Sunday, August 14, 2011

My week of 8/7 to 8/13

Sunday-Carol never Email me back about the invite to the National Inclusion Project Ninth Annual Champions Gala. I didn't do to much Today. It storm this morning for 2 hours.

Monday-It Clay Aiken son Parker 3rd Birthday. I thought I had 2 apples. I only have 1 apple I went to Division of Family Ressurce to get copys of my paychecks. But the lady could fax my paychecks.

Tuesday-I  call the number after work. The number was 1-800flowers.

Wednesday-The Internet wasn't working at 5AM. So I call Frontier, Frontier don't answer call until 7AM. I ask Amanda if I could go home early. So I could call Frontier. The lady said the 812 area code Internet was down. By 8:30AM the Internet was working.

Thursday- Channel 11 didn't have sound. I had to look up NewWave phone number on the Internet.

Friday-I show the Invite to the National Inclusion Project Ninth Annual Champions Gala. to everyone at work. The channel 11 was back at 11:30AM. I call NewWave before I went to work about the channel 11.

Saturday-I was going to mow my grass Tomorrow but it start raining Today. I watch the movie Honeymoon for one on Hallmark. I didn't like it.



  1. Hi Deborah,

    I am going to try this again and see if it works. It should as it now has my name at the top with my Clay/Dakota icon.

    That invite from the Project was very special and you should be honoured. I wish I could afford to go and meet you somewhere but I don't drive on the highway now because of my neuro condition. I might be okay but things moving quickly around me really get to me.

    It's a real pain when your internet service goes down. We really depend on being able to contact our friends and keep in touch with what's going on in the world. I don't even bother to watch the news .... I get my news right here.

    Sounds like a real storm is brewing here so I am going to see if I can make my comments show up.

    Take care,

  2. What is wrong with you? You call everybody else kids but you can't compose a sentance? iMEAN sERIOUSLY .

  3. That is telling someone off. When someone trys to help you, they aren't telling you off .