Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week of 6/19 to 6/25

Sunday- Its Father Day. It rain hard the power went out for sec. Then I was half way done with my blog. Then the power went out again and I thought I lost all what I type. But I didn't, the blog page was saving what I was writting before the power went out.

Monday-I TXT Carol to see if she heard anything on Lyndsay and Sophia. Carol said no. I ask when Lyndsay was going to the hospital. Carol TXT back with They were suppose to do Censerian at 10:30AM. I went to the bank, Wal-Mart. At 10:14AM I received a TXT from Christy. She said shes here and healthy 5lbs 3oz. I TXT Christy back with: Ok Grandma I will tell everyone online and at work. Dad came to take his mower. At 3:49PM I received from Stori : Please No facebook post, keep to yourself. My water broken! We are on way back to Paoli could be 24 hours before he come out. We will let you know when he get here. I ask if I could post on Clay board. Stori TXT back with: No where please until he is out and ok. I received a TXT from Stori at 6:52PM: False alarm Vaginal discharge or he pushing on my bladder. So we are back home. I am feeling pretty stupid and sad. Heading to bed.

Tuesday-I was at work I look at my cell phone. I had a TXT from Jamey: Please nothing on Facebook. We came back to hospital late last night. water broken thing are moving slowly. Still will be a while. I call Carol at 9:30AM no news on Stori. Stori and Jamey went back to the hospital at 10PM last night. Call Carol at 11:30AM no news yet. I ask Carol if Stori was in labor. Carol said no only her water brken. At 1PM I call mom no news, but Stori was taking a nap an hour ago. At 1:30PM Carol call Stori said everything was ok. The doctor think Owen is not moving because of her bladder. I didn't hear anything for a long time. So at 4:30PM I call Carol. She said no news but Stori move from 3 to 4. Then at 5:30PM Carol call Jamey said if Owen don't move they will have a C-section in 30 mins. I didn't hear anything for a long time. I call at 8PM Mike told me no news but Michael went up to the hospital to see what going on. At 8:42PM I got a TXT from Carol: Start pushing in 30mins. Please say a prayer for them. At 9:14PM I got a TXT from Carol: He here and loud. I got a TXT picture from Jamey at 10PM I ask if I could post the news yet. Jamey came back with: Not yet let Stori do it First. By 10:30PM I post on Twitter, Facebook and Clay Aiken Fan Club about Owen Charles Sullivan.

Wednesday-I went to bed 12AM. Because I posting about Owen until 11PM. I post in Barry Manilow Fan Club this morning about Owen.

Thursday-I went to get a diet coke for lunch Tomorrow . I got a 16oz. I pass out the notes for Tomorrow . Stori and Owen went home Tonight at 10PM.

Friday-Order out day went well. I E-mail Christy and Tom about the 16oz diet coke. Christy hopefully will be released Tonight. She is small is having trouble regulating her temperature. So they will decide if she is ready to go home. She is nursing well and everything is good she just need to get heavier. Around 10PM Tom wrote: Sophia did went home Tonight.

Saturday-Christy told me. Matthew, Lyndsay, Sophia and they dog is staying at Lyndsay moms. Because Lyndsay can't use steps. I had to use my own mower too Today. Because Dad mower dead again Today. Stori told me. Her water did broken on Monday afternoon. Owen head was keeping water from coming out at one time. Parker watch everything in the room on Tuesday. Stori took pictures of Owen and I Tonight. I put the pictures on Facebook. Put laundry away for the week.



  1. It was baby week!! So glad everyone is here, okay and home - such blessings!

    Sounds like another busy week!

  2. Deborah,

    Congratulations to you and all the new parents in your family! I'm glad all the moms and babes are doing well.

    Have a wonderful July 4 Weekend!