Sunday, June 19, 2011

The week of 6/12 to 6/18

Sunday-It took me longer to write my weekly blog. Because I was going save the first 4 days of the blog. It didn't save it. So I had to start all over. Carol came with my clothes from Matthew and Lyndsay wedding.

Monday-I mow with Dad mower. I was half way done. Then I mow by the bay window. I hit 1 of block under the window. The mower start smoking and stop working. I wait for 5 mins. The mower start but it don't sound right and it want to dead.. I went on Neuton website. I chat with a lady. She gave me a address in Louisville, KY. I E-mail Dad about the mower. Carol wasn't happy that I knew about Tom's Dad being in the Hospital.

Tuesday- Carol call Tom's Dad (Dave) is not doing good. Barry Manilow New CD 15 Mintues drop Today.

Wednesday-. Tom Dad (Dave) passaway in his sleep at 4AM. No one was with Dave when he passaway. Parker dog (Toby) got hit by a car last week as Parker and Toby was walking to Jamey parents. Toby have limp now. Stori told me that Toby didn't walk at all Yesterday. I received Barry Manilow new CD 15 Mintues from Barnes and Noble. I received David Foster book "Hitman". It rain off and on all morning. At 9AM it look like it was 10PM outside. Lyndsay will have a C-section on Monday. Because there no water around Sophia. Sophia can't move around anymore. Carol told me that Dad, Mom, Mike and her will go up to Dave Blake funeral that is on Saturday. I had Stori order all the pictures from my camera.

Thursday-. I got the pictures from Wal-Mart. I had Stori order 3 prints of all the wedding pictures. Because Mom want the pictures and Christy want the wedding cake picture.

Friday-I talk to Terry about Wednesday. Terry told me, I will have to do 3 load of laundry at First Chance Center on Wednesdays. It Barry Manilow Birthday. It been a year since I went on 2 weeks vacation. I had Stori order more pictures of the wedding. Because I lost my I can't found them. Stori went to the doctor Today. Stori is at 1 an half. Carol, Mike, Mom and Dad went up to Fort Wayne, IN around 1PM for Dave Funeral Tomorrow.

Saturday-I vac the living room I post on Clay and Barry Fan Clubs that Stori was at 1 an half. Dave Blake Funeral was at 2PM in Fort Wayne, IN Today. I send a card to Tom Today. I order Tom and Parker Christmas gifts. I will start writing a pen pal letter Tomorrow.



  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to Dave's family. I'll be thinking of Lyndsay and Sophia on Monday (which would be tomorrow).

    I hope you enjoyed Barry's CD :) I like Barry Manilow, I saw him in concert many many many years ago and it was fun.

    Hope you have a good week!

  2. Deborah,

    A very eventful week with more to come! Thought and prayers are with you, your friends and relatives.

    Enjoy your new Barry Manilow CD and book by David Foster.

    Have a great week. I look forward to the baby news!