Sunday, August 7, 2011

My week 7/31 to 8/6

Sunday-President Obama was on TV talking about a deal. The deal need to go to Congres. I hope congress pass the deal.

Monday-I have $56.00 in my National Inclusion Project jar. Congress pass the deal Today. Clay Aiken was login to the chat room for an hour before the LIVE CHAT. I could hear and see Clay without any problems. But there was fans in the chat room being rude to other fans. My new Black and Decker grass shear came Today. Amanda told me Terry last day is Friday. Becazuse she is moving to Ohio to be with her daughter.

Tuesday-Senate pass the deal. I couldn't sleep last night. Because I was coming down from seeing Clay Aiken in the LIVE CHAT. But I did want to with 2 hours of week.

Wednesday-Crazy day

Thursday I gas up my car. I received my order from HSN. It was glamor lip gloss from Y&R Jabot.

Friday-I received a invites to The National Inclusion Project Ninth Annual Champions Gala. But I can't go to it. Because I can't get there. Parker dog (Toby) have a limp now after he got hit by a car 2 months ago. Stori told me Parker can have his sizure only in his sleep. The Meds he is on making Parker mad at others and cary and other stuff.

Saturday-I put away my whites from last week. Wash my towels and sheets. I mop my Kitchen floor on my hand and knees.


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