Sunday, September 18, 2011

My week 9/11 to 9/17

Sunday-Its 10 since 9/11/01. I went to Wal-Mart to get stuff I forgot on Friday. I got a new Dated Planner for 2012. I got home put put the word payday in the dated planner. I saw it was a 12 month dated planner. for 2011 not a 2012I clean the computer room up. A friend  donate $10.00 to my Birthday wish on Fcabook.

Monday- I found the Thank You post card from National Inclusion Project from 2008 Yesterday. I told  Stori about the dated planner. I took 3 coupons ouit to Stori.

Tuesday- I dust off the TV stand last night. I thought I would get my bank statement Today but didn't I made a list for Wal-Mart.

Wednesday- feel for my cell phone I didn't have it. So I come home and got my Cell Phone and went back to work.  Stori post on Facebook that she made play-dough this morning.

Thursday-I was on Facebook and saw a post from last year. We had Friday off last year too. I got my laundry done for the week. Clay Aiken Fan Club was down again.

Friday-I got to Wal-Mart at 8:05AM got back in my acar at Wal-Mat at 8:56AM.  There a new trailer in the trailer Parker Today.

Saturday-I went to Wal-Mart for the month with coupons. I got 39 Items, cost me $86.12. I save $14.80 in coupons. I put laundry away.


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  1. I wish I could get myself more into watching for coupons. I do use some but I know I could save a lot more if only I'd remember to take them with me when we go shopping.

    I am quite curious how you make play dough. Maybe Stori will share her secret!

    I thought I had lost my cellphone a while ago and it was instant panic. We were searching all over for it and then found it beside the truck. How lucky was I that no one had come along and found it. I think I need something like a chain to connect it to me so I don't lose it again. I did lose it in Raleigh in 2004 when we were down for the NAT. Fortunately someone in the bar in which we were partying found it and dialed the last # which was my hubby. So the lost was found.

    Have a great week, Deborah, and take care.