Sunday, September 25, 2011

My wee 9/18 to 9/24

Sunday-I subscribed to Tom Anderson and Mark Zuckerberg. on Facebook. I roll $0.50 in Penny. It rain hard as I was blog my week at Clay Aiken Fan Club. This week will feel funny because. I have to work all week.

Monday-I got done at 8:55AM at work.. It rain off and on all day. Since Saturday to Today.. I had 22 repiles on my Saturday mail thread at Barry Manilow Fan Club, and 272 look at it. I didn't sleep good last night.

Tuesday-Sophia Rae Blake is 3 month old Today. The Saturday mail will stop. I wish I knew what Saturday they will stop the mail.

Wednesday-Owen Charles Sullivan is 3 month old Today. Because I would LOVE to have more rooms. But I don't have the money yet to buy a house. That is my goal since I was 9 year old..

Thursday-I got done working at 8:45AM. I got my laundry done for the week. I'm counting down the months to February. 5 months to go. I hate thinking of winter and cold weather.

Friday-Stori help me air up my tireds Because I had 2 low tireds. I have 24.25 hours for 2 weeks on my paycheck With 2 days I got Today.

Saturday-I put half of my laundry away. My order from Harriet Carter came. But it don't work. I order a Color-Changing Alarm Clock Glows in a Rainbow of Color. I try Calling but they not open on Weekend. The colors work. But not the clock and it didn't came with a AC.


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  1. Hi Deborah,

    I see you've had another busy week. Your work day is over before mine even begins! I'm not a morning person so I could never do your job.

    Yes, it does seem to be getting dark too early these days. I like the long days of summer even if I don't like the heat.

    Your clock sounds very nice but it isn't much good to you if it doesn't have an alarm! I hate having to return things but looks like you'll have to do so.

    Have a good week and take care,