's to help get stuff done before the cookout. Lyndsay said she will have a C-section. Because of the water and the baby butt is the wrong way. Matthew told me, I spell his daughter name wrong. I had it as Sophina. But it is Sophia.

Week 6/5 to 6/11

Sunday-Everyone on Tom side of his Family. Went out for Breakfast. I went with Tom, Christy, Christopher. After Breakfast Christopher went home with Matthew and Lyndsay. Then Matthew and Christopher come back to Tom and Christy house. Then Tom took Christopher to the airport. Then at 4:45PM Christy and Tom went to Lyndsay moms house to watch Lyndsay and Matthew opening Wedding gifts.

MondayLast night I went to sleep around 11:05PM and wake up at 5:36AM.Went to the Bathroom at 6:20AM lay back down fall to sleep then wake up at 9:43AM for the day. Christy help Tom fill my teeth. I saw my first 3D movie Tonight. We saw Kung FU Panda. Christy ask me if Matthew was my friend on Facebook I said no . It took Tammy about 10 mins to take the bridge out of my mouth. Because Tom fix it in April. It wouldn't fall out when I was home in April.

Tuesday-Stori and Jamey been married for 14 years Today. I stayed at Christys house by myself. Because Christy had to go places that I didn't need to go to. Tom Dad was put in the Hospital Today. I hope Tom and I can go to Paoli Tomorrow afternoon. I told Tom I will pay for dinner Tomorrow.

Wednesday-I wake up at 4:30AM. I lay on the couch until 7:30AM. Then got up shower and pack. Then I inbox Amanda on Facebook. About Tom Dad so if I couldn't make it home Tonight. Amanda know why I'm not at work Tomorrow. I told Christy my body wake up at 4:30AM because it know I will be working Tomorrow. Tom's Mom Carol Lou call and Dave sound good on the phone. Carol Lou is staying home until Dave is going home Today. Because Carol Lou been having back pain. Christy and I leave Christy house at 1:50PM. Christy had to go places before we go to Tom office. Tom and I got in his car to come to Paoli at 3:36PM. Tom and I ate at Carrabba's in Indianapolis, IN. I walk in my trailer at 8:30PM. I blog Clay Aiken Fan Club. That I been home from Ft Wayne, IN for 48 mins. Now Wait on Owen and Sophia to come. My Dad Birthday is Today. He is 83 years old.

Thursday-I got to work ok. I got done working at 8:30AM. I went to get my paycheck from June 3. I gave Amanda 4 days of work. I got 2 pen pal letters.

Friday-I got for my bridge. I check on my Clay Aiken Fan Club membership package. It was ship Yesterday. Stori and I will order Matthew and Lyndsay wedding pictures on Wednesday.

Saturday-Christy told me that Tom Dad was put back in the Hopsital again. Matthew is my friend on Facebook now. I need to write a pen pal letter for about 5 pen pals.